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"Fragments of Your Life" by Karen

If one could believe and wish hard enough for something to be true, then weighed all of the evidence both for and against that desire, would that make it true, in point of fact?" truth in point of fact?
It's something that has crossed the mind of Captain Dylan Hunt on more than several occasions shortly after the arrival of the Andromeda Ascendant arrived on Tarazed, one of the last remaining outposts of the now fallen Common Wealth.

Dylan is not used to be treated as some sort of iconic figure of legend, but it seems that's exactly what the citizens of Tarazed see them as, and Dylan is not entirely comfortable with that regard, but he figures that he should make the best of it.

The Commonwealth as Captain Dylan Hunt knew it, fell over three hundred years ago, and as and added bonus, Dylan thought, "that's exactly how long to the microsecond, these people have been waiting for me, that's way too uncanny to be the work of sheer coincidence, right?

The population of the planet have kept their existence a closely guarded secret until a man named Jamahl, as something of a consolation prize after a war-game debacle provided the crew of the Andromeda with the slipstream coordinates and directed to them planet.

Apparently, it's location, way off of the major slipstream routes, the planet was never discovered by the galaxy's primary hostile forces, the Magog or the Nitzcheans.

As Dylan sat making polite conversation, eating and drinking fine food and wine he isn't sure if his host is really on the level.

Sure, the initial shock had now worn off, however, this Telemachus Rhade is, despite the uncanny resemblance to his former first officer, Gaheris Rhade, that's where the resemblance iends despite the man's claims to the contrary; he simply cannot be the genetic reincarnation of that same man. Gaheris Rhade was a man and a fellow officer that Dylan trusted with more than just his ship and his crew; his faith and his trust extended as far as his life, and he had even asked Gaheris to stand up for as his best man for his wedding to his finance, Sara Riley. Gaheris betrayed him during the Nietzchean uprising, the led up to the final battle at Witch Head.

Witch Head, Dylan would much prefer that his thoughts did not stray there, for him, both personally and publicly, it's a sort point, like an officer shot in the leg who does not yet know that's he's been killed; it's a phantom pain, one that does not go away entirely.

A few nights ago, alone in the late watches, Dylan remembered that he had sat up, looking at his collections of medals, and realizing that the uncanny resemblance between this Telemachus Rhade and his old second-in-command, Gaheris Rhade, bothered him more than just a tad. It's hard to for whom to move past that, betrayal always did leave a bad taste in his mouth.

Dylan Hunt should have realized by now that some events in the past cannot be changed no matter how much he much wish that they had. He really should have be paying more attention to what is going around him, it's important, because it appears that the good citizens of Tarazed are not entirely on a united front when it came to the issue of signing up with the new charter Commonwealth.

The rumors that he heard and that Beka Valentine and the others had been keeping an eye out for seemed to indicate that a rebellious faction planned to use the planet's stockpile of missiles.

It was pretty much anyone's guess at this point exactly when, where and at whom those missiles were to be aimed at. A selfish thought crossed his mind, "I hope they're not aimed at my ship.'

"So what's it like for you? Telemachus asked as he came over to where Dylan stood at the railing of the observation deck looking out of the spectacular view of the city complex.

"It's something all right," replied Dylan, not really giving much though to his response, wondering if she be irritated at the interruption of his ruminations and wondering at the same time if he should make an issue of it, then with a shrug, he decided it wasn't worth it after all.