A HP Fanfiction


By: kuroneko89

Genre: Angst

Rating: PG

Synopsis: There is nothing good in having two mad people stay together…SLASH HPDM

Disclaimer: Not mine

Warning: Angst and language errors

He was drowning; in suffocation, in guilt, in sins. So many nights he spent trashing, screaming bloody murder. He just could not let the memories go.

He was drowning; in his past.

You were drowning; in regrets, in mockery. You hated yourself for letting everything to have turned out that way. You hated yourself for not being perfect enough for your other him. The other him whom you had betrayed and killed because you could never, never, no matter how hard you tried, reach up to his expectations.

Two drowning souls were reaching out for one another. But you two were lost, gone, bloodied and soaked in crystalline tears that made your eyes dry. You could not save one another.

You and he did not bother hoping. Hoping and flying would only crush you when you fall, plummeting to the ground with a resounding, sickening crash.

When you were sombre, you could ask, you could blame. You could laugh and cry and release. Physical touch would feel so good. But when you were lost, you know that it was only a matter of time before you two disappear entirely.

There is nothing good in having two mad people stay together…

A/N: Don't ask me anything. I feel like writing a Lunacy Chronicle, where insanity reigns over and everything is lost. It's actually a note of my thoughts whenever I've just read some angsty fanfics. It's also an antithesis to stories whose plot is about both Harry and Draco getting depressed and find solitude in each other. My opinion is: what good can happen when two mad people stay together, really? But of course, it's not always true. Don't take offence please. It's just me and my angsty mood…it never ceases to shock me.