Chapter one

"I told you to get me information on Kino Makoto as quickly as possible" Seto Kaiba yelled, causing many of his employees to flinch. "Now, are you idiots going to do your job or will I have to fire you?"

With that, the cobalt-eyed sixteen-year-old CEO left the boardroom and quickly walked up to his office. A small boy of about eleven was standing by the window.

"I could hear you yelling, Onii-Sama", the younger Kaiba said. "You really shouldn't stress out so much; you'll make yourself ill".

"I'm fine, Mokuba", Seto replied, his demeanour noticeably having changed.

"What's so important about this 'Kino Makoto' girl anyway?" Mokuba asked. "Do you like her or something?"

"It's nothing like that" Seto rolled his eyes. "It's just very, very important that I find her".

"Well it must be; you still find time to worry about her even with that new virtual adventure game about to be released" Mokuba noted. "So who is Kino, anyway?"

A few miles away, in Juuban, Tokyo, the girl in question awoke from her slumber. It was March, and therefore the holidays, so she was enjoying the fact that she didn't have to get up so early. She turned around, glanced at the clock and saw that it was nine-o-clock.

Makoto had the feeling that there was something she had to do by half nine… something very important, but she couldn't for the life of her remember what it was. And then it hit her like a ton of bricks; she was supposed to be meeting the other senshi at the Hikawa Shrine! She was going to be late, and Rei was going to go mad!

Makoto arrived, panting, at the Hikawa shrine with five minutes to spare.

"Well, I never thought I'd see the day when Minako beat you to one of our meetings, Makoto-chan" Rei laughed, and she ushered Makoto
inside. Minako was reading one of Rei's numerous mangas, Ami was reading a tome-like textbook and Rei was just standing in the corner.

"So, where's Usagi-chan?"

"Can't you tell?" Rei asked. "She's late as usual. Honestly, it's hard to believe that she'll be Queen of Earth and the Moon one day".

They waited another ten minutes and then, finally, Usagi arrived. She was breathing heavily because she had run all the way there. Rei rolled her eyes and muttered something about the fact that "ondongo atama has got to learn to wake up earlier".

When they were all seated, Minako asked, "So, what are we here for, Rei-chan?"

"Well, you know you said that Juuban high is going to be merged with another local high school, Domino?"

"Hai" Ami said. "Why do you ask".

"Well, because you're all starting a new school next month, I asked Grandpa and he gave me permission to transfer to the new 'super school'!"

"WHAT!" Minako yelled. "You attended a private school, and then you chucked that away because…"(1) Ami put her hand over Minako's mouth and said, "That's great news, Rei-chan. But how did you get you Father to agree?"

"I didn't" Rei spat, suddenly going icy at the mention of her Father. "I couldn't care less about him; he doesn't even care that I exist!"

Everything went quiet for a while, and then Makoto spoke. "So, Rei-chan, is that it? No new evils you needed to tell us about?"

"Hai, actually there is something else I need to tell you. I've been having more dreams lately; dreams about our past lives. There are two figures that keep appearing to me. One's about our age; he's a priest, a high priest of Egypt; and the other boy is younger, about eleven. I don't know who they are, but the fist boy looks a lot like Makoto-chan.

"I think we still need to be on our guard. Just because we defeated Chaos doesn't mean that we've rid the universe of evil".

They stayed for a while, but Makoto didn't talk a lot. Her mind was plagued by what Rei had said, about the two boys in those dreams. Who were they; they couldn't have any connection to her brothers… could they?

(1) You'll need to read the 'Exam Chapters' in SuperS manga #2 to understand this comment.

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