Shaman Idol

by Clarinet Koko

Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King. ;;

Completely AU fic, although Shamans and spirits DO exist. Fic inspired while watching the news. They were going on the news how Pak Yonha or something was doing this tour thing on the special express for a special 300 people in Japan. o.o; So I thought, hey, why not Ren as our idol? D

"Are you even listening to me, Pirika?"

The girl in question blinked, looking up at her friend Tamao's face. "What?"

She sighed gustily, rolling her eyes. "Oh, nevermind. Tell me what you seemed so preoccupied about."

"I'm trying to figure out how to pay for the damned door and window my brother just ran over again and the plane ticket to Tokyo."

Tamao raised an eyebrow. "You're brother ran over someones door and window?"

"Yes. As if the stupid vase wasn't enough. And that old lady with the lawsuit. We'll be living on the streets before we know it."

Yes, her stupid oniichan just had to break things all over the place with his stupid snowboard. Before, her brother had been taking care of these problems by himself secretely, but it turned out that he was running out of money from paying for all those window panes he'd broken. Which was why he'd resorted to calling home. She'd nearly blown a capillary when she had first found out.

So every once in a while, Pirika would have to send some money over to her oh-so-sweet oniichan, so he could resume his normal life and not get beaten up into jail, or somewhere equally appaling.

But now? He apparently needed her help in Tokyo, since he had run into a particulary nasty rich family. The kind who were so snobby and annoying and had a thing about vases and portraits.

"But Pirika," Tamao said, grinning in a manner that did not match Pirika's mood at all. "You don't need a plane ticket to Tokyo."

"What am I going to do then? Walk over by foot?"

"Remember the contest I entered? The Ren one?"

A few weeks ago, Tamao had been showing her a cut of from her favorite magazine... Of the famous chinese idol, Ren Tao. Apparently she was quite crazy about him now, now that she had finally given up on Yoh Asakura ("I mean, I've got to face reality... He has Anna-san as a fiance, and I know he likes me as a friend and all, but it is so obvious he loves her."). Although, in Pirika's opinion, the chinese superstar was much more far away then Yoh.

And beneath that glossy picture of him, was a small form and an advertisement. 'Win a pair plane trip from Hokkaido to Tokyo with Ren Tao! Limited to 150 pairs.' Could there be anymore of a perfect chance? Of course the Ren fanatic just had to enter...

"Well, I GOT IN!"

...and win.

"You won? Out of those millions of people?"

Tamao puffed out her chest proudly. "Yes. So you can come with me to Tokyo, and rescue your brother for free. Plus, we get to meet REN TAO!"

Obviously, Pirika had no interest in this 'Ren Tao'. She was just participating because she needed to. In her opinion, those TV stars were a bunch of snobs who just happened to be cuter then the rest of the people, and got paid to just stand there and look pretty. Pathetic.

"Oh, Tamao, how can I thank you?" Pirika gushed. This was one problem solved, obviously. Now there was only the problem of how to pay for the door and window. She could look into her college money, maybe. She never meant to go to college, anyway... But one thing was clear: There was no money left in her brothers account. Why else would he be calling? It wasn't like he needed much money regularly, of course. He was safe in the hands of Yoh back in Funbari-ga-oka, staying and eating for free at the 'En'. It had obviously been used up paying for other peoples door.

...Which, come to think of it, she would need to majorly thank Yoh and Anna-san for. How much money her brother would cost for food alone, she shivered to even think about.

"When are we going, by the way?"

Her friend took out a small envelope from her pocket. "Um, let me see... It says March 22. Hey, wait a minute, isn't it the 21st today?"



"Um, I guess."

"How am I supposed to find enough money to pay for my stupid oniichan by TOMORROW?"

Tamao gave her a meek look. "Um, just... find some?"

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she snapped, trying to conjure a plan fast enough so they would be in time for tomorrow.

"Oh, but it leaves the port at 11, and we'll get there at 1. So I don't think we'll have to hurry too much."

Instead, she recieved a withering glare. "Of course we have to hurry. Have you packed? What about your clothes? What about a place to stay?"

She shrugged. "Nope. Haven't packed. I'll pack the moment I get home. And I'm sure Yoh will let us stay at the 'En'."

It was all Pirika could do to keep herself from giving her friend a disgusted look. "Oh, whatever. Well, shoo, Tamao, go pack!"

"Meet me tomorrow at the Sapporo Airport Station at 9, okay?" Tamao said brightly, handing her one of the tickets. "The JR line, don't forget!"

She turned to left, but Pirika just had to thank her best friend one last time. "I'll never be able to pay you back, Tamao. You rule!" Pirika said, hugging Tamao. She in return hugged her back and laughed lightly. "Anything for my friend. And it was just luck, too. Even if you hadn't needed to go to Tokyo, I would have invited you, you know."

'And I wouldn't have gone with you.' she silently thought. Not that she was going to say it out aloud... she didn't want to hurt her friends feelings. And it wasn't Tamao's fault Pirika had a thing about TV stars.

"I'm sure we'll have the best time of our lives, Pirika, I promise!" she gushed, and after one last smile, Tamao skipped away out of Pirika's door, looking like she was the worlds most happiest girl.

Pirika really wished she could feel happy about it, too.


"Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod, Pirika, Ren Tao is riding that airplane!"

Tamao was busy squealing in her ear as Pirika, on the otherhand, dully inspected her own ticket. "We're riding the Tao Private Jet instead of the regular airplanes?"

"Of course! Ren-sama is a very important person, he won't ride anything but his private jets."

Great. Snob trait #1. Don't ride anything normal people ride.

"And why is he inviting 300 people on his private jet?"

"Well, the article said that he wanted to thank the Japanese fans for being so supportive of him, so he decided to show his thanks by inviting a special 150 pairs to his jet, and entertain them. He's going to tour around the jet, Pirika! WE'RE GOING TO SEE HIM UP CLOSE!"

A blank look. "So?"

Tamao looked absolutely appaled at Pirika's reply. "So? SO? Noone doesn't know him, Pirika, and everyone wants to see him live! Fans are desperate! Did you know people were offering 1,000,000 yen (roughly 10,000 dollars is US) for one of these tickets?"

1000000 yen? That could pay off for a new door and a window, plus buy a few brand new snowboards! She stared at the tickets in her hand, now seeing them in an all new light. 100000 yen...

No. Must get a grip. Do not think of selling these tickets to passerbys. Do not think of a new snowboard, or the prospect of not having to work part time all day just to pay off for a new door, or not having to ride a jet full of screaming noisy fangirls.

"Look, they've opened the gates!" Tamao squealed yet again, and was now pulling her hard towards the gate. "I want to get a glimpse of him before-"

They were immediately run over by a hoard of screaming fangirls, all heading towards the gateway. The Japanese policemen looked astonioshed as they tried to stop them from entering at the same time. The whole waiting area was filled with a deafening roar of the Ren Tao fans, all chanting one word: "REN! REN! REN!"

And they were going to ride in the same plane for two hours with those people?

Hello, hell.

"I'm beginning to have second thoughts. What about you, Tamao?" Pirika asked sweetly, cocking her head towards the hoard by the gateway.

Tamao looked dazed as well, staring at the screaming crowd. "W-wow... I-I never thought..."

"Please, calm down, and calmly line up in a single line- no entry for people who do not have tickets!" the guards were shouting, but it was as good as useless. Everyone was scrambling towards the entry with only one sole person in mind.

The guard must have been fed up with them, since he suddenly roared, "EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE A TICKET AND TRIES TO ENTER WILL BE ARRESTED!"

The roar diminuished slightly, but everyone who did have tickets were scrambling to get there first.

"W-well, I guess we better line up..." Tamao said faintly, clutching her small traveling bag tightly to herself. Pirika was seriously doubting her decision of agreeing to come to this crazy fan ride.

But really, did she have a choice? It was her only chance to save a bit of money. Her oniichan needed her. Think of oniichan. Think of Yoh. Do not think of screaming raging fangirls.

Despite the uncontrollable crowd, the two did manage to break in, after the guard gave their tickets a critical look. After being smashed and pushed and shoved, of course.

"Tamao," Pirika said in a flat tone. "I'm tired already."

Tamao was panting slightly as well, once they were inside the cool hall leading to the inside. "M-me too..."

They didn't have a chance to talk, since a particularly snobby looking attendance headed over to them and glared. "Tickets." She said in a mean voice, extending a hand. The girls both quickly scrambled to get their tickets as they handed over to her. After examining it critically as well, she said in an even meaner voice, "Go straight, seat 24A and 24B."

Pirika sighed and accepted their tickets. "C'mon, I want to sleep..."

But it was clear that she would not be getting any sleep here. The roar inside the jet was even louder and tremendous then the lobby. Girls were excitedly leaping up and down from their seats, scanning the area for their chinese idol.

Even more pathetic. And loud. Headache-ingly loud.

"...This is giving me a migraine."

Tamao gave her a worried look. "I'm so sorry, Pirika, I didn't think it would so- so loud!"

Loud? That had to be the understatement of the year. Try crazy.

After about 10 minutes trying to wade through the hoard, they finally found just two lone empty seats waiting for them. It was almost a miracle how there were still two seats that were vacant in the midst of the crazy atmostphere. Even after sitting safely in their seats, it was almost impossible to catch sleep on the plane that was almost exploding with sound. Pirika almost hated Tamao for winning those stupid tickets at that moment.

"Welcome to the private Tao jet, please take a seat and fasten your seatbelts. It would also make it easier for Ren-sama to go around longer and faster if it is quiet around the plane."

The effect was instantaneous. The jet was plunged into immediately silence. Pirika couldn't believe she was sitting in the same jet she had been sitting in a second ago. The things they did for drama stars...

Silence was maintained for the first few minutes of the flight as they were all ordered to fasten their seatbelts. However, normal chit-chat between the girls resumed soon and it almost seemed like a normal plane ride. Almost.

Stupid headache. Stupid migraine. Stupid people.

"Tamao, I'm going to go wash my face..." Pirika mumbled, and immediately got up from her seat. Tamao gave her a worried look. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry about this, Pirika... You were right, we should have come on a normal plane."

She just gave a sigh in return. "Whatever, Tamao." Although it did make her feel guilty about acting so cold towards her best friend who had managed to snag plane tickets to Tokyo for free, she was just plain tired.

Pirika made her way through the aisle, looking around for the restroom. But the nearest two had lines so long, they would probably arriving at Tokyo before she got even near the restrooms.

So there was only one other choice: go look for another restroom towards the front of the plane, which was labeled private. Where, it was rumoured, the Ren Tao was residing.

Oh, joy.

Sighing, she crept towards the door that seperated the front and back part of the plane. It seemed like it occured to none of the fangirls to go and find the great ones room, but that didn't really matter.

The compartment like door slid silently closed, and Pirika quickly scanned the hallway. It sure didn't seem like the inside of a plane here. More like the inside of an expensive hotel. But Pirika only needed to use the restroom quick- and then she was going to get the hell out of there.

Bingo. A door with the restroom mark was right in front of her, just a few steps away...

But she gave an almighty shriek as she caught sight of the bulky formed spirit, which had suddenly appeared from nowhere. The spirit looked equally stunned as Pirika fell over right on her butt out of surprise.

"You can see me?" The spirit asked, still looking stunned.

Pirika seemed incapable of speech for a second, staring at the spirit of a warrior.

"Why the hell is there a dead spirit in this brand new plane?" she said, suddenly in an even more fouler mood. This was one heck of a ride, that was for sure.

The spirit, on the contrary, looking excited, said, "So you can see me? I must tell bocchama about this!"

"Bocchama? Who's bocchama?"

But the weird spirit was already flying towards his master to report this exciting news... Pirika was really beginning to regret trying to come and find a bathroom up near the Private Lounge range, where the legendary 'Ren Tao' was rumoured to be staying at, since no one was allowed to enter except the staff. It also bothered her that a spirit like that happened to be haunting the all new private ship to Tokyo.

So naturally, her first instinct was to run away back to good old 'economy' class where the famous Ren Tao would be visiting last... not that she was looking forward to it. Why coudn't they just have taken a nice, normal plane instead of one with a famour idol on it, bringing along 300 other screaming, screeching fans? Or better yet, a simple ship?

Granted, it was free. Which helped, since she was nearly broke after paying up for all the damage her idiot brother caused.

Whether she was lucky Tamao had won it for free, or unlucky that she had to ride back to Tokyo from Hokkaido without the help of sleep during the ride, she still didn't know.

"Miss, this is a private part of the plane; Tao-sama will be touring shortly, so it would help if you returned to your compartment."

Pirika whirled around to be met by an attendance giving her the evil eye. "Uh, yeah, I was just, um, looking for the bathroom." She mumbled, stumbling backwards, and ran to the nearest door.

"Hey, wait a-"

She didn't turn around to meet the attendance as she slammed the door shut and leaned against the door, her heart thumping.

This was so not turning into an enjoyable plane trip.

And it only had to turn for the worse when she heard a familiar voice... the familiar voice she was so used to hearing on those popular Chinese dramas, and on the news.

"Who the hell are you, and what do you want?"

Pirika slowly raised her eyes... to be met by the golden eyes belonging to the chinese idol, Ren Tao.

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