The Mediator: Egyptian Style


Remember that blissful night after our honeymoon? The one where Jesse and I were slightly buzzed and he was all over me?

Well, it seems that because we were slightly buzzed, we forgot to use protection.

Can you guess what that led to?

Yes, pregnancy.

That's not to say it was bad. God, no. I was just saying that we kind of slipped up that night. In more ways than one.

But anyway, nine months later, I was giving birth to a little baby boy named Peter, in honor of my dad.

And, in all actuality, he was not really small. He was a big baby. Nearly ten pounds he was.

Talk about hard to push through your birth canal. Maybe those wide hips do come in handy once in your life.

Or twice. Or even three times.

And maybe even four.

Because that's how many kids I had. Four.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Let's go back to a few weeks after the party. I hadn't known yet that I was pregnant.

And someone else was. My mom.

I got a very rushed phone call from Andy about five weeks after the party. My mom's water broke and he was at the hospital. She wasn't in labor yet, but she was very close to it. He said he could hear her screams from the contractions she was having all the way down the hall, from where he was calling from.

I rushed to the hospital (Jesse was actually working when I got the call, so he was all ready at the hospital). Moments later after I got there, I saw Jake, Brad, and David running through the hospital doors. They all wanted to see the birth of there half-sisters.

Yes, my mom had two girls. I guess it kind of makes up for having three step-sons, huh? Now she has three daughters and three step-sons.

What a handful.

Oh, hey, its like the Brady Bunch. Imagine that. It's a small world.

Jake, Brad, and David stayed in the waiting room until they heard that the twins were born. Jake said something about giving her a little privacy.

But I knew the reason. They didn't really want to see their step-mom in labor.

I shrugged and went into the delivery room. Jesse was helping deliver the baby, since it was kind of where he worked. Andy had my mom's left hand and I had her right.

"Okay, Mom," I said comfortingly, "Jesse said one more push, okay? One more and you're good."

She grunted and then I heard the cry of the second baby. Mom fell back on the bed and was panting heavily. I went up to Jesse and smiled. He smiled back and handed me one of the girls and then handed one to Andy.

We went over to my mom and she took the one out of Andy's hands. I knelt down next to her so the babies were right next to each other.

I grinned. "What're you gonna name them?"

She smiled at me. "How 'bout you name them, Susie?"

I was shocked. I practically choked on my spit. "B-but," I sputtered. "Mom, these are your children. You should name them."

"Yes, but they're your little sisters. I believe you should have some input."

I looked down at the little creature in my arms, wrapped in a soft pink blanket. I thought back to when Jesse was telling me about his family. Most importantly, his sisters.

I glanced at him and he was looking at me expectantly. I grinned at him, then looked back at my mom and said, "Mercedes and Marta."

My mom grinned. "Perfect."

I looked down at the little girl in my hands. I took my hand and put my finger in her tiny hand. "Hello, Mercedes. I'm your big sister."

I glanced at Jesse and he was standing there, looking shocked. I handed Mercedes to Andy and walked up to him.

"Why did you do that?" he asked incredulously.

I just smiled. "I didn't think your family should be forgotten."

Then he just smiled and leaned down to kiss me. I stepped back. "Uh-uh," I said. "Not until you wash your hands and get yourself out of those clothes."

He rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. Presumably to wash his hands and change his clothes.

But, to my surprise, he signed out for the day. Coincidentally, his shift was over.

Marta and Mercedes were pronounced healthy and they would be able to be taken home the next day. My mom was ecstatic, by the looks of it. But she said to me that the only thing she needed right then was a nice bubble bath and some aspirin.

I laughed and then told her I would come by the next day to help her get the girls settled in their room. Andy had painted the room yellow, a neutral color, just in case one was a boy or both were boys.

Yep. That was Andy. Always prepared.

Jake, Brad, and David held the twins. They acted like real older brothers would. I even heard Brad say 'aww'. It was very interesting, I tell you.

Jesse and I went back to our place after that and ate lunch. Then we had a little fun.


- § -

About a month after my mom delivered, I was over there helping her with the babies. Changing one of their diapers, to be exact.

Then, all of a sudden, I had to rush to the bathroom. The rush of vomit came up my throat and out of my mouth. Luckily, I had gotten to the toilet in time.

I was in there for a few minutes, making sure it was over with. Then I washed my mouth out with Listerine and washed my face off. Then I went back out to help my mom.

My mom looked at me worriedly. "Are you all right, honey?" she asked, concerned.

I shrugged. "Its been happening a lot lately, actually. I've been puking, like, every morning. It feels like I have a virus, but it only lasts the morning. Its weird. And annoying."

I glanced back at my mom and she had a gleam in her eye. She was smiling. A lot.

Confused, I asked, "What?"

She just grinned. "Honey, what have you and Jesse been up to?"

I blinked. I was confused by her sudden change in topic. And I honestly did not want to share my, erm, love life with my mom. "Uh, stuff, I guess," I replied, stupidly.

She just grinned. "What kind of stuff?"

I looked at her, shocked. Didn't she notice my apparent discomfort in discussing this topic? "The kind of stuff that I don't like discussing with my mother."

Her grin widened, if that was possible. Then she just shook her head, like she couldn't believe that I didn't get what she was getting at. "Honey, I think...I think there's a reason that you're getting sick in the morning. And that reason might have something to do with what you and Jesse have been up to."

I didn't get what she meant at first. I just looked at her for a few moments. Then her meaning registered. And it hit me, full blast. "No, you don't, Mom, I can't be...its impossible..."

"Anything's possible, honey. Now," she said, looking at me, "I think I can take it from here, honey. I'll just get Andy down here to help me." She finished changing Marta's diaper, the one I didn't finish, and said, "Go down to the store and get a pregnancy test, then go home and tell Jesse. I'm sure he'll be ecstatic."

I just blinked. "I know he'll be ecstatic, Mom. I see how he is around Marta and Mercedes. you really think I'm pregnant?"

She just grinned. "There's only one way to find out."

And that's how, not a half hour later, I was emerging from the bathroom, looking down at the pregnancy strip and anticipating on telling Jesse, who was sitting eagerly on the bed in the bedroom, the news.

Don't get me wrong, I was happy about the news. But I was shocked. Really, really shocked.

I looked up at Jesse and said the word that made him jump off the bed and envelope me in a huge hug. "Positive."

He was smothering me. But in a good way.

He pulled away and kissed me. His kiss was so full of passion, so full of love. And only because I was pregnant.

Pregnant with our first child.

That was when it really hit me. I was pregnant with our first child. We would be a family soon. Jesse and I would be starting a family in less than nine months.

It was truly amazing.

Jesse pulled away again and leaned his head against mine. The pregnancy strip I was holding in my hand fell to the floor whilst he was kissing me. "Querida," he said in that silky smooth voice of his, "I love you."

I grinned like an idiot. "I love you, too, Jesse," I replied and leaned up and kissed him again.

And, six and a half months later, I gave birth to Peter, Jesse and I's first. He was beautiful in every single way. He was exactly how I imagined my first child. Pure black hair, like Jesse, and emerald green eyes, like me.

I was holding Peter in his little blue blanket. I looked over at Jesse and he just grinned back at me. He leaned over and kissed me, just a little, and said, "I love you."

And, of course, I whispered the same back.

Then, a little over a year later, I was pushing out another one, Dominic, in honor of Father Dominic, of course. He was getting old and it made him happy to see that he had such an impact in our lives to name our son after him.

Two years after that, I was giving birth to twins. Hannah and Sarah. Jesse's little girls.

All of them were beautiful. Each of them had their own unique beauty that I knew would take them far in life.

It was what I had always wanted. I was a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I was all those and I was happy.

And, well, to be clichéd, Jesse and I lived happily ever after. And, with our kids in tow, we even visited Egypt a few times. You know, just to see if there were any other mysteries to solve.


Disclaimer: Yet again, the Mediator series belongs to Meg Cabot. I'm sure you guys would have realized that by now, though.