When It Rains In New York

A C.S.I. New York fan-fic

Written by: Anti Darth Ani

Edited by: awesomepossum


Chapter Nine: Untold Stories


Author's Note: Wow. Thanks a lot everyone for all your wonderful reviews. The more you review, the more inspired I am to write (and the sooner I update)! Sorry this chapter is so short. The next one is going to be a lot longer, I promise crosses heart


After a while, nothing seemed better than the darkness. The bare light bulb mounted on the ceiling brought no comfort, and only added insult to injury in the case of Sabrina Jackson. The truths held by this room alone were too much for Sabrina to take, not that one would blame her. She didn't know anyone who had been put into the same situation as her and still come out in one piece. Not that Sabrina thought she'd make it out of this room in one piece. And she didn't want to be alive when the pieces were finally moved.

How could this have happened? she asked herself over and over. How could anyone have let this happen? Being trapped in the room wasn't the worst part. She thought it had been when she'd first woken up, alone and scared. But now that Sabrina knew the truth, that she wasn't completely alone after all, she much preferred to keep her naive belief (or at least to be unconscious when it was her turn).

"I'm sorry," Sabrina whispered. She wiped at her face and realized that she'd begun to cry. Although she tried to tell herself that she was stronger than this rare emotion she was showing, the thought had no conviction. She couldn't get the image out of her head. Sabrina feared that it would last forever, and that image wasn't the last memory she wanted to have of her brother.

Why hadn't she known? And why would her parents keep such a secret from her? Had they even known what had happened to John? Millions of questions ran through her mind as Sabrina cowered in the corner, shaking from head to toe. She wanted so much to reassure herself that it was true, but at the same time, she feared that if she knew the truth, then she wouldn't be able to deny it anymore.

"Johnny," Sabrina whispered, a small breath let go in such a large room. "I've missed you so much. I cried for months after you disappeared, but you never came back to me. Mommy and Dad argued for hours each night about what had happened to you, but we never got any answers. They told us that you'd just vanished. Gone without a trace." Sabrina continued to mumble in a soft voice on and on, filling the dark room with quiet pleas and fears. "But now that I know what happened, I wish I didn't. I wish I could wake up back at home, and you would just walk through the door."

Sabrina began to cry again and she didn't try to stop herself. She now willed the tears to come and take over her. "I love you, Johnny. I know you may not have thought so, because of the way I talked and acted sometimes with you, but I do. And I always will, even while you're away and watching over me. Please don't forget that. Don't ever forget that. And I wish to think that if you could talk now, that you would say the same things to me as well."

With her vision blurred by her tears, Sabrina pulled herself up into her feet and felt around for the light switch. Closing her eyes, she turned the lights back on. It took her a while, but she finally turned around to face the center of the room and opened her eyes. Swallowing her tears, Sabrina walked over to the lifeless body in the opposite corner of the room. Sinking down next to it, Sabrina placed her head on her brother's chest and cried once more.