Open to Jar Jar skipping through a bright and sunny forest.

"Oh, eetsa nother beutiful day." He said as he skipped. "Ders burds singin', da sun es bright. Meesa so happy!"

As he continues along, the forest begins to get darker and he stops skipping.

"Oh, eetsa scary here." Jar Jar said. "Meesa hopin I getin outa here soona."

He continues walking along, jumping at every sound.

"Oh, whatsa data? Oh, mesa wishin ders una Jedi here. They helpin' mesa much."

He hears a noise up a head. "Oh, whatsa dat?"

A strange creature appears from in front of him. It is small, grey and hunched over, with two big pale eyes and sharp claws. Jar Jar goes up to him, very scared.

"Who sa are you sa?" He asks. The creature looks at him.

"Us, precious? Oh, us, precious, we, oh us we, precious," the creature continues to ramble on.

"Oh, yousa given me de creeps." Jar Jar says and walks away slowly.

"Oh, precious, don't be afraid of us. Gollum, yes, that's what we is. We Gollum."

"Gollum?" Jar Jar asks and approaches Gollum again. "Meesa name is Jar Jar Binks."

"Oh, yes Binks, precious." Gollum says. "Binks, ring, oh, precious. You are tricksy."

"What are yousa talking about?" Jar Jar asks confused.

"Precious, the precious. Have you seen the precious?"

"No, what eesa the precious?"

"No, do not say, precious, gollum."

"What the hellsa are yousa talking bout?" Jar Jar asks getting frustrated.

"Oh, precious, play riddle you want to?" Gollum says.

"Why do yousa spake liken Yoda?"

"Yoda? No Yoda, only precious, oh precious. Do you know the precious?'

"No, mesa tellin you mesa no know precious."

"Lier, thief Baggins!" Gollums says.

"Baggins? Who Baggins?" Jar Jar asks. "Meesa though yousa talkin bout the precious."

"Yes, yes, Baggins has precious. Do you know Baggins?"

"No, mesa no know any of de Baggins."

"Oh, no Baggins. He stole the precious from us, from precious."

"Yousa crazy. Meesa havin no idea what yousa talkin about."

"The precious of course, looking for the precious. Have you seen the precious? Gollum!"

"No, liken mesa tellin yousa before, mesa no have precious."

"Stupid, precious. Why? Precious here. You have precious!" Gollum says angrily.

"No!" Jar Jar says frustrated. "Meesa telling you mesa no havin de precio- ahh!" Gollum jumps and attacks Jar Jar, immediately killing him. He looks through what remains of Jar Jar's body.

"Precious, precious? No, no precious. Oh, precious, yes, precious, gollum, gollum. Precious, coming for you. Precious, precious. " Gollum walks away, mumbling to himself. Later some people find Jar Jar's mangled corpse, but no one cares.