Sweatpants, Ice Cream, and Runaways
Chapter 14

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What am I supposed to do?
There's no way I'll survive
I really need to turn to you
But you're not by my side

'Cause you just disappeared
Walked away from me
And left me all alone
Without a reason why
Didn't even say goodbye

James didn't even remember leaving the airport but he did know that somehow he ended up in front of Lily's house. He just stared at it, trying hard not to cry. He thought back to the time he and Lily kissed a week ago and sighed, sitting down on the front step.

Kyra opened the front door and stood there in surprise. "James?"

James looked up but didn't say anything.

Kyra sighed and sat down beside James. "Did you find Lily?"

James nodded sullenly.

"Did you talk to her?"

James nodded gloomily.

"Is she still going to Australia?"

James nodded slowly.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Kyra asked.

James gave her a look.

"I'm thinking that since you haven't said a word yet, that talking about it is a no," Kyra said.

James gave a weak smile. "I told her I wanted her to stay and she chose to go. There's nothing to talk about."

Kyra sighed and gave James a hug. "I'm sorry. I can't believe she still left."

James shrugged and stood up. "I guess I'm gonna go now."

"Go where?" Kyra asked.

James shrugged. "Home...or maybe to go throw myself off a cliff."

Kyra smiled weakly as James got up. "I'm so sorry James," Kyra murmured.

James turned around and muttered, "Me too," before walking away.

James sighed and opened the door to his flat. He closed the door and looked up at Sirius grinning up at him. James sighed and slowly trudged to his room, shutting the door behind him.

Sirius looked over at Remus who didn't hear James come in. "I don't think it went well."

Remus looked up. "Really, and what gives you that idea?"

"Well the fact that he's practically crying, he looks like he just died, and…oh, because Lily's not with him!" Sirius exclaimed.

Remus sighed. "I can't take any more ice cream in this place. I'm going crazy!"

"Do you think he caught up to her? Or he's upset because he missed her?" Sirius asked.

Remus thought about it. "I think he definitely caught up to her."

"Does that mean she left anyway? Even after James begged her to stay?"

"How do we know he begged her to stay?" Remus asked.

"Why are we debating what happened when we can just go ask James?"

"Do you think he'll tell us? He ovbiously doesn't seem in the mood," Remus said.

"We've been by his side seeing him mope over Lily for many years now, he owes us an explanation," Sirius said. "And if that doesn't work, I'll threaten him."

Remus laughed and they got up and walked over to James's room and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so they gradually opened the door. "What happened Prongs?"

James was lying on his bed looking up at his ceiling. He didn't say anything.


James still didn't say anything.

"How's Lily?" Sirius asked. Remus glared at Sirius for asking that. Sirius shurgged as if to say 'I have no idea what else to ask.'

James glared at Sirius but sighed. "I'm exactly what I thought I was...a complete idiot."

"Yes, we know that," Sirius said. "But why?"

"I caught up to her at the airport but she decided to go despite what I had to say."

"She did?" Sirius exclaimed.

"Nooo, I'm lying," James said sarcastically. "In fact, this is how I act when I'm happy."

"What did she say?" Remus asked.

James shrugged. "She insists that she's leaving because of her job. She told me she wasn't leaving because of me."

"That doesn't make any sense," Remus exclaimed.

"I know," James mumbled. "I never realized how important her job was to her. But this is the second time she's picked her job over me."

"But there's no logical explanation," Sirius said. "I mean, last time she was young and afraid but now…"

"Now she's older andafraid," James said.

"There's got to be more to the story," Remus insisted.

"Look it doesn't matter okay?" James mumbled. "There's nothing else I can do."

"Oh so you're just going to sit here counting ceiling tiles?" Sirius asked.

"Of course not," James said. "I don't have ceiling tiles."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Just come out into the living room and talk to us."

"No," James mumbled.

"Fine, we won't talk. We'll just sit in silence," Sirius said with a shrug.

James gave Sirius a look. "Since when have you been able to be quiet?"

"Come on. We'll eat ice cream and mope around about girls," Remus noted.

"I'm fine in here," James mumbled.

"We'll drink and talk about how girls ruin everything," Sirius suggested.

"Now there's something I'm willing to do," James said and followed his friends to the living room.

Sirius and Remus headed toward the kitchen to get the beer and ice cream. There was a knock at the door and James slogged to the door. He opened it and gaped when he saw Lily standing there.

"I want to stay too," Lily whispered. James's face broke out into a grin and he stepped forward to embrace her, hugging her as tight as he could. "I can't believe I thought work was more important than you."

"Me neither," James murmured, not letting go of her.

"I was just afraid," Lily whispered. "I was afraid that it wouldn't work out and I'd be stuck here in London."

"It'll work out," James said softly, still hugging her tightly. "It has to."

"I know," Lily said with a smile. "The minute I stepped onto that plane I told myself I was an idiot and rushed off."

"You were an idiot," James noted. They just stood there as James hugged Lily tight.

Lily smiled. "James?"


"You can let go of me now."

James smiled and brought his lips to Lily's.

"Hey Prongs, what if we throw darts at a picture of Lil-" Sirius started, but stopped when he saw James kissing Lily. Sirius stood there for a second and then went back into the kitchen.

"What'd he say?" Remus wondered, scooping ice cream out.

"Nothing," Sirius said with a smile. "He was a little preoccupied."

Remus shrugged and brought the bowls into the living room but he too stopped when he saw James kissing Lily. He also stood there confused for a second and then walked back into the kitchen.

"I guess we don't need that picture of Lily," Remus said. "We can just throw darts at her."

Sirius laughed and Remus and Sirius decided it was safe to walk back into the living room. James and Lily turned and saw them standing there.

"So…Lily's back," Sirius said as a statement.

"Oh my gosh! She is? I had no idea!" James joked.

"So when's the wedding?" Remus joked.

"Uh oh, did we forget to tell you?" Lily teased. "We eloped."

"You can't elope because I have to be best man," Sirius said proudly.

"Don't I have a say in this?" James asked.

"Nope," Sirius responded at once.

"Oh, well as long as we have that cleared up," James said with a laugh.

"So, can I ask a question?" Remus spoke up.

"Of course," James said.

"Can we please throw away all the ice cream in our freezer?" Remus pleaded causing Lily, Sirius, and James to laugh.


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