Love comes back


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Love comes back

A young blonde girl was on her desk reading and signing papers piled on her desk.

"Urgghh... So many things to do sign this, sign that ... read this , read that... Can't I take a break?" Cagalli said looking at Kisaka

" Cagalli your free to take a break anytime" Kisaka replied

"well thats good" Cagalli said as she threw her pen on her beige colored desk

While Cagalli was taking a break, sipping a cup of hot chocolate eventually , they heard a soft knock the door . Kisaka opened the door and it was one of Cagalli's maids

"Princess, there's a young man waiting for you at the Garden" the maid said shyly

"ohthanks you may go now" Cagalli said with a smile on her face

"hai" the maid said politely , closing the door slowly

Cagalli went to her window and looked at the garden below and saw a young man with blue hair sitting on the garden set sipping cofee.

"ATHRUN!"Cagalli said excitedly

"How am I going to explain her this?" Athrun said as he sighed

"Athrun!" Cagalli yelled from a far and running toward him and giving Athrun a big hug.

'Ohh Im so glad you came to visit me!" Cagalli said as she hugged Athrun tighter

Athrun didnt hug Cagalli back and tried to free himself from Cagalli's arms

"Athrun is there anything wrong?" Cagalli asked worriedly, putting her warm palms on his cheeks

"No...nothings wrong " Athrun said smiling " Cagalli ...I have something to tell you.."Athrun said lettting out a big sigh

"Athrun... I too have something VERY important to tell you" Cagalli said putting her hands on her stomach

"Cagalli ... Im sorry.."Athrun said turning away from Cagalli

Kazesasou kokage ni/ utsubusete naiteru/Mi mo shiranu watashi wo/ watashi ga miteita

"Ath-"before Cagalli could reply Athrun turned around and started to speak again

Yuku hito no shirabe wo /kanaderu GITAARA /Konu hito no nageki ni/ hoshi ha ochite

" Cagalli ...Im getting Mia Campbell"

Yukanaide, donna ni sakende mo /ORENJI no hanabira/ shizuka ni yureru dake

"What!...Athrun No...tell me its not true! its only a lie ATHRUN! tell me your joking !" Cagalli started to cry an covered her ears, she didnt want to hear Athrun's voice anymore.

Yawarakana hitai ni nokosareta/ Te no hira no kioku haruka /Tokoshie no sayonara /tsuma hiku

"Cagalli..." Athrun said trying to walking towards her but Cagalli only backed away , her hands on her stomach

Yasashii te ni sugaru/ kodomo no kokoro wo Moesakaru kuruma/ ha furiharai susumu

"No ..GO TO HELL ZALA...GET AWAY FROM ME...!" Cagalii shouted as tears fall more faster

Yawarakana hitai ni /nokosareta Te no hira no / kioku haruka/ Tokoshie no sayonara tsuma hiku

"Cagalli..."Athrun tried to walk closer to her but Cagalli just backed away more further.

Yasashii te ni sugaru / kodomo no kokoro wo /Moesakaru kuruma ha /furiharai susumu

"Athrun...Go!...I DONT WANT TO SEE YOU ANYMORE!...I DONT WANT TO BE WITH YOU!(a/n: ouch that's a little harsh little missie!)" Cagalli shouted as she fell on her knees. Athrun froze upon hearing these words, the words he feared the most had just come out of his most treasured person, the person he loved the most, Cagalli

Yuku hito no nageki wo /kanadete GITAARA/Mune no ito/ hageshiku kakinarashite

"Athrun? where are you?" a soft mild voice came sprunging in

Aa kanashimi ni somaranai /shirosa de ORENJI /no hanabira yureteta natsu no kage ni

"THAT VOICE! " Athrun said in surprise and left Cagalli still in pan,crying her heart out...

Yawarakana hitai wo /nakushite mo Akaku someta suna haruka/ koete yuku

"oh...where is he...the man outside said I could find him in the Garden of the Reprsentative...ATHRUN?'' A pink haired girl said putting her hands in her waist.

Sayonara no RIZUMU

"Mia!" Athrun waved at her and went towards Mia and putted his hands around her waist and kissed her. Cagalli gasped on what she saw and ran away , throwing her ring, the ring that Athrun gave her before he entered war again.After a while Athrun returned to the place he and Cagalli were talking but only to find that Cagalli was no where in sight , only the ring, the ring he gave to the one he loved the most. Cagalli wiped her tears dry before entering the Meeting room with a smile while Athrun picked up the ring and kept it and left with Mia

"Cagalli...go-me"Athrun whispered...

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