Title: Snapshots of a Love Affair

Author: Olivia Sutton

Parts: 9

Fandom: Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased, 2000 version

Rating: R

Story type: AU, Slash, Angst, Romance

Disclaimer: This fanfic is written for fun, for the enjoyment of other fans, and for reviews, but never for profit, so please don't sue! Based on the new (2000-2001) version of Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, copyright to the BBC 2000-2001. (previous version copyrighted 1969 by ITC). This fanfic is NOT meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the actors who played the roles - that's their own business.

Author's Note: "Same Time, Next Year" is a film that follows a love affair that spans decades. This story is similar in concept, in that it's several short scenes, throughout Jeff and Marty's lives. This is an alternate to my other non-slash RnHd fanfics, and thus not connected to them in any way. The prequel though, is also in my non-slash story, "Into all Sadness a Little Happiness Must Fall", albeit in a slightly different form. The rest of this story begins when the boys are sixteen - after his assault Marty Hopkirk is taken in and raised by widow and single mother, Anna Randall, and his best mate, her son, Jeff. Beth, was a professional counsellor that both Marty and Jeff saw, immediately after Marty's rape, for a period of about a year. Note: both Marty and Jeff were born in 1962, if you want to figure out when the various vignettes take place.

Warning: This is a dark fanfic which depicts m/m sexual activity, rough sex and masochistic acts, contemplation of/attempted suicide, as well as looking at the life-long aftermath of the rape of a fourteen-year-old boy. But at it's heart, it's about love and survival. Don't read if under 17.

Prequel Scene for

Snapshots of a Love Affair

by Olivia Sutton

Jeff and Marty are 14

Jeff Randall woke up with a start, he listened intently but there was nothing to indicate what was wrong, then he felt a very strong feeling, a feeling that something was, in fact, very wrong. He turned on the bedside lamp and moved quietly to his dresser. As quickly and carefully as he could, he changed into a casual pair of trousers and a rugby shirt and then slipped out of his bedroom in his mother's house. He unpadlocked his bike from the garden post and rode towards his school, his heart beating a staccato rhythm of fear as he pedaled as fast as he could.

Jeff entered the schoolyard, looking around in the semi-darkness for he knew not what, but he knew every instinct he had was urging him on, urging him that something was terribly wrong. White-yellow floodlights lit the sports-grounds of the schoolyard and the nearby jungle gym and swings used by the younger children. But then he spotted what he had subconsciously known he was looking for - Marty.

Marty Hopkirk leaned against a low brick wall on the edge of the school play area. As he got closer, Jeff saw that Marty had something metal in his hand that gleamed in the floodlights. Jeff hurried closer to his friend. As he got even closer, he recognised what Marty was holding and he got off his bike, dropping it to the ground, he ran towards Marty, shouting, "No, Marty, don't!"

Marty looked up, completely astonished to see his best mate appear from nowhere.

Jeff had reached Marty by this point and he doubled-over, catching his breath, "Drop it, Marty, and talk to me. It can't be that bad."

Marty looked at the police revolver in his hand, then looked up at Jeff's panicked face.

Jeff straighten-up and stepped closer, "Give it here, Marty, for god's sake!"

Marty began to shake, then he dropped the gun to the ground. Jeff kicked the weapon away. "Now talk to me," said Jeff, his voice shaking with anger and fear.

Marty looked away, as his eyes filled with tears.

"Come on, Marty, come on, talk. It's me, Jeff," Jeff cautiously put a hand on his best mate's arm.

Marty pulled away from the touch, then recognised his mate, "Jeff?" Marty whispered, his voice cracking with pain. "Jeff? Jeff, what are you doing here? It's the middle of the night."

"Saving your life, by the looks of things...", Jeff answered automatically, then he closed his eyes a moment and concentrated on pushing down the mind-numbing fear in the pit of his stomach, "Now... talk to me, please, Marty."

Marty nodded, then he collapsed onto Jeff's shoulder, crying. Jeff struggled a minute to hold his bigger, heavier, mate, then sank to the ground and held him close, petting his hair with one hand. "What happened? What the hell, happened?" He muttered.

"It...it was mum's new boyfriend... he, oh, god, Jeff... he..." Marty's voice shook.

Jeff mumbled soothing sounds, and held Marty close.

Marty shivered and pushed Jeff back until he could see his face, "Jeff... remember me telling you how Ed kept, well, touching me, getting too close? And... Jeff..." Marty's voice shook, "He..." Marty's voice broke and he cried, soaking Jeff's shirt with tears.

Jeff held Marty close, running his hands up and down his friend's back, "What did he do to you, Marty?"

Marty swallowed his tears, then began to speak in a calm, and oddly detached voice. "Ed would... the last few months, a couple of times a week, he would come into my bedroom at night, Jeff, and..." Marty swallowed, hard, then continued, "He would touch me privates - I tried to push him away, but... I wasn't strong enough, he'd come back. He'd always come back. Tonight, though, tonight, he, oh, god... he pushed me down on the bed, on my stomach, held me down, crawled on top of me and he..."

"Tell me, Marty, please."

"He forced himself into me, Jeff," Marty said, quietly.

Jeff froze, terrified, "He what?"

"He..." Marty mumbled, sobbing and shaking.

Jeff held Marty close until he stopped shaking so hard, "It will be okay, it'll be okay," he mumbled softly.

Marty nodded, tears running down his face.

"You'll be all right, I'll get you through this, Marty."

"I can't go back home, not with him there, I can't. Jeff, I can't..."

"Shush, no, no you won't. Tonight, you come home with me, and then we'll suss something out. You'll never have to go back to your mother's house again. Not with that monster there, I swear it."

Marty nodded, again, then he said softly, "This doesn't change things, does it?"

"Change what?" Jeff mumbled, his own eyes filling with tears.

"Between us? We're still mates, even if... well, this makes me a poof now, doesn't it?"

Jeff grabbed Marty's shoulders and held him so that Marty could see his face, "NO! This doesn't change things between us, and it doesn't make you a poof. You had no control over this, Marty. It wasn't your fault."

"He said, he said, I asked for it, that I was always tempting him, flirting with him."

"Well, you weren't," Jeff said strongly.

"Damn straight, I wasn't."

"Marty, it was not your fault. This man who hurt you, he was bigger than you..."

Marty nodded.

"He had the power and control over you. You were helpless against him," Jeff looked into Marty's tear-filled eyes, "It was NOT your fault, Marty."

Marty looked up at Jeff, tears in his eyes, "Jeff?"

"Yah, Marty?"

"What if... Jeff, if I was... oh, god."

"Come on, Marty," said Jeff, tenderly touching his mate's face.

Marty leaned into Jeff's hand, "Jeff, would it change things if I was a poof? If I desired men, Jeff?"

"NO! No, it wouldn't, Marty," Jeff grabbed his shoulders and shook him, "You're my mate, Marty! And gay or straight, I still love you and care about you, okay!"

"Would it mean it was my fault?"

"No, Marty! He forced you - that means it wasn't your fault!"

Marty nodded again, "Thank you, Jeff, thank you for being here. Why are you here, then?"

Jeff looked startled at that, "I... I woke up and I had a bad feeling... and I knew you were in some sort of trouble, Marty, I can't explain it, I just knew... I knew to come here."

Marty nodded, accepting that easily.

"Come on, let's get you home, and cleaned up."

Marty nodded, reluctant to leave his friend's arms. Jeff held him close, then stood, patting Marty on the back.