XxQuietSecretxX: This is first chapter of Noble woman

Summary: Sakura was a young woman stripped from Noble to a slave. Her home was Japan. Her family probably dead. She was soon sold to one person to another. When Sakura lost all hope she finally got sold to Syaoran Li.


It was a beautiful day (in certain places). I was never even aware that the chinese army could actually take over this town.

"Touya!" I called. Touya was finally back from the war. His clothes were all black and dirty, but he managed to keep a smile on.

"How's my monster?" Touya laughed and he hugged Sakura tightly. Such a long time... Such a long time since he even saw her...

"Touya, I'm not a monster." I mumbled.

"So? Should I call you Cherry Blossom? Sweetie Pie? Princess wannabe?" Touya said as he messed up my hair.

I rolled my eyes. Same old same old Touya. Not even the biggest war in this world can fix his immature attitude. Instead I smirked, "Well mister Touya I wonder what Tomoyo would say if she found her husband flirting with his sister."

"What? Flirting? You are too harsh its called teasing monster!" Touya steamed he never wants to hurt Tomoyo in any way.

I definetely know how to poke Touya in the exact right place...

Everyone was happy to see Touya. He was like a war hero. Not exactly though, the war didn't end yet. It hardly even begun. Knowing how much Tomoyo missed Touya. I let them alone for a while, but I just couldn't help overhearing them...


"Yes, my love?" Touya said as he kissed Tomoyo's hand.

"Are you going to stay?" Tomoyo asked quietly.

"I don't know. My men needs me in both places. Here and there..." Touya wandered off.

"I don't worry, you are always so stong..." Tomoyo teared as she said this.

Touya said, "There now there's no need for tears... Like you said I'm strong I will protect you."

"But how about you?"

"Don't worry..."

Wow I never knew Tomoyo and Touya was so into each other... Then again I've never been in love. I don't understand the meaning sometimes. They say its soft and harsh at the same time. I will get it someday, one day, maybe never.

There wasn't much to do so I layed down thinking about the possibilities that can happen to me. Someday maybe I'll be carried off to Korea or China to be a princess. Or maybe I might be hmm... What else? Touya might be right about the princess wannabe thing. But hey? Who isn't?


I turned around quickly I take out my sword. I poked the bushes (Sakura was outside). Nothing. I could've sworn that there was something there. You should be extra careful in a time like this. I ignored went up to my room to rest my body. I fell asleep...


I wonder why its so hot here? Is it summer already? Whats that noise?

Crash boom splang!

"Sakura? Sakura?" Touya called.

I woke up. "ohh? Touya?"

"Sakura where are you?" Touya called, in the back round there were servents shrieking for their life.

"Touya! Touya! Where are you?" I jumped up walked in the hallway. Fire... Part of the roof fell down upon me.

I started to get even more scared, paniced. "Touya? Tomoyo? Mother? Father?" I called everybody.


"Sakura? Sakura! Argh!" Touya yelled. Soon there was metal clanging against each other.

I couldn't concentrate. How would I? I lifted my kimono so I can run faster. "Waa! Waa! Waa!" Himeno! I thought my niece.

Himeno that poor thing she must be scared to death. I went to her room. She was there but she was rolled over across the room. I picked her up and ran. Now to find Touya.

"Touya? Touya? Oh Touya where are you?" I cried.

It was getting darker around me. Himeno was still crying. Nothing was heard in my ears. I fell into someone's arms soon. Hoping thats its Touya I rested.

A general saw Sakura, "Well look who we have here?"







I opened my eyes... So blurry. Was it all a dream? I opened my eyes fully. No! No! No! It couldn't be! I was chained in the bottom of a ship. Where's Himeno? Touya? Touya he might be... And Himeno that poor little thing... Not knowing what to do I tried to set loose. No the ropes were tied to tightly.

So dark and bleak... I was so tired. I needed to sleep. I didn't want to doze off again really. But I did...




"Wake UP! Wake up!" a person said as he kicked me to be awake.

I groaned. I opened my eyes. This man had white silver hair. He didn't seem old though.

"Stand up! We're there!"


"Don't talk back to me you bitch!" He slapped me across the face. I was so startled... The slap was so painful...

"That outta teach you a lesson to not talk to your superiors!" the general said.

That time I was down right angry I spit at his face, "How dare you touch a noble!"

The White general just smirked, "Your a feisty one..."

"Come on Yue! We're going to be late!" one of the other generals said.

So his name is Yue I'll remember you...

Another man dragged me and tied me on to a horse. You would think why did they tie me up on a horse? Well, When I was tied I had to walk. When the horse ran I was dragged onto the ground... The rider of the horse was Yue of coarse. No, wait its not. I thought it was.

It was a chestnut colored man, who made that horse run. His eyes were so cold, but yet so beautiful...

I was taken in soon into a brightfully colored room. Where I was washed, dressed into nice clothes. Why all this treatment? Wasn't I a slave now? I turned to one of the servants there.

"Who ordered you to do this?" I asked gently.

"Master Yue of coarse. He wants you to look perfect." She answered.

Perfect? For what?




Xx x

I wished I never asked that... Soon I was on a platform filled with other women. All of us dressed nicely. We're a slave aren't we? Why? I couldn't interpret what was going on since... Too shocked I guess...

"Look here! Look here! Here's a lady that will please you men since her body is nicely curved..." The seller spoke.

Finally I guessed. We were being sold as mistresses!

After a few had been bid and sold. The seller came to me, "Ahh... Her emerald eyes is better than any jewel in the world... Don't you think so? So lets start with a hundred coins."


"We have one hundred ten here!"


"Two hundred Do I hear a 250?"


"Two eighty two eighty!"


"Three hundred going once going twice!"


"400, sold to this nice young man here." The seller's "buddies" pulled me off the platform and dragged me to him. My master...


"I really don't know why you bought her Syaoran."

"Don't ask..." Syaoran mumbled.

"You must have so much money, you bought nearly 4 women here!" Yue smirked, "Anyways, 400 coins? You can feed the central army with that!"

Syaoran grumbled...


The time I got there. I was surrounded by other women who was bought by the master... Who is my master?

"Whats your name?" a girl that had curly long brown hair asked.

We were all cramped in a carriage so its was the best time to introduce ourselves.


She smiled, "My name is Rika." She says again, "I think all of you guys here are Syaoran's"

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I overheard them."

"So who are you sold to?" I asked.

"Somebody called Yue I think." Rika said, "This is my third time being sold."

"Really?" I was really surprised, "But, if you don't have the same master as we do why are you here?"

"Beats me maybe there was no more room in the other carriage."

The rest of the girls just sat there dozing. This must be their second or third time to be sold. They looked like if they were used to this. The carriage stopped suddenly. All of us were carried off into serperate rooms. The rooms weren't too nice neither bad.

The least I could do is get some sleep, but before I could even lay down. A servant calls me, "Milord Li wants you to come."

I didn't say anything, ask anything. I followed the servant. Syaoran Li wasn't there. I stood up until... That man I know him! The amber eyed man I saw before... He looked at me his eyes were dwelling on my chest.

"Sit." He says as he points to the bed. I sat. He comes over lays down inside of the bed.

"Fruit." He states. I immediatly think what is he talking about. Soon I saw the fruit on a table next to the bed. I see feed him. I shuddered inside of me. Reaching over the fruit bowl I pick a grape, and plop it in his mouth.

He asks, "Do you want some?"

"No thank you." I replied.

"I insist." He comes over pins me down to the bed, and gives me a long warm kiss. The chewed grape was coming in to my mouth. I tried to go away, but his grip was too tight.

His soft lips made me melt. Li Syaoran looks at me. I knew and I didn't know what he was going to do next. He reaches over and takes my clothes off...

XxQuietSecretxX: Well thats it! For this Chapter! Don't worry folks there is absolutely no lemon in the next chapter. Well duh its PG-13!


Syaoran- General, respected among his people.
Yue- A friend of Syaoran. Also a general, but a lower rank than Syaoran.
Sakura- A girl who just became a slave Himeno- The baby of Tomoyo's and Eriol's Touya- Brother of Sakura...