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Wednesday, May 13th


About 15 miles away northeast from Area 51, a top secret military base, lies the Nevada Maximum Security Prison. Where all the sick and screwed-up criminals caught by the FBI, CIA and sometimes WOOHP go. It was about 2330 hours and a black 1985 Ford Mustang was at the main gate, about to leave the prison. One of the prison guards dressed in blue stopped the car and knocks on the windscreen of the driver's door. The window slided down. A man in a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police uniform with Oakley shades and police hat was sitting in the car. The black nametag read 'THOMPSON' in thin white letters.

"Hey Officer Thompson, leaving so soon?" The guard asked, giving a smile

"Yeah" Thompson answered "it's my wife's birthday"

The guard was happy for his friend and smiled. "Tell her I said hi. Kel, open the gate!"

An African-American man in blue who was sitting in the toll booth activated one of the leavers. The giant titanium door slowly slide opened. When it was completely open, the Mustang quickly rode off into the cold night desert. Meanwhile, the warden in a blue uniform was doing his usual night rounds. Passing by a couple of glass door cells on the 3rd floor, he looked to his left, where all the prison cells were. The convicts looked back at him, some with angry faces while others smiled at him. When he passed by the last cell, his eyes widen.

"What the heck!" The warden exclaimed, he took out his black Motorola radio and held it infront of his mouth. "Prisoner 52347 has escaped! I repeat, prisoner 52347 has escaped!"

Within seconds, the sirens had sounded and lights from the guard towers activated, flashing the beams at the building. Annoying everyone who's sleeping.

Totally Spies: Undercover in "So Much for a Vacation"

Friday, May 15th


It was Friday. And as usual they had gym class at school. The door of the villa opened. Samantha, Alexandra and Clover entered, looking very tired. Sam was in a dark blue denim jacket, unbuttoned, with a blue shirt underneath, light blue jeans, yellow trainers and her hair in a ponytail. Clover was wearing a red shirt, denim mini skirt and black high heel boots. Alex had her red tank top on with dark blue denim jeans and red platforms.Clover jumped onto the couch and closed her eyes, Alex went to get a drink at the kitchen while Sam went to her room and closed the door to change.

"What a day!" Alex yelled as she left the kitchen and stepped her foot into the living room

The door of Sam's room open. Sam walked out wearing her green bathing suit "Tell me about it!"

Clover and Alex looked at Sam and they too got back to their rooms and changed to their bathing suits. After doing so, together they went for a dip in the jacuzzi. Just then, the calm water started spinning. The girls screamed in terror as a whirlpool sucked them into one of WOOHP's tunnels.

"DAMN YOU JERRYYY!" Alex shouted

Like a water slide from the water park, Sam, Alex and Clover slide down the tunnel before plunging into the cold water at the WOOHP swimming pool. A man wearing a black suit and tie stood infront of them. It was the WOOHP director they love to hate, Jerry Lewis. Expecting a few complains from the girls, he grinned and put his hands in the pockets of his black pants.

"Good afternoon ladies" The bald headed man greeted, still grinning at them

"Great, another damn WOOHP mission" Clover mumbled to herself in anger.

"Jerr. We're like very tired. We've just got back from the most tiring day of our lives. Can't you get another team to do it?" Sam requested

"You really want another team to go on this vacation?"

"Vacation!" The girls got excited. Their eyes and smiles widen. It's been a long time since the spies' last vacation.

"Yes. An all expense pay trip to Las Vegas"

"Cool!" Alex exclaimed

"Awesome!" Sam excitedly said

"Now you're talking" Clover, smiling widely at Jerry

"Can I come?" A robotic voice cried out. It was GLADIS. Jerry's robot assistant that has a mind of its own.

Jerry raised an eyebrow and sweatdrops. "I'm sorry GLADIS but you're stuck here with me"

The spies eagerly got out of the swimming pool and walked over to the walkway which leads them to the equipment room. Jerry presses a button on his computer and the walkway moves. A grey wall with the WOOHP logo opened up and they enter the equipment room.

"GLADIS" Jerry snapped his fingers. In a flash, their wet bathing suits changed to a dry outfit. Sam was now wearing a green cardigan, jeans and red Nike Air Force shoes. Alex was in a yellow striped blouse, a white mini skirt and Black Nike Air Force 1. GLADIS also changed Clover's clothes to a red tank top, pink pants and white with black strap sandals.

"SPF50 sunblock that will protect you from the sun" Jerry spoke as a robotic arm passes the sunblock to Clover.

"Also help yourself to our WOOHP Platinum Credit Card." Jerry muttered and one of GLADIS' robotic arms gives the card to Sam.

"And finally, I trust you girls will like this" Jerry took out a key from his pocket. It had the red outline Chevrolet logo key chain on it. The girls got even more excited.

"Aaahh! It's keys to a Chevrolet!" Alex grabbed the key from Jerry and looks at the key excitedly

"Not just any Chevrolet. It's a 1997 Camaro 30th Anniversary Z28" Jerry corrected and grins. Expecting the girls to get excited.

"Cool!" The spies cried out and they started to get excited

"Since your compowders can change the look of your clothing, your luggage is filled with toiletries instead." Jerry ushered them to the garage door

A large sliver metal door with the word 'GARAGE' embossed on it slowly slide open. A 1997 White with orange stripes Chevrolet Camaro 30th Anniversary Z28 was parked infront of them. It had a Nevada license plate on the rear and it read CX753L. Once they were inside. Sam starts the car, turns the high beams on and drove it out of the building.

"Ta ta girls!" Jerry waved after the girls left.


It was a Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas, Nevada. Located at the east side of the ever busy Las Vegas Strip was a beautiful building. It was painted white with gold touches, 55 stories high, a rooftop swimming pool and it was regarded as a 5 star hotel. A 1997 Chevrolet Camaro 30th Anniversary Z28 sports car stopped infront of the hotel. The teenagers, also know as Sam, Alex and Clover got out. Alex passes the keys to the bellboy, who will then park the car for them. Acting like young millionaires, they enter the building. Inside, there are people going to their rooms, checking out of the hotel, drinking beer at the bar and trying their lucks at the casino. A man in a brown suit, white shirt and black tie spotted them and he walks briskly towards them.

"Hi!" The man in his 30's greeted. "You must be Sam, Alex and Clover"

"And who are you?" Clover asked and crosses her arms

"I'm Danny McCoy. One of the security officers in the hotel" The brown headed man answered. He gave a smile and showed his pearl white teeth. "Jerry called me and said you've got reservations. C'mon, let me show you to your room."

On the fifth floor of the luxury hotel corridor, Danny led the spies to their room. At every wooden door passed, Danny counted the room numbers until the final right turn. Their room was at the corner of a dead end.

"...5235, 5237 and finally 5239" He takes out the key card and slots it in the lock. The door opens "Here's your room girls!"

Finally, it was the moment of truth. The girls entered excitedly but were very disappointed at first sight. The room had a bathroom, 3 cheap single beds, a balcony and a 14-inch screen television.

Clover turned to Danny "Uh... Danny. Are you sure this is our room?"

"Well. The last one. In fact, the pen houses have all been booked."

"Oh well. It will do. It's not like we're gonna stay here forever anyways"

"Good, cause I wanna go for a swim"

"A swim?" The other 2 asked

"We just got here. Don't you wanna get something to eat?"

"Who cares about food when there're cute boys waiting " Clover took out her X-powder. She pressed a button and her clothes changed to a red bikini

"Wow.. she's hot!" Danny muttered softly under his breath

"Uh.. Clover, you're not wearing that are you?" Sam trying to look away at Clover's reveling body

"My handkerchief has more fabric than what you're wearing Clover" Alex commenting on Clover's outfit

"C'mon guys, this is like, Las Vegas. Who wants girls dressed in bathing suits!" Clover answered back. As she walked out of the room, Sam and Alex tried to avoid looking at Clover.

"We better come along just in case she gets into trouble." Sam, taking out her X-powder and pressed a button. Her clothes changed to her green bathing suit.

"Again" Alex added. She took out her X-powder and pressed a button. Her clothes changed to a light yellow tankini


The girls reached the rooftop swimming pool. There were teenage girls dressed in bikinis and hot, muscular guys dressed in their shorts in and around the pool. Clover's eyes widen and she started to drool.

"Helloo! Drool much!" Sam waving infront of Clover's eyes to get her attention.

"Watch and learn ladies!"

Before Sam and Alex could say anything, Clover was already running towards the pool. But she bumped into a blonde 20 year old drunk.

"Watch where you're going bitch!" The drunk cried out angrily. With a bottle of beer in his left hand, he used his right to grab Clover's right arm.

"Get your meat hooks off of me!" Clover demanded and struggled to get free from the drunk's hold

Another man grabs the drunks left arm "You heard her. She said get your meat hooks off." Said the mysterious blonde teenager. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans.

"So, what's it to you butthead? You're looking for trouble?" The drunk spoke back and pushed the teenager with his hands. The teen pushes the drunk back. The drunk grabs his shirt and raises his right hand and clenches into a fist.

"You want me to call casino security?"

"You're dead Douglas DeLorean." The drunk lowers his arm and walked off. Knowing if he will cause further trouble, he will be arrested by the police.

"You okay?" The blonde man asked after the drunk walked off.

Clover froze and blushes. She looked at the teen in the eye. It was clear that she was falling in love with him. "Um.. yeah, I'm fine"

"The name's Douglas. What's yours?" Doug asked, knowing by the look on Clover's face.


"Hey, maybe we could meet later on... say like about 6:30? I know a place we can hang out." Douglas offered and smiled, showing his white pearl teeth.


"See you at the lobby at 6:30" He took her right hand and kissed it like a proper gentlemen. Clover was very pleased.

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