Title: Hell on Earth

Author Name: nilereina

Rating: PG-13/R

Pairings: SS/HP (RW/HG implied)

Summary: What if Harry had a powerful gift he could use against Voldemort if he had only learned his true heritage? What if Voldemort succeeded in destroying Harry in his quest to rule? What if the boy Voldemort killed was the last heir to a very ancient bloodline of a very ancient God of Hell? What if that God of Hell brought hell on earth to avenge his heir?

Category (s): horror/dark, slight romance

Disclaimers/warnings: HP characters are only here to fulfil a story idea, they're really owned by Rowling…….I also do not own the basis of the Gods and various creatures for the following story, I only own the idea and the actions each play (they are credited to the sites of Lady Gryphon & Graham Haddock)…..mentions of M/M pairings

Author notes: I've put two ratings because the first couple chapters deal with language and slight violence but in later chapters there is a significance of bloodshed, whether described or interacted in the story line, just to be on a safe side

Key: 'blah'Parseltongue 'blah' Phoenix language 'blah' Telepathy


"Master? Milady? You called for me?" A young chambermaid carefully entered one of the many lavish study rooms in the spacious mansion, a mansion she worked in for almost ten years.

An arrogant looking male swished a half full glass decanter of aged brandy, "Yes." Even his voice had an arrogant tone, "It seems my family line has allotted me to acquire something very valuable."

Like all good help, the chambermaid simply waited to see why she was summoned, patient as her mistress spoke from a plush love seat, "Normally, I would stay out of my husband's affairs but I believe I must interfere. This must never remain in my husband's hands."

"Very true, my dear. This is simply sought after, centuries before and centuries to come. It is also cursed." He pulled a small cedar box from a hidden drawer beneath a side table. Abandoning his drink, he very carefully carried the plain looking box to the young chambermaid. With one hand, he slowly unclasped the tarnished silver clasp and revealed a carefully arranged jewel studded black bag, tied closed with a single gold thread. "From my family's stories, this will change our world. You, my child, are here to ruin that chance."

Her confusion must had been very visible for her mistress tried to explain, "As a lowly servant, no one's going to see you unless it is wished. My husband and I need you to take it. Disappear, never return. Safeguard it, don't ever let it out of your sight. Wait for the right time. Destroy anything and everyone who will try to capture it."

"Listen to it closely. My family line cannot fail. We also cannot fail our past, present, or future. The curse will be lifted from us to safeguard you. We are counting on you to preserve our line. Once you are free from this house and safe, open it and remember for future use, so that one day you will know what it is you must refrain from coming free."

Trembling with fear, the young woman carefully lifted the soft black velvet bag from its place. Her master quickly replaced the object with another bag of the same height and size. She held the bag close to her chest, her voice trembling, "Where do I go?"

Her mistress gracefully stood, shaking the few wrinkles from the satin gown. In those soft white gloved hands laid a small pouch. "This will last you. It should last for a long time. I had carefully selected small family jewels and heirlooms from our families. We have already warned our families of future meetings. Should you ever need anything, come back to us. Trade the items for food, shelter, or money."

"You will always know who we are, listen to it. We have already erased your past and present for public appearances. You will always be a shadow, nothing but a passing glance. But you must go now."

Unable to do or say anything, the young chambermaid was forced to leave. With only her clothes on her back, a thick winter shawl, and a small bag filled with the family heirlooms, a cursed object, and little food, she fled on foot.

For almost 200 years, she had been on the run. For almost 200 years she had listened closely to the soft voices in her head. Now, after all that time, she was watching from afar as a seventeen-year-old male was surrounded by his friends.

Beneath the downy winter cloak, the jewelled velvet bag began to burn. Her thoughts trembled, 'It is almost time, Master.' She has never forgotten her lord, it's his voice that urged her onward from the depths of eternal night, 'Your family is beginning again. I have not forgotten.' Eyeing the sudden appearance of a blonde male and his dark haired companion, she softly smiled, even as two irate females, one red-head and the other blonde, appeared even quicker with berating voices. 'Nor will I forget the birth of a child. Your child to come, Harry Godric Salazar Mitnal Potter. Nor have I forgotten the other being to be, Tom Marvolo Riddle or Lord Voldemort. But I wonder if they shall know the prophesy to come.'