Chapter 1 Bullet Holes

She raced down the narrow alleyways her heart racing as the rain pelted on her back. Her breathing began to become labored as she tried to tug her sister behind her. "DEMI! Don't you dare stop now!" She yelled behind her.

Demeter's lungs began to burn as she forced one foot after another the constant pounding of feet on the pavement. She watched as her sister Eris raced ahead, normally by now she would of thrown in the towel and let the men chasing her have their way. Eris would not let that happen. Demeter, or to her Demi was her only friend left in the world. Demeter watched her sister run, she always had admired the way her sister never gave up. Eris long hair flowed down her shoulders now completly drenched. A voice rather close behind her yelled "There right ahead. Get the Millenium Items!"

All of a sudden Demeter felt a harsh tug on her arm as her twin pulled her in to a dark alleyway the first thing she did was drag her behind a dumpster and put a cold hand over her mouth. As hard as she tried Demeter couldn't still her breathing, she wasn't used to this kind of thing. Life wasn't fair for her, not even able to get over their parents deaths before some pshycos were chasing them down. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she was reminded of only moments earlier.

Demeter walked into the Wheeler family mansion. "MOM! DAD! Guess what? Mr. Jackson loved the outfit I designed!" She strolled into the kitchen and threw down her art portfolio on the marble counter tops. She raised an eyebrow surprised her mom hadn't come down to dote upon her. "Must be in the shower." she mumbled. Looking at her reflection in the refrige. Her dark brown hair was angled to be short in the front while longer in the back. She really enjoyed this new style, at least it was different from her sisters. No more worring about being mixed up with Eris. Though it wasn't as if she minded, but Eris wasn't to fond of it. She looked in her own green eyes, as she went to pull the door open.

Suddenly a vase crashing was heard upstairs. "MA?" She yelled slamming the door. It was very unlike her mother to be clumsy. "You okay?" ... No Response.

Demeter tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear, as she walked carefully into the hall. "Mom..." She asked softer something was deffinately wrong. There was a shuffle upstairs and then it was completely silent. There was an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach as she began to ascend the stairs. Her hand on the mahogany rail steadied her. Reaching the top of the stairs she paused. The hallway leading to the bedrooms was dark and it looked suddenly to her like it went on forever. Listening intently she waited for any indication that her mom was in one of the many rooms on the second floor.

'This is silly why am I so nervous? It's just mom or one of the maids moving around up here.' Rallying her self she crept silently toward the first door. Her parents room. She stopped with her hand resting on the door knob suddenly wishing she had waited for Eris to come home. With a slight tremor in her hand she turned it slowly opening the door quietly. The room was almost pitch black except for a small light on the bedside table.

Stepping in she closed the door behind her with a creek that had her wincing in spite of herself. The water in her parents joint bathroom was running she realised with a relieved sigh. All that drama for nothing. "Mommy?" She called in an annoyed voice walking to the door and ripping it open quickly. The room was so full of steam she could barely see at first until her eyes adjusted to it. All around the tiny circular room aroma therapy candles were lite filling the room with the fragrance of jasmin and citrus.

The huge bathtub which was placed in the middle of the room grabbed her attention. Her stomache gave an unpleasant jolt as she saw the drawn curtain. Her mother never drew the curtains. She always kept them open and as a little girl she would sneek in and sit at her mothers side while she sat in the bubbles just talking. And sometimes Eris would come with her but not any more. Eris hadn't come with her in a long time.

As a little kid Demeter had always loved the shower curtain it was so cute with it's little fishes lining the sides of it. Belatedly she noticed her hands were shaking as she reached up to pull aside the shower curtains. Lying in the tub was her worst fear realized. Her mother lay at the bottom blood seeping from both of her wrists the water was now blood red. She screamed in agony, How could her mother do this to herself? She quickly knelt next to the tub "MOM!" She grabbed her body and tried to lift her out of the water. She was soaking wet. Blood stained her once white shirt as she struggled with the body. Though she tugged as hard as she could the body barely budged, hot tears rolled down her face as she let go. There was a loud splash as her mother returned to the position she had died in, she sobbed loudly knowing fate had, had its way with her. Despite the cold truth she searched for the nonexistant pulse.

Demeter stood quickly wringing her hands at her sides. "911." she gasped backing up quickly. She ran towards the hallway phone her breathing laybored in panic.

"DEMETER!" Her gaze quickly shifted as she looked to see her father running to her. "My baby girl." he said in a relieved rush. He enveloped her in his reassuring arms, "Where is Eris!"

She looked into her father's fearful eyes. "Daddy what's happening!"

He grabbed her shoulders. "Find Eris then you and her take the Emergency money and fly to Domino City Japan! Do you understand me!"

The tears wouldn't stop as she tried to take in this new information. "Dad why? Mom's dead!"

He shook her gently. "I know! I have a brother in Japan you have a cousin named Joey Wheeler. Okay? Find him they will take care of you!"

Demeters voice raised as she began to become hysterical. "WHY!"

"GO!" he yelled as he pushed her in the direction of the steps. She took the steps two at a time as a man's voice was heard in the backround. "Times up old man! Either you hand over the earrings and the bracelet or you'll end up like your pretty little wife. Ya know we had a lot of fun with her before she died!" He laughed maliciously.

"Fuck you." was all her father said as he faced his death with dignity.

The burly man just grinned, " Ahahah. Wrong answer." and with that he shot him in the heart.

Demeters fingers unlocked the lock quickly as the man turned to see her. "There's another one!" He screamed. A shot was fired off as she ran for cover. As soon as she hit the pavement she slammed into Eris. "Damn it! WHO THE FUCK? Uh.. Demi?"

"RUN!" was all she could yell as a bullet rang off a nearby lamppost. Eris needed no more warning. Growing up in NewYork taught her one valueble lesson Time Is Of The Essence.

And that brought them to now. The men ran past, one of them yelled along the lines of "We cant let them escape." As soon as the last man was gone. Eris smirked, "They may be thugs but they sure were asses." She then turned to her sister. "So what did ya do steal some coke? Ya know if ya wanted it that bad ya should of asked me. At least I wouldn't get caught."

Demeter looked at her hands woefully.

Eris's eyebrow furrowed in worry. "What happened Demi?"

"Mom's dead..."

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