A wicked Tale

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Summary: AU (I think?), no vampires, all are human. Deception, lies and betrayal. Angelus sees something he wants and he will get it no matter what the cost.

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Chapter 1

Angelus always got what he wanted. He was filthy rich, very powerful and total hotti. He had the way with the ladies, being rich and handsome made him quit the assets.

He ran his grandfather company "Wolfram & Hart" and by the age of 34 were the C.E.O of one of the most respective and wealthy law firm in the United State.

Needless to say that his life were always smooth and easy, he never faced any real problem in life, everything handed to him on a silver plate but he wasn't a fool. He worked hard enough for his company and he had the brain as well.

Angelus O'Connor was known for his ruthless and tough businesses. He made deals and for most parts with the upper hand.

Of course the way he looked only tribute to his all manner, his black spiked hair, broad shoulders and tanned muscled body.

He didn't want to get married although his girlfriend Nina wanted too so bad. They were dating for three years now and that was a very long time even for him. They met in a charity ball, she came with his associate and they connected immediately, of course during that night he connected with several women but she was nice enough for him. She was very pretty with her blond curled hair, her blue eyes and charming smile, sex was good and she was very funny and intelligence but it wasn't it. There was something missing, he wanted to stay faithful for her but he couldn't. Angelus knew it was a lousy excuse but it was the truth, the one he was willing to admit to himself.

It was on June when W & H entertained the Halloween party at their firm, inviting all of the employees and their wives or dates.

Few days before the party Dawn knocked on Angelus door softly waiting for a permission to enter.

"Yes, Dawn, come in".

Dawn smiled and quickly entered his office. He was sitting in front of the broad window watching the nightfall.

"Um…Angelus, Mr. Bergman secretary said that he will have to reschedule, something about family emergency but he will most defiantly will meet you at the Halloween party. The flowers for Nina arrived to her house just about…" she glanced at her watch, "now and I am leaving for today".

"O.K Dawn, thank you. Ah…are you coming with Xander to the party?"

Dawn smiled and gave him her duh look.

"Yes, sure, I'll see you there with your gorgeous girl" she winked and closed the door.

Angelus sighed and continue going through the files when Dawn opened his door again…" Sorry Angelus, I forgot to tell you that Mr. Fin is here…" when he gave her the confused look she smirked, "the new wonder boy?"

"o.k., show him in".

Dawn closed the door and after several minutes Mr. Fin went in. He looked to Angelus like someone who just finished high Scholl although his record showed differently. He looked again at the file in front of him; Riley Fin, age 24, finished Harvard as the top of his class, considered to be a wonder boy, engage to Buffy Ann Summers, age of 18. Angelus stopped to think about this information, 18? Well that's too young to get engaged but who is he to interfere?

"Sit down Mr., Fin".

Riley set quickly, a bit frightened to be in the same room with this intimidating man.

"I have your file here and I must say I am very impressed. Your head team, Gunn talks highly of you and you are very fundable by your team, especially with the ladies, "he winked. Riley smiled shyly, "Yes Sir, I have a fiancé though".

"So I see. 18 ah?"

"Yess, sir, we are in love".

"That's well…good, she's a lucky girl to have someone like you".

"Thank you sir".

They continued for another hour, laughing, talking work relate and future planes for life".

When Angelus finally went home he was impressed as he remembered several of the issues they discussed. Riley seamed like a nice decant boy, he was brilliant and talent, two qualities that considered being of assets to a lawyer.

A few days later, Angelus found himself at W&H party having conversation with one of his best friend's wife, Dru. Her husband Giles was discussing the resent mandatory laws with one of his colleges, Persil.

"So Angelus darling where is Nina?" Dru was looking for the lovely girl, wanting to know if he proposed yet.

"She's around here Dru and no I haven't popped the question yet".

"Wha…I never said…"

"Cut it Dru, I know the way you're thinking. I told you I can't commit to one girl only, no matter how pretty and great in bed she is…" he rambled of, thinking about him Nina and a hot chocolate in bed.

Dru smiled knowingly, He'll never change.

"Mr. O'Connor", Angelus turned to see who taped him on the shoulder, seeing his wonder boy smiling at him.

He looked quit handsome with his child like smile and dark blond hair, Dru thought as she watched him closely.

"Mr. Fin, " Angelus shook his hand, "nice to see you here. Are you having a good time?"

"Yes sir, it's great, we never had anything like that in Sunnydale".

Angelus raised his brow in mixture of curiosity and amusement, "Sunnydale?"

"Where I came from Sir".

"Ho right, yes, of course. So where is your lovely fiancé or did you come alone?"

"No sir, she's right here, I left her with Cordelia".

Angelus wanted to say 'not so wise' but only smiled.

A minute later he returned with a petit blond.

That's when Angelus life changed

That's when he knew he was doomed

That's when he knew he had to have her.

She was stunning with her black tight dress and her golden hair falling behind her, reaching her back. She was petit and gorgeous; her skin tanned and looked soft enough, her hazel green eyes staring at his chocolate orbs.

He felt lust, he felt lost he WAS lost.

She smiled at him, a bright glossy smile that sparkled her eyes.

"Hi, I am Buffy Summers",

"Angelus O'Connor" when he touched her hand he felt a tingle go through him, looking at her he knew she felt the same. They talked for an hour while Riley was pulled by some colleges to say Hi to one of the firm clients.

He returned an hour later, interrupting their conversation.

"Sorry Mr. O'Connor, I want my team to meet Buffy".

Angelus had to be alone with her, God, he wanted to fuck her on his desk all night long, he wanted her.

He was startled from his lustful thoughts when Riley barged in, "Yes, of course, nice meeting you Buffy".

"You too sir". She smiled and left with Riley, on the way to his team they met Nina and Giles. Riley introduce them and shortly after Buffy and Nina were having nice conversation while Riley went to talk to the guys.

"Penny for your thoughts" whispered Dru in Angelus ears.

"Nothing" he sighed.

"Come now" she pouted, "I know you Angel, you want her."


She smacked him on the shoulder, "Buffy, the kid 's with Riley?"

"Ho, her".

"Yes, her".

"Don't worry Dru, I am fine and you know what? I am going to get married".

"You do?" she looked surprised, "Does Nina knows?"

"Who talked about Nina Dru? I am thinking more of a petit blond by name of Summers, suits her no?"

She pulled him to the corner, "Are you insane Angel? You can't, this isn't one of your conquers, this girl is young, way young for you, she's 18 for crying out loud and you're 34…"

"I know how old I am thank you Dru, the point is…"

"The point is that she's engaged to this wonder boy who are closer in age to her then you, they are INLOVE Angel, besides what makes you think she'll go for you?"

"Come on Dru, I am a man consider frat boy over there, I am one of the richest men in the country and I am drop dead hot".

She smirked and rolled her eyes, "modest much? Look angel, you are playing and she's not, she wants to get married, you don't , remember? You fuck 'em drop 'em".

He growled, "not with her, she's deferent Dru, I know it. This one's for keeping. I want to marry her and I will. You'll see by the end of this month she'll want to marry me".

"And you? Is it just a game for you or are you planning to marry her?"

"I am planning to marry her Dru" he looked at her upset, "I told you, that girl is mine".

"No Angel she's Riley".

"Not for long Dru dear, not for long, she will be mine, I will have her we will get married and you'll get to baby-sit our adorable blond kids".

"Blond ha?"

He smiled, his eyes shining, "blond with brilliant smile like their mother".

"And how will you do that exactly? Are you planning to send frat boy to war?"

"Can I?"

She smacked him again.

"Fine, I have a plan Dru and lucky for you you're on it".

"No no no. No way I am part of this…raping"

"Raping? What raping?"

"Raping of the mind Angel, I will not let you ruin that girl's life, look at them" she pointed at Riley and Buffy laughing and holding hands " young and in love, why would you ruin it?"

His eyes darkened and his jaw clutched, "Because that girl is mine Dru, mine. She will be my wife even if I'll have to arrange the murder of Riley Fin".

She looked at him and knew he stood behind every word. She never saw him like that; it scared her so much that she feared for Riley's safety. Now when she looked at Angel she didn't see her friend, she saw a monster who was willing to do anything to get what he want and she knew he'll get it.

Angelus watched Buffy from afar in his mind his plan was already working.

The next day he arranged around the clock surveillance. He wanted to know everything about her, who her friends are, what she's eating for breakfast lunch and dinner, what her hobbies, he will breath learn and think Buffy Summers and not too long now she will be in his bed, in his life, as his wife.

To be continued?