"We've gotta get Doug outtahere!" Clover whispered

"But the window can't open!"

"We'll make our own window" Sam too out her X-powder from her pocket and pressed a button. Her clothes changed to her green jumpsuit. Complete with the jet pack backpack and expandable cable bungee belt. She took out the laser lipstick from the backpack and cuts a giant rectangle through the thick glass. The glass falls into the carpet and the smashed into pieces.

"Hey uh.. Sam" Alex said, scratching her head "I don't get it. Why do you always have to lug your gadgets with you?"

"Just in case of an emergency" Sam grinned

"One question." Clover raised her hand "How do we get from up here to down there?"

"Everyone grab on!" Sam ordered. "Alex, change to your jumpsuit"

Taking out her X-powder, Alex pressed a button and her clothes changed to her WOOHP yellow jumpsuit with the jet pack backpack and expandable cable bungee belt on. Sam holds onto Douglas while Alex hugs Clover. They activated their jet pack backpacks before descending down the building.

"This is not what I had in mind!" Clover yelled as they descend down like a floating elevator.

When they reached the ground, they ran towards the parked Bright Orange 2005 Pontiac GTO Air Ram 6 concept. Both Sam and Alex clothes transform to their usual clothing. Alex took out the keys and unlocks the door.

Douglas started to get excited "Wow. Is that a..."

"2005 Pontiac GTO Air Ram 6 concept? Yeah, we rented it." Sam and Alex continued

"Sweet!" Doug and Clover cried.

Quickly they got in the car with Alex behind the wheel. The Pontiac reverses out of the parking lot and squealed by a few parked cars as the Pontiac raced faster towards the exit. Suddenly, the GTO came to an abrupt stop. Alex had slammed the brakes. Almost hitting the side of a Black and white 2004 Chevrolet Impala LVMPD Police Cruiser. The officer inside the car glanced at the GTO, the sirens sounded and the lightbars started flashing.

"LVMPD!" The cop shouted using the PA system. "Stop right there!"

"Now what!" Douglas asked with his arms open.

"We do this the hard way" Alex grinned at Doug. She shifts into gear 1 and the car accelerates, Leaving black skid marks on the light grey tarmac. The GTO makes a left 90 dregee turn onto the lush green grass before escaping into the busy Las Vegas Strip. The Black and white Impala Police Cruiser made a quick u-turn before following the Orange Pontiac GTO.

"All units, all units, this is unit 5427. We're now in pursuit of a modified orange 2004 GTO. License plate CRX354. Heading south on North Las Vegas Boulevard"

"Doug. You've got your passport?" Sam asked. She was sitting up front with Alex.

"Yeah. Keep it in my jeans all the time"

"Good. Alex head for the airport. We've gotta get him outtahere"

"Airport?" Clover exclaimed "But I'll never get to see him again!"

"Clover, I'll always love you no matter what. And... I'll never forget you"

"Um... guys, sorry to disturb you, but we've gonna turn black and white if we don't react NOW!"

The other 3 people took a glance at the front window and saw a road block of black and white LVMPD police cars. All of them had the sirens and lightbars on. The sidewalk was also blocked so there was no where to go. To make matters worse, a few more cruisers were following them. Alex looked around and spots a White Mack car carrier with the top compartment down making a ramp. An idea struck her head.

"I've got an idea!"

"NO!" Sam and Clover yelled. Thinking that she will do something stupid again.

"Trust me" Alex turned to look at Sam and nodded, just like Andy Washburn from the movie 'Taxi'.

"You're not gonna do that move again are you?" Sam widened her eyes

"Oh yes I am. Hi Ho Sliver!"

Alex grinned, remembering one of her old mission where had was in the same situation. (Read 'A Week With a Billionaire' if you wanna know what it means) She steps on the clutch and shifts into 5th gear. The GTO was accelerating about a 175 miles per hour towards the ramp. The Police cruisers that were pursuing the GTO stopped to a halt while hitting each other, causing caos at the Las Vegas Strip.

Like from the movie 'Gone in 60 Seconds', the GTO hit the ramp, and went airborne over the road block. Police officers and passer byers looked in horror at the orange Pontiac flew over at about 3 feet above the ground. Sam, Douglas and Clover closed their eyes and screamed in terror. And before they knew it, the GTO landed on the ground with a loud thud and continued driving. Despite the impact of the jump, the Pontiac still looked looked new. Some cruisers from the road block followed the GTO.

"Let's do that again!"

"Are you crazy!" Clover whined "We've could have been killed!"

There was a long pause. The GTO was still swerving through the traffic. Alex was getting restless and 3 Impala Police Cruisers were chasing them. Even a police black helicopter was following them


"Control, this is air unit 35. We've got visual of the suspect, now heading south on Paradise Avenue."

A black police helicopter with a couple of Chevy Impala Cruisers were pursuing the Orange GTO as it turns right on Paradise Avenue. Mixed with the traffic on Paradise Ave, was a Black and white LVMPD Ford Crown Victoria. Heading south towards the airport.

"Been a cop for 20 years now and I'm still stuck in city patrol."

"All units we've got a report of a orange Pontiac heading towards the airport on Paradise Avenue.

"We got a live one" Terry said to himself.

Terry switches on the lightbars and sirens as the Orange Pontiac GTO passes by him with 3 other Impala Police Cruisers. Terry then accelerates the car and joins the chase.

"Attention all units. This is air unit 35, do not let the suspect near the airport. I repeat, do not let them near the airport!"

Meanwhile, About 4 blocks from the Pontiac's location, a roadblock was setup by using police cruisers. A SWAT team was also standing by with their rifles and bullet Prof vests on top of their police uniforms.

"Oh no. What now!"

"Alex..." Sam pointed towards the road block "..There's a small space in the middle. Try squeezing through there."

"What are you crazy!" Alex exclaimed "Let's do it!"

The Pontiac GTO started to accelerate slightly faster that usual. Going up to the road block at about 195 miles per hour. Fearing that the car will not stop, some of the SWAT officers move away while others shoot the speeding vehicle with their rifles. The bullets past through the car, making the windows shatter and the orange body panels full of bullet marks. Luckily, none of the bullets got into the spies. The Pontiac made contact with a LVMPD Crown Victoria, damaging the left front of the Orange GTO and the rear of the Crown Victoria. The Pontiac then disappeared into the busy street.

"We lost them." One of the SWAT officers commented


The damaged Bright Orange 2005 Pontiac GTO Air Ram 6 Concept screeched infront of departure terminal 2. The doors opened. Sam, Clover and Douglas ran into the building while Alex took her x-powder from her pocket. She pressed a button and in a flash, the Bright Orange 2005 Pontiac GTO Air Ram 6 Concept changed to a Blue with white stripes 1998 Dodge Viper GTS. She closed the doors and ran to the airport.

Inside the airport, they ran straight to a travel agent. Inside, a blonde attractive woman dressed in purple was startled by their quick entrance. The room was filled with posters of cities from all over the world.

"Hi. I need a ticket Kuala Lumpur right now. It's an emergency."

"Kuala Lumpur!" The girls yelled. Wondering why he chose the city to be his destination

The blonde checked her computer and smiled. "The only flight is British Airways flight DC375 and it's about to leave in 5 minutes"

"Great, I'll take it"

The woman prepared the boarding pass and gave it to Doug. In return, Doug gave her all the money in his pocket before walking slowly to the Departure Gate. Douglas hugged the girls, holding his passport and boarding pass on his right hand.

"Thanks for your help guys"

"So what will you do while you're in Malaysia?" Sam asked

"Well, probably starts business and maybe buy the Petronas Twin Towers?"

"All passengers of British Airways flight DC375 to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia." A female voice sounded over the Public Address system "This is your final call."

Douglas gave Clover a light kiss before going to the Departure Gate. He showed the boarding pass to the officer, He took one last look and smiled before disappearing into the departure gate. Sam, Alex and Clover hugged and waved, tears of sadness rolled down from Clover's eyes. Sam and Alex put their arms around her neck and slowly walked out of the building.

The door slide opened as the spies step out from the building. LVMPD Police cars, Black WOOHP Suburban SUVs, and Black FBI Chevy Caprices were parked all over the one way street, causing a traffic jam behind. Police officers, FBI and WOOHP agents with the SWAT teams in their uniforms swamped the building. Searching for the wanted man. Clover was feeling very glum that her love of her life had ran far away. As they were walking back to the damaged Pontiac, duisged as a Dodge Viper, her 2 friends tried to comfort her.

"He's gone." Clover cried and bangs her fists on the hood of the Dodge Viper.

"You did the right thing." Sam puts her arm on her shoulder "After all, the Police, FBI and even WOOHP won't believe his story. So it's better to let him run free."

"Thanks guys" Clover let down a tear and hugged her best friends.

Tuesday, May 19th


It was late at night in the Malaysian capital. The roads were deserted except for a few parked cars and there was no one around the Petronas Twin Towers or the buildings around it. The roads were lightly lid by some old lamposts and the full moon. Almost covered by clouds on the beautiful night sky.

A red with a white top taxi drove on the road. It stopped in front of a motel right infront the world's tallest landmark. The Petronas Twin Towers. The rear left door opened. A man in a blue jacket, light denim jeans and trainers paid the fare before closing the door. As the taxi left, he entered the motel. Inside, the place looked worn out, the walls were still unpainted and filled with graffiti in Bahasa Malaysia. The man walks over to the reception table. A fat Malaysian man wearing a white t-shirt was sitting behind the table. He didn't mind the mess and spilled coffee on the table

"Room 347?" The man asked. His voice was familiar.

"Go up to the ND floor and turn to your right" The receptionists answered with a Malaysian accent

The man went up the creaking stairs and turned right. He looked at the door numbers and stopped when one of the old, worn down doors read 347. He turns the door knob and enters the room.

"Mr Douglas DeLorean. Nice to see you again."

It was Douglas, Clover's boyfriend. He started to frown and crosses his arms "What do you want now Abdul?"

"I've got a mission for you" He continued with a Malaysian accent. Remember the invisibility formula that was stolen a few months ago?"

"Yeah. Came out in the news"

"Well, It's now kept here. Right here."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Doug asked and raised one of his eyebrows

He walks over to the window and looks up to the top of the east Petronas Towers "You see, there's a safe on top floor of the East Petronas Tower. And it's kept in one of the vaults"

"I see.." Douglas smiled evilly. He had a plan.


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