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Set: Somewhere before "The Siege – part 1"

Spoilers: SG1 Season 1 "There but for the Grace of God"

SG1 Season 1 "Points of View"

SG1 Season 1 "Solitudes"

Theme: McKay/Sheppard and Zelenka/Sheppard relationships.

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Sheppard dived through the gate as the Wraith dart fired; twisting as he fell to protect his injured arm. The whine of the dart cut off abruptly as the shield closed behind him; followed almost immediately by the sound of impact as the dart slammed through the gate and into the shield.

The warmth of the Gateroom struck him as he rolled onto his back and glanced around, anxiously checking that the rest of his team had arrived safely. Ford was still facing the gate, P90 at the ready and a small knot of scientists including Grodin and a remarkably dishevelled Zelenka stood over a prone figure in a charcoal jacket; but whether it was McKay or Teyla, he couldn't see from his position. Groaning, Sheppard sat upright and tried to climb to his feet beckoning Ford to help him. A medical team led by Dr Beckett ran into view and, with a practiced ease, Beckett checked the fallen figure and started issuing instructions to his staff. With his ears still ringing from the blow to his head, John was aware that something didn't sound quite right, but, as he passed into unconsciousness, the significance eluded him.

McKay opened the door. He stood, wiping floury hands on a damp cloth, the smell of cooking wafting past Sheppard and into the corridor behind. Gentle jazz played in the background.

"John!" Rodney's surprise and pleasure was evident on his face. "It's great to see you up and about; Carson said that he was keeping you in overnight." A raised eyebrow and tilt of the head asked the question.

"Yeah, well, I discharged myself. I need to speak to you; can I come in?"

McKay stepped back, ushering the way into the dimly lit room. "Of course; you're always welcome, you know that." A genuine smile of pleasure again. Sheppard felt that that smile was possibly the most unnerving thing that had happened today. "Kate's not back yet, but I'm sure she won't mind if you stay for dinner."

OK, for 'unnerving' that statement just won, hands down.

"McKay, what the hell is going on here? Who is Kate? And where is Teyla?"

Confusion and surprise vied for prominence "Kate is Kate: my wife. Come on John, we've been married for as long as you've known us. Who's 'Taylor'?" John stared at Rodney as if he had grown another head. "Look John, you'd better sit down. I'll call Carson; if you have concussion, you should be back in the infirmary."

"No McKay! I should not be in the infirmary; I should finding out what the hell is going on! And I need you to help me." The last was almost a whisper as Sheppard sank to sit on the low, comfortable couch in the middle of the room. The slow background jazz only seemed to emphasise the feeling of wrongness that pervaded everything.

Rodney crouched down before him and gazed intently up unto his bloodshot eyes. Worry coloured his voice. "John, I really think that you should be with Carson…" He held up his hand to forestall Sheppard's outburst. "But, if you don't want to see him, at least talk to Dr Zelenka."

"McKay, this is wrong." Sheppard dropped his aching head to his hands, rubbing his temples with both thumbs. "All of this is…is just…wrong. You aren't married; Carson isn't English; and Teyla has been a member of our team since we first arrived here. When you, Ford, Teyla and I went through the gate this morning, everything was right."

"John, you've had a bad shock and a nasty blow on the head. Let's just think this through, shall we?" Rodney spoke quietly and gently, as if to a frightened child. "For a start, I haven't been through the gate in over four weeks. I'm a research scientist, not a field worker. Your team is Ford, Markham and Dr Zelenka. It always has been." The jazz tape ended, dying away into a deafening silence.

"Rodney, I'm not imagining this. Things have changed."

McKay picked himself up off the floor, as a heavily accented voice sounded from a two-way radio on the table.

"Rodney? Are you home? Zelenka here."

Rodney took up the radio. "Dr Zelenka, can I call you back? I have a visitor."

"Is it John?" Zelenka's voice sounded anxious.

Rodney cocked his head at Sheppard.

"Rodney, is Colonel Sheppard with you? Dr Beckett just informed me that he had gone missing from infirmary and may have been looking for you."

Sheppard and McKay's eyes met; then Sheppard silently removed his dog-tags and passed them over to McKay.

He had to hand it to McKay; his eyes narrowed but he didn't blink as he read the tags.

"Well 'Major' Sheppard; I'm pleased to meet you." Rodney held out a hand and John shook it, his eyes closed in relief. "Now, let's see if we can find out what has happened to you. And, equally to the point, what has happened to our John Sheppard."