Blood Bonds

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Chapter 4 - My Goodies

"So is your house somewhere in this country?" Demeter questioned falling down in the dirt with an exaggerated sigh.

"Uh yeah why?" Joey frowned feeling a headache coming on, he just couldn't wait to see their reactions when they saw his house.

"Cause my feet hurt. And I'm sooo tired!" Demeter whined putting a hand to her head and fake swooning.

"Oh shut up ya frickin whiner!" Eris snapped kicking the nearest rock at her sisters head.

Demeter stood up with a flash rubbing the bump forming on her head. Then whispering into Joey's ear, "Eris gets grumpy late at night."

"I do not." Eris muttered. "Joey, what have you been up to lately?" Eris asked clearly just trying to make conversation. Joey could tell she was awkward.

"Eh? Uh, not much, ya know dueling in battle city and all that." He said rubbing the back of his neck. "I heard you won some championships?"

"Yeah, But the people in America are amateurs compared to some of the competition over here. I had been planning to make a visit down here for a while, I never had the chance."

"That sucks." He looked over to see Demeter standing practically on top of him. "How come you don't duel?"

They both watched as Demeter seems to think it over, "I just have never had really any desire to I suppose... I've always been really into fashion."

Joey nodded at that, "Oh yeah you would like my friend, Mai. She's a fashion expert!"

Demeter raised a brow at that, "Oh yeah, your right I would like to meet her."

He frowned, "Well uh, she's kinda on uh, a trip. But she'll be back soon."

Eris watched as they began walking into a rougher part of town entering in to a trailer park. (Dammit, if I would of know they were low on cash I wouldn't of bugged him. God, I can't very well say never mind.) Her shoulders sagged a bit more as she picked up the pace so she wasn't lagging as far behind.

A dog howled near by as a baby began to cry, looking over to see Demeter was totally oblivious to all of her surroundings. Soon the three teens had reached a small run down but surprisingly well cared for trailer.

"Well," Joey blushed refusing to look at them as he gestured with one arm at the tiny trailer that had been his home for as long as he really could remember or cared to for that matter. "This is the Wheeler estates ladies I hope you enjoy your stay and have a nice day."

Demeter burst out with nervous laughter as she took Joey's hand and tugged him inside, chatting about how she knew the most fabulous decorator. Eris stood outside for a few minutes staring after them. Demeter had taken that better then she had thought she would. The girl had grown up with money so she wasn't used to doing without it. Shaking her head and allowing one of her rare smiles to show on her face she stepped inside closing the door behind her. It was going to be a long year.

The next Day

"Joey! Joey! Come on Joe wake up it's time for school!" Tristan yelled banging on Joey's door impatiently as he Yugi and Tea stood outside, the other two looking distinctly uneasy with their surroundings.

"Tristan! Don't yell like that you'll wake up Joey's dad." Tea admonished him quietly.

"But were going to be late Tea!" Tristan cried moving to pound on the door again but his hand only encountered air as the door had been opened sometime during his rant about being late.

A girl with long dark hair stood there glaring at him one hand still on the door knob. What surprised Tristan and the others the most was that she was wearing the standard uniform for boys at Domino High, and she was clearly a girl judging from the way her shirt fit in the front.

"If you don't stop looking at me there I'll kick your ass." She growled cracking her knuckles ominously.

"Excuse me?" Tea cried looking affronted, "You shouldn't say that it's mean."

Eris paused as if in deep thought, "Yeah I suppose I shouldn't of killed that guy either huh?"

"Wh-what?" Tristan stammered tugging on his collar nervously as he backed up into a confused and slightly scared Yugi.

"Hey what's going on guys?" Joey asked walking up to stand next to Eris fixing his tie as best he could.

"Oh nothing your friend was just trying to stare at my goodies." Eris muttered turning to go back into the house to grab her bag and her sister too while she was at it, Demi was not an early riser.


"What no Joey I didn't mean to she just answered the door and she was there and I mean she was wow uh I'm not helping myself am I?" Tristan stuttered moving to try and hide behind Tea.

"Why you-"

"JOEY!" A singsong voice called as the dark haired girl from before danced into the room like she was on a permanent sugar high.

"How did you change so fast?" Tristan questioned eyes wide as he took in the now properly dressed girl in front of him.

Demeter hearing the new voice peeked around Joey's shoulder to gawk at the three standing outside. Her eyes landing on a confused Tristan and an even more confused Yugi before sliding back to Tristan and lighting up considerably.

"Hey your cute!" She cried pushing Joey out of the way to stand fully in the doorway.

"Wait but you just yelled at me!" Tristan said looking to Yugi for confirmation.

"Yelled? Me? I have no idea what your talking about. I'd never yell at such a cutie." She winked flirtatiously at him blowing him a kiss which had both him and Yugi blushing and Joey frowning dangerously.

"There you are you bum." Eris said stalking up behind to give Demeter a smack on her head. "Didn't you say you'd stop eating so many pixie sticks before school."

"Hmm. I don't think so." Demeter said latching onto Tristan's arm and staring up at him adoringly.

Tristan smirked attempting to smooth down his uh triangular uh hair (HC-got ya didn't we?).

"Wait there's two of you?" Tea frowned looking back and forth between the two.

"Oh wow we have a smart one right here." Eris smirked giving Tea a jaunty little salute that turned into a rather offensive gesture when she wasn't looking.

"Uh yeah their twins." Joey said rubbing his temples they'd only been here for like a night and he was already developing a permanent migraine.

"Twins?" Yugi echoed looking like he was feeling a bit queasy.

Eris frowned thoughtfully at Yugi making him gulp loudly and take a step back.

"Yugi Motou right?"

"Yeah." Yugi smiled albeit a bit unsurely taking the offered hand she presented him with.

"Eris Wheeler."

"Oh the famous duelist from America. Your Joey's cousin?" Yugi said excitedly. "Are you here for the new tournament?"

"What? What new tournament?" Joey questioned.

"Oh I didn't tell you?" Yugi asked then proceeded to tell him exactly what his grandfather had told him, Tristan and Tea.

"God! Not more dueling! Why does the world hate me!" Demeter cried over dramatically.

"That's okay babe I don't duel either so you and I can hang out together." Tristan said trying and failing to be smooth.

Demeter stopped took one look at his hair and stepped quickly away from him with a pointed look, "Uh sorry but I haven't had THAT many pixie sticks yet hun."

The distant sound of bells ringing caught Tea's attention and she turned frantically to Yugi.

"Oh no were going to be late! I've never been late a day in my life! I can't be late today." Tea cried grabbing Yugi's hand and pulling him along after her.

Everyone else was left to stare after the rapidly disappearing pair in wonder and one in disgust.

Eris shook her head muttering something along the lines of "people like her make me sick."

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