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"What do you reckon, Cap'n?" Gibbs asked, squinting toward the horizon. He was standing next to his captain as they studied the smoke rising in the distance. "It 'as a British flag flyin' on its mast."

"I know."

"Could be Norrington. He'd arrest us all, right after we saved 'is life."

"Could be Will an' Elizabeth," Jack countered.

Gibbs could already see that the Captain's mind was made up. He sighed, disgustedly and called to the crew, "Make way fer th' smoke, lads!"

The Black Pearl dropped anchor a good fifty yards away from the burning ship to

stay away from the billowing flames. Jack and four other members of the crew were lowered in a smaller boat to approach the ship and search for survivors.

The heat from the belching flames had abated as more and more of the ship was saturated with saltwater. There was no sign of any human survivors.

"Does it look familiar, Cap'n?" Gibbs whispered to Jack.

"It's one of Norrington's fleet," Jack confirmed, not taking his eyes off the burning ship. "Th' life boats are gone, though, from what I can tell. They either burned off already, or th' crew made off with 'em."

The men continued to float around in silence, still on alert for any Navy ship to come and arrest them. No one, however, was in sight.

"Well, Cap'n?" Gibbs asked, ready to return to the Pearl. Being around the ship was making him uncomfortable.

"Sh. . ." Jack held up one hand to halt all activity. "Do ye 'ear that?"

The men became deathly silent and held perfectly still, straining their ears.

"Someone's cussin' up a bluestreak," Perch whispered, the member of the crew, who, ironically, was the oldest, but had the best hearing.

"Take us to th' starboard side of the boat," Jack ordered.

"But, Jack," Gibbs protested in a low voice.

Jack grinned, his smile lopsided. "Where be your sense of adventure, mate?"

"I believe I lost it th' last time ye nearly got me hung in the gallows."

"'Nearly' bein' th' key word, Mr. Gibbs," Jack pointed out.

The rowboat oared its way toward the starboard side of the sinking ship. Around the corner, Jack was the first to see a mass of blond curls floating in the water. A woman had attached herself to a piece of driftwood and was fluently swearing at the boat aflame.

"No," Jack whispered to himself.

"That's Elizabeth!" Gibbs cried.

"No," Jack shook his head, the metal beads in his dreadlocked, black hair clinking. "That's not Elizabeth."

"But, Cap'n, she looks just like 'er-"

"Ahoy, there, milady!" Jack called out, interrupting Gibbs.

The young woman whipped her head around, sending a spray of water from her long hair. Her sea green eyes, noticeably different from Elizabeth's sky blue ones, widened upon taking in the pirate captain in the boat before her. "You be shittin' me," she cried. The braided beard. The red bandana. The few gold teeth, glittering in his smile. The tricorn captain's hat. "Jack!"

"'Ello, luv," he called back.

"You be shittin' me," she said again.

Jack and the men drew nearer to the woman, who seemed to still be in a state of shock.

"Stop floatin' there with yer mouth 'angin' open an' get in th' boat," Jack ordered, leaning over and offering her a hand.

"You look just like Elizabeth Swann," Gibbs told her, once she had pulled her entire dress into the boat. He was staring at her, looking up and down.

"'S cause she's my sister," the woman answered, offering him a hand.

"Gents, may I present ta ye, Ms. Sunni Swann, the youngest daughter of our fair Governor of Port Royal."

"Ye be shittin' me," Gibbs ran a hand through his thinning, gray hair. He wasn't all too keen on the way Jack was looking at this Sunni. "You two be familiar?"

"Sure. Me an' Sunni met when Norrington hauled us back to Port Royal after Barbossa bit th' bullet," Jack answered, taking his captain's coat off and wrapping it around Sunni's shivering shoulders.

"How's come ye weren't at the mansion when Barbossa's crew plundered it?" Gibbs asked.

"I's at boarding school in Maine. I came home when I 'eard Elizabeth was taken," she answered. She had the same clipped English as Elizabeth, but it was rougher, a little less proper.

Back at the ship, the crew gathered around the railing upon seeing an extra passenger in the rowboat. Cotton let down the rope.

"Ye find someone?" AnaMaria called out.

"Not jest someone," Jack answered, giving Sunni one final boost as they climbed over the railing. Only Sunni noticed that Jack's hand was on her bottom, no one else. "Gents, allow me ta introduce Sunni Swann, younger sister to Elizabeth Turner."

A few of the crew members gasped, and many of them opened their mouths to sputter questions, but Jack beat them all to it. "So ye gonna let us in on why ye was floatin' around the ocean by a burnin' ship?"

"Those bleedin', bloody cowardly bastards left me!" Sunni cried. The entire crew gathered around her in wonder.


"No, but it was his men. He was on th' other ship. We got caught in a blasted storm and got separated from the Dauntless. There was still lightnin' after th' rain-"

"Aye, I saw it," Perch affirmed.

"It hit our mast an' caught ablaze!" she was throwing her arms around and raising her voice, making her story even more dramatic. "An' those empty-headed, no-good sailors took off! Just like that! Didn't even try ta save th' perfectly good ship an' put out the fire."

"An' they left ye? A woman?" Gibbs demanded, completely entraced with her story.

"I was an extra passenger, no room on th' life boats without sinkin' 'em-"

"So they left ye?" another crew member yelled, outraged. Already, these men were under Sunni's magical spell. Jack smiled imperceptably.

"I was th' extra," was all Sunni said.

"An' never th' one ta take advantage of bein' th' fairer sex, either, ay, Sunni?" Jack asked, smirking.

"I offered, cause it was th' only proper thing ta do, bein' the extra, an' th' bleedin' asses didn't refuse."

"How long ye been floatin', luv?" Jack asked.

"Better part of two hours, I'd say."

"Damn lass, ye'll be dyin' of th' fever," Jack growled. "Ye need fresh water." He turned to find a cup of water.

"Yer name really Sunni Swann, lass?" AnaMaria asked, somewhat harshly. "Can't imagine a governor's daughter with that name."

"No, my real name's Caitlyn, but Jack gave me Sunni on account of me hair," she explained.

"I knew it was a pirate's name," AnaMaria hissed.

"Ay, lass, ye looks a bit green around the gills. It be cold in those waters. You should be dryin' off," Gibbs said as Jack returned with the water.

"I'm fine," Sunni shook her head, sending the ringlets of golden blond hair shaking.

"Now that you're adrenaline's wearing off, you're not gonna be fine," Jack warned her. "Ye feel a little weak, yet?"

Sunni looked up at Jack. She had to look up, the woman couldn't have been over five feet tall. "Ye know, now that ye put th' thoughts in me head, I do feel a little. . . squeamish. . ."

"It ain't due ta th' thoughts I put in ye 'ead," Jack was saying, but he never finished. Sunni tore past him to the railing of the ship where she proceeded to heave out everything in her stomach.

"Easy does it, luv," Jack murmured, wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her from pitching overboard.

"Can't be seasickness after so many hours on th' sea already," Gibbs muttered, coming to the railing. "She's got th' fever, Jack."

"Aye," Jack nodded, scooping up the girl so that she was cradled in his arms. "We'll put her in me cabin an' load her up with herbs and teas. After all, a sister ta Elizabeth is welcome aboard th' Black Pearl any time."

Sunni smiled weakly up at the pirate as he carried her down below the deck to his own cabin. Gibbs began to follow, but Jack waved him off, telling him to man the wheel. The rest of the crew were to continue on with their duties.

In the privacy of Jack's quarters, the Captain laid his captive gently on the bed. He handed her a mug of water with promises of tea later. "Drink up, luv. An' then tell me what in th' hell ye thought ye were doin' on a ship, sailin' th' Caribbean."

Sunni took a sip and smiled shyly up at him. "I wanted ta see you."

Jack's stern look softened a bit as he smoothed back a lock of her hair. "Luv, ye knew I was comin' back ta Port Royal in less'n a month."

"Daddy thinks I'd be happy with a sailor, since I seem to 'ave taken a likin' ta th' sea," Sunni explained. "He's one of Norrington's men. 'S how I got a ride ta sea."

"An' he left ye aboard a burnin' ship?"

"He was on Norrington's Dauntless."

"I see." Jack could see that there was something she wasn't telling him, but decided not to push it at the moment. "So ye wanted ta see me 'cause ye were tired of bein' hit on by a sailor?" he smiled down at her. "Ye need some rest, luv. No worries about a lovestruck sailor, now-"

Sunni sat up in bed and reached for a gold chain around Jack's neck. She pulled it from under his shirt to look at the gold band attached. "You're still wearin' it."

"Wouldn't take it off for th' world, luv," Jack murmured, examining an identical necklace and ring around Sunni's throat. "Now ye need some rest."

"Thank you," Sunni said as Jack made way for the door. "For everything. . . Captain Sparrow."

He smiled as he opened the door. "You're welcome, Mrs. Sparrow."