I sighed. Thank goodness it was over. I stood up and looked down at myself. My cloak was gone. I guess that purple fire burned it up. I stared up at the stars in the sky. I suddenly felt horrible. I no longer wanted to get my revenge. I still hated Zelda but I'd realized what the lust for revenge can do to someone. I felt I needed to say sorry to some people. Especially Link and Impa.

Link... I thought, my sheeks feeling hot all of a sudden. Why was I so mean to him?

"Sheik?" a voice said.

Speaking of which.

I turned around. Link stood a few feet behind me near the french doors leading back into the castle. I suddenly felt a surge of sadness pulse through me. Sadness as despair.

"Sheik?" he said again.

My eyes filled with tears. I ram up to him and threw my arms round him. I sobbed into his chest as my hair came out and fell over my shoulders. "I'm sorry!" I cried. "I am so so sorry! If you hate me you have a right to. I derserve it! If it hadn't of been for me this never would have happened!"

Link grabbed my head in both hands and forced me to look at his face. "No, Sheik," he said. "Even if you had never come this would have happened eventaully."

"It would have?" I asked, startled.

He nodded. "Yes.., and I forgive you," he added. "You were just tryng to do something for your sister. Something to keep her memory alive... just the wrong way..."

I nodded back. "Yes, I believe I was," I said. I saw it now clearly. Vengence wouldn't bring my sister back.

He smiled at me. "Yes you were," he said. "And you ended up getting me involved by accident."

"I'm sorry," I said again as more tears rolled down my cheeks. "Forgive me."

"I already have." then he reached out and pulled my into a hug. I started to cry again. He let me cry for a moment as he spoke to me. "We all do foolish things sometimes. When we realized we made a mistake it's best to say you're sorry to anyone involved."

"Yes," I agreed.

"So will you say sorry to your mother?"


He let me go. "Then let's do it." he took my hand. "I don't think they went far."

I nodded at him then smiled. He led me out of the castle as I felt better. Things would be okay. I just knew it.



I finally finished it! Yay! Sorry about the crappy ending.