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Chapter 3




The Aftermath

Serenity woke up with a start, her blood pressure high, her mind racing, her heart pounding rapidly against her chest.

"Where, where am I?" she looked around the room, bewildered. She was surprised to find herself on a hospital bed… surrounded by weird machines and… she shuddered slightly when she saw, surgery knives and scissors. "Why am I in a hospital?"

Suddenly, to add more confusion, her mother, Joey, and a doctor bustled into the room. Her mothers' eyes were red and puffy, as if she'd been crying, and Joey had a very sober look on his face.

"Something's wrong… Joey never looks like that… unless…"

"Serenity!" her mother sobbed, as she flung herself on her daughter. "Are you all right?"

"Yes mother… why wouldn't I be?" Serenity asked anxiously, as she stared at her brother. "Why am I here? Did something happen?"

Her mother looked up at her, "You mean, you don't… remember?"

"Remember what?" Serenity asked, her eyes wide. "Why is everyone staring at me like that? What happened?"

Her mother looked up at the doctor, who sighed gravely, "Ms. Wheeler (1), and Joey, can I please talk to you outside for a second?"

Serenity was starting to get extremely freaked, "Why? What happened? Why can't I hear? Did something happen? Did I do something? It is something bad? Am I going to die?"

"No, no, Serenity, calm down." The doctor replied, "This has nothing to do with you, so don't you worry. But- don't you remember why you're here?"

Serenity shook her head vigorously.

"Well, you had a bit of trouble with your eyesight (2), it seems as though you fainted last night when you were walking home. But don't worry; it's no trouble at all. We'll get you fixed, and back to normal in no time."

Ms. Wheeler and Joey all gaped at the doctor.

"Shall we… go outside?" the doctor asked, opening the door.

"Err- yes, of course." Joey said snapping to his senses.

"Wow, never knew doctors could lie like that!" Joey shook his head in amazement, as they shut the door firmly behind them."It sounded so… natural."

The doctor smiled slightly, "You get used to the lying after a while… and it just comes out naturally. You'd be surprised at how much doctors lie… to the patients of course." He added hastily.

Joey shook his head once again, "I ain't never marrying a doctor."

The doctor gave a grim smile. "Anyways, we better get down to business."

Ms. Wheeler and Joey gave the doctor their full, undivided attention.

"What happened to Serenity? Why can't she remember?" Ms. Wheeler asked.

"This situation is quite common." The doctor replied curtly, "Sometimes, when a person goes through a great shock… they suffer temporary amnesia as the after effect, which means they can't remember anything that happened during the shock… or as in this case, when she was raped. She has no memory of it."

"What do you mean… by temporary?" Joey asked. "Does this mean… that everything will come back to her eventually?"

"I don't know… there's a chance she could remember, there's a chance she couldn't. It all really depends. Sometimes, a person just naturally remembers, suddenly, and unexpected. Or the worse case; another great shock, or something similar to her experience, might trigger a memory and she could remember everything. This could lead to… insanity."

"Can we prevent that from happening?"

"Well, that would be like watching a two year old… for the rest of your life." The doctor implied, "You'd have to keep an eye on her all the time."

"Yeah, we'll do that!" Joey argued, "I can't let my sister just go… insane like that!"

"But think about the damage that'll do on her?" the doctor replied, "How would you feel if you had a person following you constantly. No privacy, no alone time. It's like having a second shadow."

"Than, doctor, what do you suggest we do?" asked Ms. Wheeler, who seemed to be on the verge of tears again.

"I would suggest, acting as normal as possible, but don't let her go out alone, make up an excuse to drop her off at the mall if she's going shopping. Or offer to walk her home, casual things like that." The doctor answered, "And don't force her to never remember, sooner or later, she'll remember on her own. I believe that's the safest way. But when she does remember, first thing is, calm her down, but if that doesn't work, send her to the emergency room. We'll deal with her."

Joey and Ms. Wheeler stood there… dazed…

"Anyways, I'll go in and check on Serenity, I'll leave you two to discuss what you want to do." And with that, the doctor strolled back into Serenity's room.

"How could this happen to poor Serenity?" Joey thought bitterly, "Anyone, anyone in the world… and it just HAD to be my baby sister…"

"Mom…" Joey suddenly spoke up, his voice was numb and shaky, "I'm sorry…"

"What? Why?" Ms. Wheeler asked, clearly bewildered why her son was to blame for her daughter's rape.

"It was my fault… I should've walked her home that day." He said, as tears began to slowly stream down his face, "I thought she was going to listen to me… and take the long way home… I didn't think she'd still take the shortcut. I should've came with her…"

"Joey, it's not your fault." His mother replied kindly, giving her son an awkward hug, "It was nobody's fault… things like that… happen…"

"I know mum…" Joey replied solemnly. "But why did it have to happen to Serenity?"

"Wait, wait, let me get this straight… Serenity was RAPED? Like, real rape… when the rapists private part actually goes in her-"

"-Yes! Real rape!"

"How… how did it happen?"

"She took a shortcut home."

"Weren't you with her though?"

"Yeah, but I left."


"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Tristan, calm down!" Yugi said as he tried to suppress Tristan from beating the crap out of Joey. But surprisingly, Joey didn't try to move, or even block him. He merely stared at the floor, with his head hanging low. "It was nobody's fault! How was Joey supposed to know Serenity was going to get hurt?"

"WELL! He could've at least WALKED her home! Are you CRAZY Joey! Letting her walk alone in the dark!" Tristan yelled angrily, making several people nearby the school jump in fright.

Once again, Joey didn't bother to retort anything offensive back, he regained his head down position, and said nothing.

"Joey?" Tea asked timidly, "Are you okay?"

Joey didn't reply.

"Joey?" Tea asked, once again, more strongly this time, almost as if she were demanding, "Are you okay?"

"NO Tea. I'm not okay." He replied, his voice was hollow and dry, "My sister just got raped and it's all my fault. Do you think I'd be okay?"

"No Joey!" Tea said, as tears began to form, "It wasn't your-"

But before she could finish, Joey got up from their little "spot" beside the huge birch tree, and walked away from the gang.

"-Fault…" Tea finished lamely as she watched Joey stroll away…

Joey wondered around the school… he didn't feel like going to English Class… and he especially didn't want to talk to Tristan… or anyone as a matter of fact.

"What am I going to do…Where am I going to go?" he thought to himself…

He walked and walked… until he found himself in front of Kaiba Corp.

"I know! I'll visit Serenity!"

He dashed into the building, and ran towards Serenity's room, but as he was about to enter… he heard voices again… Male voices… and they certainly weren't the doctors…

"God damn it! What is it with me and coming in at the worst time… and accidentally eavesdropping on peoples conversations!" He thought angrily… "I won't eavesdrop, I won't eavesdrop…"

But he felt his face edge towards the door…

"…Ah, screw it…"


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