OK, here's the deal: I wanted to reply to some of the last reviews:

Kisskagome13: I'm glad you've been reading, and I hope you enjoyed the last update!

SunsetSparrow: First off, i love your name! and i'm working on a sequel!

Kateya: Well, if you're going to demand a sequel, i suppose i can work on one! i'm glad you were enthralled!

forceflow45: i'm so glad you're as happy as jack at a wedding! hahaha! well, like i told the others, i'm going to work on a sequel over the summer

EverVengeful: omg, i'm so utterly flattered! you have no idea! i would love to read your story! expect a review within the next day or two. Geez, you have no idea how how extremely happy you have made me by asking you to r&r? goodness, i'm getting faint! hahaha! anyways, i'm glad you liked this one!

MoonbeamDreamer: didn't mean to scare you with the title. i realized it could be taken two ways after i posted it, but then i liked the suspense it added! ok, i'm working on a sequel and i sure how it meets up to your expectations- i can't believe you used the word epic! that's up there with Homer. Holy cow, i'm honored. and to make sure the next isn't too syrupy sweet, how about some ideas for plots? i would love input.

Thetornprincess: i know, i know, i'm wicked for keeping this story a secret. and since you may threaten me with jack's sword, i have no other choice than to write a sequel! lol! i wasn't sure i was going to until all of you great reviewers!

ChaosLightning13: i'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story, it was truly fun to write!

brittany: i'm working on it! fear not!

Ok everyone, here's the deal! I have already started a sequel to Sunni Sparrow. I've written scattered, sporadic scenes, but i've yet to come up with a plot. i want to do something different than letting Maddy get kidnapped and Sunni and Jack go after her. So, if any of you would like to throw in some ideas, be my guest. I'll work on the sequel this summer and hopefully be ready to post a good portion of it before i go back to college in august! And once again, thank you so much to all of you who have read and reviewed and been so sweet! i love you all! jack kisses to everyone!