Final chapter! Can you believe it?

Chapter 28 So it begins

Legolas laughed at the look of disgust on his father's face as another dwarven drinking song burst out in the great hall, floating down the corridor to embrace them. "It's your own fault, you know," he murmured.

Thranduil lifted a brow.

Legolas shrugged. "When she was so annoyed you insisted on inviting not only all of this wood, but much of Imladris as well?" he clarified. "You told her she could invite anyone she wished to have present."

"And how was I to know that would mean humans and dwarves?"

"A human, Father. Only one. And one destined for acts of greatness, I've no doubt."

Thranduil shook his head uncertainly. "Anyway. All but the dwarves are preparing to leave in the entrance hall, if you would fetch your wife to join us?"

With a quick inclination of his head, Legolas retraced his steps to the room he now shared with Silrinil. It had been a matter of some debate between them, which room would be used. Neither really wanted to use Legolas's room, as they didn't wish to have Elleri walking in at any time. Really, that was more Legolas's argument against it.

She didn't want to abandon her room, because of the painting of Gondolin Glorfindel had constructed upon the wall.

He would have agreed, but her room was much smaller than his own, and while the coziness was nice, he was not going to have servants walking in on them all the time. They needed their bedroom room connected to a sitting room and a bathing room. Perhaps connected, as well, to an empty room… should children arrive while on these shores.

So after some discussion with a somewhat reticent Thranduil, they had taken the rooms on the other side of Elleri's—one large bedroom connecting to a bathing and dressing room, which had two smaller unoccupied rooms off of it as well, and a sitting room where servants or family could wait to be met. One wall of their bedroom was quickly painted as her room had been. Another wall looked like the valleys of Imladris, and the other two were places she had seen which he had not. The colors were a combination of their houses, and mixed together quite nicely.

Legolas entered and found her sitting on one leg, the other drawn to her chest in the chair beside the bookcase.

She glanced up at him curiously.

He smiled, bending slightly to fasten the shirt she was wearing. Since it was his, it was a bit snug over her chest, loose at the shoulders, long in the sleeves. He slipped the book from her fingers as he kissed her, drew her to her feet, handed her the rest of her clothing, and then gently pulled her from the room.

She made a small murmur of understanding when they reached the entrance hall, and was soon engulfed in a hug by Estel, then a slightly less over-enthusiastic one from Glorfindel. The twins and Elrond simply bowed their heads to her. She returned the gesture just as Thranduil came upon them, disapproval written upon his features.

"Ada?" Legolas asked sharply.

"Out of your rooms without these!" he scolded, handing Legolas his circlet. He reached up and gently placed the altered one upon Silrinil's brow. From a simply graceful line it had been made more intricate, a few small leaves curling delicately in radiant splendor. Thranduil smiled faintly, inclining his head to her.

She returned the gesture and the smile, her hold tightening on Legolas's hand.

Just before the elves and Estel would have been off, a mighty clatter of hooves sped towards them.

Knowing Elleri was the only one beside those present who would dare do such a thing, Legolas already had Silrinil slightly behind him and his sword drawn before the horse could appear.

She snorted scornfully at his move, poking his shoulder with a finger. He spared her only the quickest glance, his eyes hard and wary.

The horse clattered into the room, and a wild-looking old man climbed down. "Strider!" he cried, eyes latching onto Estel.

"Gandalf?" Silrinil asked just as Legolas and Elladan asked "Mithrandir?"

The couple glanced at each other, amused as Legolas sheathed his sword.

"What are you doing here, Gandalf?"

The old wizard blinked, looking down at her. It took him a moment to place her. With her dark hair waving absently, wearing a light blue tunic, without a cape and with a circlet, she looked quite a bit different from the Ashes that had arrived there just a few short years before. "Ashes?" he asked softly.

"Yes. What brings you here?"

Gandalf looked her over once more. "Finally went home, I see."

She ears flushed slightly as Legolas drew her back into his arms.

With a shake of his head Gandalf turned to look at Strider once more. "Your assistance is needed," the wizard said.

The man nodded, inclined his head to those present, and strode quickly from the room to the gates, where his horse was already prepared for his departure.

The Imladris elves left soon after, with a few worried and concerned looks after the departing wizard and human.

Silrinil stared thoughtfully through the walls. "So it begins," she murmured quietly, before smiling up at her husband.

He frowned at her, seeing something stir within her eyes. "Linir?"

Her smile was a true one at his concern, and she lifted a hand to his cheek. "Worry not, Legolas. I have but one journey left to take, and it shall wait for you."

After studying her eyes for a little while, he nodded slightly, drawing her closer for a kiss.