Preliminary Author's Note: Hey there. I feel as if I'm invading foreign territory here, by posting this MSB fic. But hopefully, I'm well accepted among you all. :prays:. I wish that you will enjoy this drabble-type thing in Dorothy Ann's (my favorite character, by the way) point of view!

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Onward to the story.

"Why is it?"
By: IceyFreeze

Why is it that every time I look at you, my breath gets caught in my throat?

And my palms suddenly get grotesquely sweaty?

And I get chills, yet I'm feverish at the same time?

(That's not even logical. So why is it?)

And why is it that just hearing you utter "Dorothy Ann" makes me smile like a dim-witted idiot?

And just the thought of you makes my stomach churn and twist itself into undoable knots?

And every time you place a hand on my shoulder, or give me a friendly pat on the back, I practically have a nervy b?

(That's so stupid. So why is it?)

All of these things only happen when you're around, Carlos. And it scares me a little. I've never felt like this about anybody before. And I guess, deep down, I do know exactly why it is.

So, why is it… that I can't tell you?


Ending Author's Note: Due to the open nature of this drabble, (i.e. It has no dialogue, or anything of that type) it's very open to interpretation. But, because I wrote it as an internal conflict between D.A. and, well, herself, that's who I say it's about. Oh, and, by the way… nervy b is a nervous breakdown, if you didn't know. I believe I've been reading too many Georgia Nicholson books lately…

Well, anyway, I do plan on writing more MSB stories. Must keep that category alive, along with the two other people that have continually posted good stories here.

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