Chapter 8

"So, umm, guys, " Buffy turned to Angelus and his date, "we are going to the movies, don't wait up".

"Wait" Angelus hardly restrained himself, "where are your other friends?"

"Samantha is not feeling well and Xander has to stay with his sister". Buffy explained as she was leaving.

From that moment Angelus couldn't care less of his meeting with Kathy. He sms Dru to rescue him and she did.

After apologizing to Kathy he closed the door behind her and waited for Buffy in his study.

It wasn't after midnight that Buffy returned home and told Parker good night.

He tried to kiss her but she refused him.

"Listen Parker you are a nice guy but I am not into dating now, I am sorry". She tried to be soft with him but he wouldn't get no for an answer.

He pulled her roughly to him and forced his lips on hers.

She bites him and he pushed her away, "Bitch! You're gonna pay for that".

He approached her, predatory like and she backed to the wall. Glancing at the house she could see all the lights were off, no one was here to rescue her.

Parker put is hands on the wall, trapping her there and kissed her hard, she tried to push him away but couldn't.

"No, " she screamed, "get away from me!"

He squeezed her breast and tried to take her shirt off, she fought him hard, struggling to get away.

All the sudden he was ripped away from her and thrown to the ground.

"What the hell?" he shouted, blood dripping from his lip. He saw Angelus there angry and ready to kill.

Angelus lifted him by the neck of his shirt and slammed him hard against the hard wall.

"If you ever get near Buffy again, I will make sure that you won't be able to walk for the rest of your life". He punched him a few times and Buffy could swear she heard bones cracking.

"Ho God! Angelus, stop! You'll kill him. Please stop!" she pushed Angelus from him. Only then he saw how shaky and frighten she was. He let go of Parker who ran to his car and drove off, leaving a trail of smoke behind him.

Angelus turned to Buffy, she was crying now and he held her in his arms.

"Why is it happening to me all the time? Why do men act this way? Am I easy?" she looked at him frighten, her hazel eyes watery and sad.

"God baby no! You are nothing but, you are precious and beautiful, you are admired, a real angel".

She stopped crying and looked at him confused, under the moon light she looked so vulnerable and he was strong and handsome.

He called her baby…


He called her baby

"You called me baby?"

Angelus knew there wouldn't be an opportunity like this and after tonight he wasn't taking any more chances.

"Yes I did" he admitted.

"But…why? " she looked at him so innocent and young.

She realized he had a date, Kathy.

"Where, where is Kathy? Ho god, I interrupted your date, I probably chased her away and now you'll hate me…"

"Buffy" he held her in his arms; suddenly he couldn't take it anymore so he pressed his lips to hers.

She was stunned first but then she felt her body tingle, a warm sensation filled her and she lost herself in him. She opened her mouth and let him kiss her, their tongues exploring each other.

Quickly his hands roamed underneath her white top finding her nipples erect. He circled them, his fingers moving slowly around it, teasing, touching.

Buffy melt into his touch, feeling her legs tremble.

She never felt like this before, not with Riley, definitely not with Parker.

"Buffy" he moaned, "let me show you how I want you. Let me show you", his voice whispered in her ear, making her shiver with fear and excitement. She wanted him now, she never thought about it before but feeling him, sensing him made her want to scream, she knew that she needed him with everything within her so she let him take her to his bedroom, let him undress her slowly, kissing each exposed skin, his kisses were like fire, burning her body.

He kissed her neck and eyes, going dawn to her breast, feeling, squeezing and touching them.

His tongue tested her creamy skin, he felt like heaven. All this months he waited, imagined her with him, in this bed.

Buffy moaned and trashed her head as she felt him move beside her, she didn't realize he took his shirt off and suddenly she heard a zipper and something snapped inside her.

"No" she gasped and pushed him away.

Angelus was startled and looked at her in question, "Baby what's wrong?"

She wanted to run but couldn't move, he saw her hesitate and pulled her on his lap.

She buried her head in the crock of his neck.
"Love, I can't know if you won't tell me".

"I can't…"

"Buffy" he lifted her chin gently, his voice was soft but commending, "what's wrong?" he wasn't about to let her go now, he could always use force but he didn't want too. He wanted her to enjoy sex with him not to be afraid but if he won't convince her then …

"Is it payment for all your help?"

He looked stunned and then angry; she flinched from his gaze but didn't dare to turn.

"No, it is not" he snapped, "I wanted this for a long time Buffy, I fell in love with you, being so near you, getting to know you, I fell in love with you when I wasn't even planning on falling in love", well it was partly true.

"I…I am sorry, I shouldn't have said that Angelus. You've been nothing but good to me. "

"Buffy, I thought you wanted me to…if you want me to stop …" like hell I'll stop he growled.

"No, yes." She sighed heavily, "there is something else and well, I'm ashamed".

He held her hands with his, "You can tell me Buffy, and I'm here for you".

"I…well me and Riley, we actually never really…weneversleptogether".

"What?" he couldn't understand anything from her rambling.

Her checks turned pink and he thought she looked adorable.

"We never had sex, Riley and me. I wanted to wait till we're married and well…it didn't happen so…" she quieted down, feeling embarrassed already.

Angelus couldn't be happier, she was his to take, she never had any men before and after tonight she won't have.

"Buffy, baby" he caressed her check, "there is nothing to be afraid about, let me show you how much I want you, please baby, I need you".

His words broke her heart, she never felt this way before and everything happened so fast but she felt it too, she felt the need for him, the pool of emotions that was calling for her.

"I want you too" she admitted.

He kissed her deeply and lowered her to the bed.

"I won't hurt you baby, let me show you what real love is"…

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