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Chapter One

Ga-Woon stared out the window solemnly at the rain. He had promised Tae he would stop fighting, but he had never said he wouldn't stop wanting to fight. It was Just suck an urge, an addiction. It was just as hard to do as to stop smoking as Tae had told him too. However hard he had kept both oaths, so far. He had also promised to study. And Low-and-behold all his grades were up to B's except PhysEd, which was up to an A. He thought it was all he fighting finely paying off, and had told tae as much in hopes of her letting him fight again. She had agreed that the fighting was probably part of the reason his Gym grade was so high, but refused to let him fight as always. He looked over to talk to Kun and saw his empty seat. For a minute he was puzzled until he remembered that Kun was to be Expelled next week. The School had this stupid system of Expulsion- To be expelled you must first have a Seven-Day suspension and then a Two-Day suspension until finely being expelled. There was no point to having them called two different Suspensions when it could just as easily be nine-Day suspension, and there was no point to the suspensions anyway since you wouldn't be at school anyway so it might as well be straight-out expulsion. He supposed he should be happy that Kun was out of his life. He was a bad influence on him since kun still smoked and fought.. But they had been friends since middle school and besides Tae, Kun was one of his only friends. He thought you could count Tae's cousin Jung-Woo as a friend, but not a close one since they rarely ever saw each other. He looked out the window and saw Ghoon-Hahm walking down the street. He almost jumped out of his seat and ran out of the school to fight before he thought of three things: they were in school, his class was doing a test (that he had already finished) and lastly, the scariest of them all, was that Tae had transferred toPure Water High from her all girls school, had been put in his class, had finished the test before him and had seen Ghoon-Ham first and was watching him suspiciously. She knew he wanted to fight Ghoon-Ham even though the line of best fighters went like this: Ga-woon Kim Kun Kang Ghoon-Hahm Che. He didn't care if he lost or won, he just wanted to fight and afterwards find out how Ghoon-Hahm would rate him against others he had fought. He looked over at Tae and smiled.

"Ga-Woon!" Screamed Mr. Kamishi screamed in his usual obnoxious voce, " This is the third time today I've had to speak to you about looking at other people's papers! Go down to the office now!" Ga-Woon grimaced, looked at Tae again with one of those "Don't worry I won't do what Kun did" looks, picked up his paper, walked past Mr. Kamishi and handed him the paper. He walked out the door and down the hall towards the stairs. ' Damn! My first detention in six months. My parents won't be happy about this' He thought as he walked He grimaced again. When he reached the bottem of the stairs he shook his head a few times to clear it and walked into the office.

" Ah, Mr. Kim, the assistant principal will see you now." ' Ah, Damn!' He hated the Assistant principal. Not because she was female or anything but because she scared him. Not like a spooky story scared, but a demonic sort of " Bow before me peon" sort of controlling scary. Ghoon-Hahm didn't even scare him like that. The only person besides the Assistant principal who scared him like that was Bok-Chil, Chili, "The Blade", Kai, pr whatever you wished to call him. Ga-Woon was scared of Ghoon-Hahm and apparently Ghoon-Hahm was afraid of Bok-Ckil. Else why kiss hiss feet? He had seen it himself or he wouldn't believe it. He just been passing by and he had seen Bok-Chil torturing Jung-woo. He had been about to rush in there and save the little punks ass when he saw Ghoon-Hahm he just froze. He though Ghoon-Hahm was there to help torture Jung-woo and he knew his ass was gonna be a dead ass ifhe went against kai , his lackeys, and Ghoon-Hahm. He was about to leave and get help when he saw that they were arguing. Then Ghoon-Hahm knelt, crawled to Kai, and kissed his feet. Ga-woon was stunned. His thought stopped as he walked into the Assistant Prinipals.

"Ah, Mister Ga-Woon Kim, sit down, please…….."

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