Seven hundred thousand years ago…

Finally, after a thousand years of war, they had it.

The vertex of magical warfare.

The epitome of magical mastery.

The most dangerous invention ever devised by humanity.

The Weapon of Atlantis.

The Tersan Anthrias.

And they used him.

( 0 0 0 )

He had no limit.

He had no morals.

He had only his orders.

A perfect engine of destruction.

The Governors were proud.

Claws of raw magical power ripped across oceans and continents, tearing apart the atmosphere. The Weapon walked across the world, light streaming from him all the way out across the galaxy into the vast depths of the universe.

What began as a quest for world unification had escalated into a war for the right of power over the world. With the Weapon on their side, Atlantis was infallible.

Over the course of a mere decade, the Weapon easily defeated the united countries of the world and brought them together under the power of the Atlantis.

With the conclusion of the war, the Weapon created six avatars embodied with great amounts of his own power.

Four controlled the fundamental powers of existence. Two were never seen.

The four avatars brought the Weapon's power over the entire world with their own unique branch of power given to them by the Weapon.

The world was at peace for over a thousand years until Eslagard, the pacifist nation with unrivaled defensive power, broke away from Atlantian authority and sealed itself from the rest of the world.

It was believed that this simple rebellion could have been easily resolved.

No one knew that this event would mark the fall of the most power civilization to ever exist on the face of the earth.

The Weapon itself lead a force against the nation, waiting for three days for his forces to destroy the nation's shield before taking to the front line himself.

Eslagard fell quickly, its ruling family killed by the Weapon itself. The young prince of Eslagard was captured and taken by the Weapon to the capital of Atlantis, the nameless citadel of the governors. He was never heard from again.

In the last remaining magical records regarding Atlantis, it is said that the nation vanished in a brilliant display of power that overwhelmed the light of the sun. The overflow of power that destroyed Atlantis swept over the world, taking with it the great nations that once fought it.

All that remained were the primitive human tribes left on the farthest corners of the world.

The Weapon was left alone, homeless, without someone to command him. Somehow, in the destruction of the city, he had lost nearly all his memory. He was left to wander the vast lands of the world for nearly half a million years before finally returning to the slowly recovering human society.

By this time, there was no living person who possessed the knowledge of the existence of the Weapon. Atlantis had become so lost in the past it was now shrouded in myth, its only proof of existing came from the greatest wizard that ever lived: Merlin, who had once seen the city while traveling through time. He had tried returning to the city, but the damage to the timestream was so severe that it was impossible to travel back.

The Weapon, now calling himself Tersan Anthrias, had no memory of his origins, nor of the full extent of his powers. With all his avatars scattered save for one, Tersan Anthrias could only wander aimlessly among magical societies.

One day, he stumbled upon a magical castle, built by the four greatest sorcerers of the time: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. Here, Tersan Anthrias thought he could finally rest in peace and wait for his avatars to return. However, his wish was short lived.

A group of magic-hating muggles had sided with radical wizards who hated the four founders of Hogwarts for bringing their power over the land. Together, they launched a violent attack against the school that lead to the deaths of hundreds of students and the near death of Godric Gryffindor, who single-handedly held back the murderous wizards from the rest of the surviving students.

Seeing the power of the founders waver, Tersan Anthrias left his quiet room from where he had been observing in the castle and entered the battle. Though he was using only a meager fraction of his true powers, Tersan's actions horrified the founders so much that they finally decided that Tersan had to be sealed away from the rest of the world for the sake of all other life.

Years later, after Tersan had sent away his sole remaining avatar to search for the others, the founders launched their attack. Caught off guard, Tersan Anthrias succumbed to their power and was sealed away inside the castle itself, within the Chamber of Isolation.

The founders told no other living soul of this and knew that the Chamber could only be opened from the outside with all four of their powers combined. Though they hoped that Tersan would be kept safely away from the prying eyes of the world forever, they would never know the magnitude of what had been set in motion that very day…