This is the sequel to 'Redemption' please read it first.

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Oh yes… we are going to say that Olivia and Elliot are in their forties for this fic, I know that's a little off, but oh well.

The New York winter was particularly bad that year, snow drifts piled high on the sidewalks and a biting wind blew hard through the streets. The young woman stepped carefully around an icy patch and shifted the book bag on her shoulder. She was tall and slender with chestnut hair cut just above her shoulders and a frame that curved in all the right places. The few people out on the streets gave her an extra glance, and one man even sauntered into her path. She rolled her eyes and kept walking, pulling out her badge to get him to move out of the way. He looked after her in a drunken desire but then continued on. As she approached her apartment building she noticed a man standing with his back up against the stair railing. She tensed slightly, but then recognized him.

"Detective Winter O'Connor. What brings you to my porch this evening?" she questioned, gracefully arching her eyebrows.

"What else, Riley Justice?" Winter said, walking up to her and gently relieving her of her bag. "What else than you?"

"That's really flattering Winter, but what's the real reason?" Riley asked, shaking her head at the latest of his endless compliments to her.

He laughed and then gave her a smile that would have made most women pass out. Riley was not, however, most women, and simply gazed back seriously. "A guy broadsided me just a couple blocks from here. My car got towed and I left my keys in the dash."

"Good job." Riley said, trotting up the steps. "Your beautiful silver Mercedes… what a shame."

"Tell me about it." sighed Winter, walking up beside her. The doorman smiled out at Riley and swung the door open to let them in.

"Ms. Stabler who's the new boyfriend?" he asked, grinning at the beautiful girl.

"He's not my boyfriend, he worked with my father." Riley responded before Winter could open his mouth. The doorman looked suspiciously at her and had to laugh at her usual briskness.

Riley started up the steps when Winter suddenly caught her arm, escorting her gently up the stairs. "Winter, I don't need all the chivalry, I can really walk by myself." Riley said in mock irritation.

"Yes you do." He replied with a wide grin. They walked into her spacious living room and Riley tossed her bag and jacket on the floor. Winter shook his head with amusement and picked them up, carefully hanging them on the rack. He glanced at the books sticking up through her bag and examined them. "Anatomy, Business, Criminal Law, English… keeping yourself busy aren't you? Night school and a part time officer." he said, glancing over at her.

"That's right. Those are my only classes right now though. I don't have time for anymore." Riley answered as he stepped back out into the living room. She slowly sank down onto an armchair, pulling her knees up to her chest. Winter sat on the couch a few feet away, his fiercely green eyes a sharp contrast to his light blonde hair.

"This is a very nice apartment." He commented, his eyes slowly scanning the surroundings.

"I know. I told Devon I didn't need it, but he insisted on buying it for me as a present for graduating from the police academy." Riley said, "So what's going to happen to your car?"

"They said they aren't sure. It's pretty badly damaged, but insurance should take care of it. If not, my father will cover the rest of the cost." Winter replied, his accent less pronounced than usual. Riley had a feeling he was making the effort to hide it from her.

"Your father?" Riley questioned, never remembering him ever mentioning him.

Winter laughed bitterly and said, "Well, I wouldn't exactly call him my father. He sort of had a one night stand with my mother. However, he has a wife and 'real children' as he calls them- and they don't know about me. So he buys me nice cars, nice apartments, paid for my college, all those niceties to keep my mouth shut. He is a very wealthy businessman back in Ireland."

"Oh. Sorry." Riley answered, feeling bad about bringing it up.

"Don't worry about it. It has long ceased to bother me. Really. I was close to my mother, and when she died she left all her money to my aunt so she could bring me here. I don't think it was her idea for me to become a cop in America though." said Winter with a slight smile.

"Your mom was a cop?" Riley asked.

Winter nodded and said, "She was. But she was on duty at the border fifteen years ago next week, when a car bomb went off. They told me she was killed instantly."

Riley looked a him wide eyed and said softly, "I am so sorry Winter. I guess this is why I am so bad at the dating thing. I ask all the wrong questions."

"No you don't." Winter told her firmly, standing and walking over to her. She looked up at him with bright blue eyes and smiled, slowly dropping her knees from her chest. "Now it's my turn to ask the questions. What has been going on with you the past few days?"

Riley's face clouded slightly and she said, "I have to show you something." She reached out and took his hand, leading him over to the desk in the study. Winter watched as she flipped on the light switch and then found himself staring. The desk was covered in notebooks, legal pads, newspapers, and photographs- all relating back to the same thing. "I found these in my mother's Suburban last monday."

Winter glanced at the nearest newspaper, where a woman with astonishing similarity to Riley graced its cover. He then picked up one of the legal pads, finding it to be written in very pretty cursive for the first half and then an abrupt transition to the blockier handwriting of a man. Winter recognized it instantly and sighed. He slowly brushed aside a couple papers and found a file lying closed just below them. Riley seemed to grow uncomfortable as he picked it up, but made no motion to stop him. As he opened it he did his best not to flinch. But as he looked at the pictures he felt a rising sense of familiarity in his gut, and he didn't know why. After a few long moments he looked at Riley. "Could I take these?" he asked, indicating o the notebooks and the file.


"It's just… I have a feeling." Winter said, knowing that it was an incredibly lame reason to convince her to give up things of this value.

"Okay. Take care of them for me." Riley said after a pause.

It was quite later that evening when Winter finally got his keys returned and was able to leave. As he put on his jacket he carefully tucked the papers inside and glanced around at Riley. "Are you sure you don't want me to stay?"

Riley smiled and nodded. "I will be fine. I have to finish up some homework and then I am just going to get some sleep."

"You don't work tomorrow, do you?" he asked, and she shook her head. "Well if you need anything… give me a call."

"Thanks Winter." Riley said, her face lighting up in a brilliant smile. He grinned back and patted her shoulder before walking out.

Riley yawned as she skimmed over the diagrams in her anatomy textbook before jotting down some answers on the worksheet. She glanced at the clock, seeing that it was now after midnight. With an even wider yawn she shut her book and stood, walking into her bedroom. Laying down she fell into a restless sleep as she had every night for the past two years.

When she heard the glass shatter at first she thought it was just part of her usual nightmares, but then the alarm system started to go off. Riley bolt upright and grabbed her gun off of the dresser, making her way into the living room. The outside window had been shattered. Riley knelt down, carefully avoiding any glass and noticed a piece of paper tied onto the brick. She yanked it off, and in the dim light read two words.

Your turn.

Riley leapt to her feet, but not quite fast enough. A man came hurtling from just behind her, tackling her to the ground. Riley nearly cried out in pain as she felt pieces of glass pierce her skin. The man was wearing latex gloves and pressed a thick sheet of cotton over her face. It was dripping from a smelly liquid and Riley struggled to get it off. "Quiet down now, baby. It will hurt a lot less if you don't fight." He muttered into her ear. Slipping his gun out he pressed the barrel just below her navel. Riley furiously seized hers, which she had dropped in the scuffle and slammed it as hard as she could against his head. The man cried out and rolled half off of her. Riley struggled out from underneath him but he seized her legs and yanked her down again, laying on top of her this time from behind. "Fiery little thing aren't you? Just like your mother. You are as beautiful as she was, too." The man said, pressing more of his weight down onto her as his hand slipped underneath her shirt. Riley's heart was hammering in her chest as his hand wormed its way upward. She waited as calmly as she could and when he eased himself up slightly to get all the way she used the last of her strength to flip them over. He grunted in surprise and Riley wrenched free of his grasp, leaping up off the ground.

The door clicked and her eyes widened as a second man ambled in. "You are good, Riley, but not good enough." Riley started to turn but felt a numbness overcoming her limbs. Panic started to fill her as she scrambled desperately along the wall, her knees locking and her hands making bloody prints everywhere. She gasped as her entire body seemed to freeze and she staggered forward two more steps before collapsing. Riley felt herself shaking as she lay there, now completely unable to get up. A single tear slipped down her cheek as she knew that she had been drugged. Her mother had told her of the times when she had been drugged, and said that there was no worse feeling in the world. Riley now understood.

The two men walked over to her and looked in great amusement down at the incapacitated eighteen year old girl at their feet. "This drug is one the causes temporary paralysis. It's generally used in surgeries, but for you we'll make an exception." The man who had attacked her first said, kneeling down beside her. Then he looked up at the second man. "I get her first."

"No you don't. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be in this mess." The man snarled in response.

"It is not! If her god damn mother hadn't-"

"Jeff, chill. I am sure she can handle both of us. However, we need to get those documents first." The one said, trotting off in the direction of the study. Jeff grinned down at Riley and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her over towards the door. The other man rummaged through the papers spread out on the desk, digging through the various photographs and newspaper articles. Moments later he sprinted back out in frustration.

"The file and the notes... they aren't here! The bitch hid them somewhere!"

Meanwhile Winter O'Connor glanced through the file, running his fingers through his hair. Something was bothering him about this. He really had nothing to go on, Elliot had never mentioned it, but something was familiar. Reading through the report one phrase caught his attention. His eyes widened and he jumped up, running over to his file cabinet where he kept the cases he was currently working on. Yanking out one file he tossed it on his desk. He pulled one photo from Riley's and then compared it to his. His eyes widened and he gasped, "No wonder the MO's never matched!" Reeling from this discovery he seized the files and dialed Riley's cell phone.

The cool wind picked up outside and snow began to fall.

Two Years Previously (twelve years after the events of 'Redemption')

"Riley! Hurry up!" Olivia called, pulling her car keys from the hook.

"Hold on!" Riley yelled back, running out of the bathroom and slamming her bedroom door. Olivia sighed and turned to Elliot, who was standing looking completely too amused with the whole situation.

"What is so funny Stabler? You do realize that you are going to be late to work too." Olivia asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing. Just that she is completely your daughter." Elliot answered, walking up to his wife and affectionately cupping her jaw in his hands.

"Is that a compliment?" Olivia questioned with a grin.

"Absolutely." Elliot answered, leaning forward and kissing her passionately. Olivia wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed up against him.

"Get a room." They both whipped around, seeing Riley standing looking disgusted. But she then smiled sweetly at her father and asked, "Could I go over to Sarah's after school to spend the night?"

Olivia opened her mouth to respond, but Elliot answered first, "Sure honey."

"Thanks!" she said, hugging her father tightly.

After dropping Riley off at school Elliot and Olivia headed to work. Olivia looked over at Elliot as she stopped for a red light and said, "Ever notice how Riley always goes straight to you when she wants something?"

Elliot laughed and nodded, "She's a character. Just like her mother- I never could say no to you, could I?"

Olivia smiled back at him and pulled the suburban into a parking space. They walked up into the precinct, the spring air warm and fresh. Elliot walked unhesitatingly into the SVU but Olivia held back for a moment. Work hadn't exactly been fun lately. A series of rough cases and the recent appointment of a new captain for the unit made it more than a little unpleasant. Elliot turned and gave her a reassuring glance, and she slowly walked over to him.

The morning turned out to be quite a lot more eventful than Olivia could have ever predicted.

It started with the usual call to help in the capture of an armed suspect. The only thing unusual about it was that it was the FBI calling them in. However, at the moment Olivia wasn't in the mood for any speculation as the man was proving to be quite the challenge to catch. Sprinting around the corner of the warehouse, Olivia saw the perp making a mad dash for the street. She ran hard after him, seeing Elliot coming in the truck not far off. The perp stumbled and Olivia seized the opportunity to tackle him. They went crashing to the hard asphalt and Olivia was stunned for a brief moment. She heard loud sirens and was quite relieved to hear footsteps. The perp flipped her over, raising his fist to give her a good whack in the face. But quite suddenly he was grabbed from behind. "Get off her, you moron. It's a bad idea." The new arrival said, and Olivia was surprised to see that it wasn't Elliot.

The perp muttered some curse words and the man holding him appeared to have had quite enough. He handcuffed him and then threw him up against the nearest wall. The perp went still and lay facedown. Olivia stared and then slowly rolled off her back and onto her feet. The man was leaning up against his car, FBI stamped across the front of his jacket, while his colleagues went to handle the perp. Olivia heard Elliot skid to a stop in the Suburban and come running over. But as he reached her side he froze and stared. "Honestly you two, can you never stay out of trouble?" the man asked with an amiable grin, raising his face enough so that the sunlight reflected in his bright green eyes.


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