Chinese Idol

Chapter 4: Countdown

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9:46. 14 minutes 'till date time.

It was a lost cause, anyway. There was no freaking way she could go to Kichijoji in less than 30 minutes, and she'd also stuck all her proper clothes in the washing machine yesterday (on purpose), so all she had right now was the pink lollipop pajama she was currently wearing. And everyone knew that people at Kichijoji wore those dreadful cosplay dresses, looking like old-fashioned maids from old horror movies. Or so one of her friends in Hokkaido had informed her, after watching a Tokyo tour show on TV.

Yawning, she sunk down lower on the beaten up old sofa and flicked on the TV. On the right-hand corner of the screen, it reminded her that there were only 11 more minutes in big red numbers. Feeling annoyed at the Wake Up News channel, she quickly changed the channel and stopped at an old rerun of the 'Prince of Tennis'.

Feeling extremely confused and slightly annoyed, she squinted at the screen desperately trying to understand why the hell Kirihara's eyes were red. Tennis matches were confusing.


She ignored the voice, and continued staring at the screen as if hypnotized by the unrealistic tennis moves. Was that even possible to do in real life?

"I-it's almost 10, don't you have to go...?"

Unconsciously, her eyes flickered toward the digital clock set on the small tea table. 9:57. 3 more minutes. It figured; the show had ended, and it was running an annoying ending song. She hated beginning and ending songs.

Tamao gave a small uneasy cough. "Pirika, it's practically 10 now... You better get ready fast, or Ren-sama will be very angry at you."

So? She had to bite her tongue to refrain from saying it out loud. Who cared if he got mad and burst a vein or two? It would just be an added bonus. And besides, she had already told her best friend yesterday night that she had no plans to go to Kichijoji. It could be some kind of assault, for goodness sakes. She might be abducted, and taken directly to China to a forced marriage... The evil lord Ren would laugh maliciously and trap her in a dungeon with no communication, and oniichan and Tamao would mourn for her, thinking she was already dead... Oh, poor poor Pirika!

Another careless glance at the clock. 30 seconds. Maybe, if she was lucky, he wasn't that serious after all, and would let her off the hook. And then he could find a more willing, pretty bitch to marry and leave her the hell alone.

10 seconds. 9 seconds. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2...

A small, quiet electronic buzzing sound filled the room, and it sure wasn't coming from the Fullmetal Alchemist show currently running on TV.

Silence, as Tamao stared at the shaking cellphone sitting on the coffee table. Pirika was trying very hard to ignore it, staring at Ed and that weird robot thingie running through an alley. Oh, look, he formed a wall!

"...Aren't you going to answer it?"

Her hand did stretch towards the small machine, but instead of flipping it open Pirika threw it towards the wall, an evil crack echoeing through the room. The shaking stopped immediately.

Suddenly, another phone began to ring- En's customer service phone. Pirika would bet all her belongings that it was Ren. Good lord, how did he even know that she was staying at the En?

Anna entered the room, wearing an old white robe. "Why didn't you pick it up?" She said, giving them the evil eye.

The reciever was picked up before Pirika could try and stop her. But perhaps letting Anna answer his stalkerish calls was a good idea.

"Hello, minshuku En, may I help you?"

Anna calmly listened to the other end of the line, her expression still blank. Pirika feverently hoped that she wouldn't remember yesterday's conversation and invite him to the En.

However, Pirika shouldn't have worried, because Anna calmly placed the phone back on the reciever, a voice still ranting on. With a final click, the phone was returned to it's righful spot and the mistress walked out of the room looking slightly annoyed. She gave them a final glance, and waved. "Have you eaten breakfast?"

Indeed, a pleasant aroma was wafting in from the kitchen, depite the late time. It was probably Ryu's second time making breakfast today; her brother and Yoh weren't the type to wake up early. And since she hadn't eaten either, it would be fun joining in on the brunch he was preparing. Ryu made lovely fried fish.

Feeling suddenly free, she stretched out and turned off the TV. Tamao was still standing uneasily at the doorway, fiddling her fingers.

"Pirika, really..."

"Why, it's such a sunny day, I think I'll go take a peek outside."

It was the worst mistake she could ever make. She stepped outside in her pajamas, shielding her eyes and marvelling at the not very clean pond. The backyard of the En was connected to the front door as well, and she could hear excited voices outside. Guests, perhaps?

Feeling the need to help out the sales at the En, she skipped towards the entrance to welcome in the new guests. In her pajamas, but that would probably make a more at-home accent, wouldn't it?

However, as she neared, she saw that it was not new guests producing the voice but old guests and some random passerbys, aweing at the long black limo parked outside the shabby En.

Oh god, please, no.

She whirled around, feeling strangely nervous as she got ready to run for her life and back into the En, when a familiar sexy voice stopped her.

"Nice clothes."

Her pajamas. The Bastard was staring at her in her pajamas! Everyone was now staring at her curiously, and her face was slowly turning redder by the second. Her body wouldn't move as she stood there, stock still, although her mind screamed for her to run, run, far away from him.

"I assume you slept in, eh, Pirika dear?"

He grabbed her wrist, examining her from head to toe, taking in her messy hair and crinkled pajama. People were staring, and they were beginning to recognize Ren. She was sure she heard a 'Ren-sama' in there somewhere.

She was going to get eaten by the crowd again. No fangirl mobs again. Please. She needed to talk to him somewhere alone and knock some sense into him. And convince him that she was not going to marry him.

Pirika finally seemed to regain control of her legs, and so she quickly pulled Ren into the En, running past a sleepy looking Yoh and a bewildered Ryu. Her room would be a good, quiet, place to talk. If he didn't try and jump her.

"I'm happy to know that you finally realized what you want, but suddenly taking me to your room to make out might be a little sudden for an unexperienced girl like you-"


"-OW, that was so not necessary, Piri-chan-"


"You call me Piri-chan again, and I will throw you out the window, got it?"

Ren scowled, rubbing his sore head. "Violent girl. That better be the last time you hit me, or I'll sic my lawyers on you. Who I am sure you are friendly with, thanks to your snowboarding crazed brother."

That infuriating bastard. How dare he bring her brother up?

The door clicked shut as Pirika hauled Ren in, quickly locking the door. She did not need Horohoro walking in on them, or random fangirls following them in. The chinese star, however, seemed amused as he took in his surroundings. There wasn't much, since it was one of the guest rooms and Pirika had only brought one small duffel bag which she still hadn't unpacked.

She placed her hands on her hips, glaring at the smirking idol. But he was the first to speak up, in a lofty tone as if nothing was his fault. "So may I ask why you didn't show up today?"

"In case you don't remember, it was a one-sided planning and I never agreed, did I?"

"Yes you did, although it isn't as if you had any choice in that matter. I trusted you, you know."

Trust? He was talking about trust?

"I don't get why you aren't more thrilled that you get to breath the same air I'm breathing in." He raised an eyebrow. "Oh, wait, are you a lesbian? I knew it. You like that pink haired girl, don't you? Because that would really explain your resistance with my charms-"



A thick book sailed past Ren's pointy head and slammed into the wall, nearly making a dent. She glared hard at him, and thus the staring contest began. Blue eyes verse yellow. Pirika shivered slightly. The intensity was getting to her. She finally looked away, and feeling pissed off about losing to this childish game, she picked up a random ruler lying around and hurled it towards him. She hoped it poked his eye out.

The second clank was never heard; of course well-trained superman Ren was able to catch it with his superb reflexes. The ruler was carelessly tossed back to her, and she let it fall to the floor. And all of a sudden, she felt immensely tired.

"Get out. Get out of my room."

Ren just smirked, leaning against the wall. "I will, if you come with me."

She wanted nothing more then to see his cold dead corpse lying on the road beneath her window. "Out, out, out, OUT-"

He rolled his eyes at her, as if dealing with a child. "But geez, Pirika, you brought me in here-"

This was true, but her anger meter had obviously passed it's limit and bursting a vein really hurt. She had no patience to convince him of anything; perhaps it would have been possible, if there were a few thousand kilo and an ocean between them. The miracle of internets and telephones, if only he used them too.

But then he had turned his back on her, calmly opening the door. He waved a hand at her with a secretive smile on his face. "If you want me out that much, I suppose I'll go. See you, Pirika."

Pirika could only gawk at the door as it clicked shut. Well... That was good. She could calm down now. But why had Ren suddenly changed his mind-?

An image of Tamao screaming at the sight of her dream man and Horohoro witnessing Ren coming out of her room flashed through her brain.



"HEY! That's- that's MY SISTERS ROOM!"

How come all the rooms were connected to the rec room? What happened to the halls? Even ancient houses had halls in them. The En really needed a makeover.

Pirika was out in a flash, desperately thinking of some way to salvage the situation which could seriously not get any worse. At the rec room, Ren was standing arrogantly in front of Horohoro, crossing his arms and looking as confident as ever, even with her brother glaring at him with his evilest glare.

"And what were you," Horohoro said fiercely, poking him in the chest sharply, "Doing in my little sister's room? Even I'm not allowed in there!"

He smirked, and turned his eyes to Pirika instead while talking to Horohoro. "I have permission; we're engaged, you see."

He'd done it again. The casually uttered e-word that could cause distructure absolutely anywhere by anyone. It took a second for Horohoro to register what he had just said, his eyes slowly widening in disbelief before throwing back his head and laughing like a maniac.

"You? Engaged with my sister? You wish." After his laughter had died away, his expression suddenly turned scary as he snarled at him, "And you aren't to lay a finger on her, because Pirika is off-limits to everyone, and you aren't any exception. Now walk straight out the door and never darken our doorway again, you hear?"

"Well, it was actually Piri-chan over there," Ren stressed the 'chan' oh so lovingly and wickedly continued, "Who pulled me into her room and locked the door."

Two pairs of eyes' whipped back towards here disbelievingly.

"I-I- Well, you're lying. Pirika doesn't do those kind of things without my permission. Right, Pirika?" Horohoro defensively wrapped his arms around her shoulder and pulled her away from him, still glaring wolf-like at Ren.

She should just tell the truth, explain everything that had happened in the cursed jet and about the phonecall- but somehow, seeing Ren's confident smirk directed at her and her brother, instinct told her that it probably wouldn't go at all well and Ren would probably hitch up another ridiculous fib that would make her at fault. Tread carefully around the tiger; although the tiger already had its fangs poised at her neck.

Oh, who cared if she lied to her brother again? She was probably going to end up in hell anyway, for being in debt so much. "He's just- just a friend of mine, from Hokkaido. He's a real flirt, you see, but we're all used to it now. Just ignore him."

Of course he wouldn't back down so easily. Both he's.

"Hold on a moment, Pirika-"

"Is that a way to treat your fian- OUCH!"

Pirika smiled sweetly at her brother. "He's delusional, so don't worry about him. I'm going to go send him off on a plane to Chi- Hokkaido now, okay, oniichan?" She desperately tried to send a telepathic message to Tamao with her eyes, to take away Horohoro. Tamao seemed to have understood, and pulled lightly on his arm.

"H-Horohoro-kun, I think brunch might be ready now. I heard Ryu is making fish and pancakes."

His ears perked up at the words 'pancake' and 'fish', but glared accusingly back at Ren again. "Well, if you're leaving, I'm not objecting. Pirika, do you really have to accompany him? I don't want to leave you alone with a delusional guy."

"Nothing to worry about, oniichan! I'll be back as soon as possible, so leave me pancakes, okay?"

Thank god for her brother's love for food. "Okay, then. And you, if I find out that you've laid a finger on my sister, you'll wish you'd never been born, you hear?"

And Horohoro ran to the kitchen, yelling "PANCAKES!" Again, Pirika was glad her brother had an obsession for food.

Fingers wrapped around her wrist and tugged her towards the door. "Now that we're clear, let's continue our date, shall we? After you've, ah, dressed. Although I think you look absolutely flattering in pink."

Aha. "I don't have any clothes. They're in the washing machine, and I don't have anything else." She mustered up the most apologetic smile she could manage, but it only turned out looking like a smug smile. "So I guess I can't go out today with you; wouldn't want the great Ren-sama seen with a random girl in pajamas, would we?"

"You only bought one set of clothes? Are you really a girl?"

Pirika crossed her arms. "I like to travel light. So, my favorite pancakes are waiting for me. See ya, Ren-sama."

He caught her wrists again. "I'm not letting you go." He snarled. "You can wear my sister's clothes, and we'll go to Kichijoji for some shopping. I'll pay. Happy?"

"But I'm hungry."

Obnoxious, self-centered woman... "I'll take you to ALLT GOTT. Swedish. Happy?"

"I don't want heavy food. I want McDonalds."

Ren was horrified. McDonalds? He'd never stepped foot into McDonalds! But seeing her devilish smile, he could only sigh and nod. "Fine. McDonalds it is. Happy?"

The Ainu girl nodded enthusiastically and latched onto him arm. "Happy!" She chirped happily. She was going to make his day hell.

End chapter 4. Where the hell did I get ALLT GOTT from? My Nikkei Best Restaurant Guide 2006. >D It only has expensive shops. Perfect for our Ren-sama. And it even has a Kichijoji section. Hahahaha.