Ambush on Planet HKU-575 By Nix Nada

Wormhole blossoms out,

Sucked into shimmering pool.

New worlds wait beyond.

On the other side,

Beneath an alien sky,

A temple is found.

O'Neill gives orders.

The team move out on command,

Wary of attack.

Daniel deciphers

An ancient alien text

To gain an ingress,

The silence broken;

Gunfire and shouting Jaffa.

An ambush ensues.

The door is opened -

They run to safety within.

Door closed, all is dark.

A torch in the gloom

Reveals a far greater threat.

There: a Goa'uld!

Open fire, all guns!

Bullets bounce from a force shield.

Rings leap up around.

In a flash of light,

SG-1 are transported

To the mothership.

Fight for survival,

Planting explosives throughout -

The team will prevail.

The blast stops engines!

The mothership leaves orbit,

Crashing to the ground!

Last minute escape

Through the same rings that caught them.

Safe and sound once more.

They leave through the Gate

Returning to Earth at last

Until tomorrow…