Chapter Twenty

Rushing from the castle, Harry skidded to a stop by Black Tez, watching as the still breathing enemy were swiftly knocked into a deep sleep. "You won."

"My boy, I was brought from eternal sleep because your life was taken by an evil trying to impersonate our deadly way of life. I was not going to let that happen. But I am proud to know the two heirs of my bloodline. Don't let it die out."

"Severus and I will try. It's hard to erase those years of hate between our families but I won't give up on him. I can't, not after all the time I got to know him. But I do believe he'll help with a potion to bring a child into this new world."

Suddenly pulling two shrunken chests from the shadows, Black Tez enlarged them and dropped them before Harry, "Give one to the Malfoy's. It will equal the fortune they had lost. Pythia will make sure the Malfoy and Snape lands are given back."

"The other?"

"Yours. It will replenish the Potter and Snape fortunes. Also, once the fortunes have been replenished, you may use the trunks to replenish any lost fortune from families suffering from this decade of darkness."

"Thank you." Softly speaking, Harry couldn't express the gratitude he felt for being relieved of his destiny.

"Pythia will tell the world of the last battle. But I must leave. It is time I return to my stasis to keep our worlds safe. Our viciousness will remain in hell until we are called again."

The Phoenix Queen flared her wings, open arms to the sky as she went up in flames. A birdlike form appeared, covering the Gods and their allies, returning them to the depths of Mitnal. Once the great Phoenix dove downwards, the deathly still bodies of the fallen burst into flames and then dropped into ashes, flowing away in the sudden breeze.

Smiling, Harry turned to his arriving friends and family. "We're finally free."

Severus yanked the younger male into his arms, not wanting to ever let go. Onyx eyes glanced at the two plain looking chests, "What's in the chests?"

Harry snuggled closer to the older male, for once glad only he and Draco suffered the pain of growing into their adult bodies. Now Severus couldn't truly excuse his attraction to a child. "They're for us and the Malfoy's first. It'll replenish our vaults and money. Then once we're settled, Black Tez bid me to replenish all of the vaults suffered in the decade of darkness."

"Idiotic brat."

Harry smiled, knowing the older wizard wasn't too good at showing any emotion, "Yes, but a very rich idiotic brat. And yours."

Laughter exploded at the impish tone, growing with louder joy as they all began to realize the world was truly free from the great darkness and the Dark Lord Voldemort. All that was left was to rebuild and to restart to the good times again.