Dark Trainer

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Meeting between Father and Child

Ash was walking towards Pallet town. He was looking forward to getting back home to his mother. Brock had returned to Pewter City and Misty had gone back to Cerulean to visit her sisters. He felt a small sense of dread go through his body and he looked at Pikachu who sat on his shoulder:

"Pikachu do you want to go somewhere else before we go to Mom or shall we just head over to her?"

Pikachu just said:

"Pika Pika Chupika!"


"Sure Ash. Let's go to your mom's place!"

Ash walked until he came to the quiet village of Pallet town. He walked through the streets and was greeted by most of the inhabitants cheerfully. When Ash got in the vicinity of his house he noticed a stylish black limousine standing in the driveway. With a shock he remembered something buried deep within his memories:

His father was standing next to a black limousine while wearing the red suit he was so fond of. He looked at Delia and said:

"Delia I am so sorry that I have to leave you and Ash alone but I have taken up the post of Gym Leader and that is one duty I cannot forsake."

Then he had stepped into the Limousine and left behind a teary eyed Delia and a crying Ash. Ash would always remember his father's face as it looked stern.

With a shock Ash came from his daze and looked at the Limousine again. It was decorated with tiny red R symbols and Ash now was certain that his father had returned. While his father had sent him presents for Christmas and other holidays he and Ash really hadn't seen each other a lot. Once or twice he and Ash had met and done fun stuff with each other. Ash could remember his father once got a look of happiness on his face as Ash told him that he and Gary had nearly caught a wild Kakuna. But sadly it got away.

Ash knocked on the front door and within a few seconds his mother opened the door and said:

"Hey Ash. Did you remember to change your underwear daily?"

Ash fell to the floor anime style. When he got up he brushed the dirt off his clothes and off Pikachu and said:

"Yes I did change them daily. The fact that you supply me with enough underwear to last me a lifetime is also useful mom. Mom? Is Dad home?"

Delia Ketchum got a look in her eyes that clearly stated that she was happy:

"Yes he is dear. Giovanni come and meet your son!"

A door opened and in stepped a man dressed in an expensive suit with a black tie. The suit itself was red in coloration and Ash looked at the stern face that came with it. Then he lunged forwards and screamed:


Giovanni Ketchum let his son hug him for the first time in years. He had watched every move of his son ever since those two bumbling idiots Jessica and James got the pleasure to meet him. He recognised several traits of his in his son and he mentally smiled. He would do well to take over Team Rocket if given good motivation.

Ash hugged his father after not having seen him for five years. The three years he had spent on the road walking all over Kanto and Johto sure did nothing to improve the relationship he had with his parents. Giovanni knew for sure that his son still loved him and he kept an annoyingly close watch on his son and made sure that no political problems came onto his path like Police arresting him for property damage.

Ash hugged his father for some time and then said:

"Dad how is the Gym going? Still the almost undefeated Gym Leader or has someone beat you?"

Giovanni looked at his son and said:

"No no-one has beaten me. Although some people have come close to beating me. Well they got close to beating my Rhydon but then they were all defeated. And how is it going with your Pokemon quest Ash? Did you catch more Pokemon then the thirty you have now?"

Ash blushed a little and said:

"Not yet dad. I am still trying to get more information about Pokemon that live in other countries."

Giovanni's eyes lit up and then he said:

"Would you like to go with me and have a good education in Pokemon from several of my executives? Then you might be able to take over the family business. And Delia please let's change our surname from Ketchum to my surname Roketto. Then you could come live with me in the Gym and we wouldn't live separately."

Ash looked at his dad and knew what taking over the family business meant. Giovanni was the Leader of Team Rocket and Ash would have to go and steal Pokemon for some evil diabolical scheme. Ash was about to protest but a black dome covered him cutting off all sound.

Ash was in a zone of total darkness. He looked around and called out:


No sound was made but two glowing slits opened and Ash felt coldness within those two eyes that couldn't be comprehended. Ash found it hard to look away but finally did. The two glowing slits vanished and a tall purple Pokemon came from the shadows. It had a light purple head with two icy cold eyes. It was the Ultimate Pokemon. It was Mewtwo created by his father to try and subjugate all of humanity. Ash remembered the battle that had occurred and he spoke to the Pokemon:

"Mewtwo why have you brought me here? Why am I here?"

The PsychoticPokemon looked at him and then mentally replied:

"Look all around you. There is no peace in the world. You humans keep polluting them. Some of your Pokemon are chained with their existence as slaves to their masters. Some are forced to go and work for their food. Can't you see how depraved the world has become? I will train you young Ash to become the vengeance that is both swift as deadly. I will teach you to kill with your hands and your Pokemon or just destroy the mind while leaving the body intact. Then we shall do battle as it is meant to be. There shall be only one master of Darkness and it shall be one of us. The other will be forced to serve the winner. Do you accept human and leave your mortal shell to return as something more?"

Ash watched as scenes flashed across his mind and images of his friends came forth. One of Brock using him to get dates. How Misty would like to yell at him if he did something stupid. All Ash now felt was anger at them. He would show them their wrongdoings. Then a few images came in his mind that totally changed his mood. It went from anger to fury. One was a picture of Misty Waterflower kissing another boy while making Ash out to be a pathetic loser. Ash couldn't take it anymore so he nodded and then said:

"Train me and I will learn. No mercy for those that betray. No mercy for those that once promised to be a friend of mine."

Mewtwo smirked his evil cold smirk and then said:

"Let's train in the art of controlling the mind. Try to hone your senses into inner calm. Try to focus on a small part of energy within your soul and pull on it."

Ash trained in mental discipline for almost two years until Mewtwo told him that he knew enough. They would proceed to academic pursuits and would utilise whatever Ash had learned., Ash read all the books within a day and memorised all the things within due to his increased mental capacity. He learned several things that would be useful when he returned. He learned how to hold a polite conversation and how to behave in front of ladies and men and not act like some country bumpkin. Ash realised that he had acted like a rude idiot for most of the time he was travelling. He then challenged Mewtwo for a battle of knowledge and then came to a draw as they both had memorised everything completely.

Later on came the combat training which involved several sword styles. Finally there was a small amount being spent on getting to communicate with Pokemon.

Ash looked at Mewtwoi who had taught him all he knew for five years. He was now Mewtwo's equal and was not to underestimated. The purple Pokemon began charging its psycho energy and Ash did the same. An icy blue aura sprang into life around Ash and he looked at Mewtwo with two glowing blue eyes. Thgen a blast of Psychic energy was thrown at Mewtwo who retaliated with a shadow ball. They battled it out for days and days until finally Ash nailed Mewtwo with a small trap he had set up. A blast of Psychic energy and a small hyper beam was all it took to knock out Mewtwo. Ash walked towards the unconscious Psycho Pokemon and then revived the fallen Psychic Master.

Mewtwo looked at Ash and said:

"You have done well my apprentice. You have risen beyond the master and that is the reason I will enter your service. Take this ball. I used it while on New Island. Catch me with it and I will not struggle. Let us fight together to gather all the Pokemon and make the humans pay for soiling the world!"

Ash nodded as a black Pokeball came into view and he threw it at Mewtwo and the Pokemon was turned into red light and sucked within the confines of the Pokeball. The Pokeball twitched a little before the light went out and Ash picked it up. Then the plain disappeared and he was once again standing in his house. The looks on his parents and on pikachu's face were priceless so he collapsed in helpless fits of laughter.

Delia Ketchum-Roketto looked as the dark thing got off her son and winked out of existence. The first thing she saw was long black hair. A sharp face so much like her husband's face and two piercing blue eyes. The man who had come from the dark thing was dressed in the same outfit that her little boy had worn when he was sucked into the dark thing. It was now ripped and torn on many places and blood seeped from some cuts and lacerations on the boy's arms.

Giovanni was baffled. Now there was almost nothing that could surprise him but this was one of those things. His son who he hadn't seen in a while now looked to be around seventeen years of age and stood almost an inch taller then him. Giovanni looked as piercing blue eyes swept the room and then his son burst into laughter. Apparently Giovanni hadn't been able to keep his facial muscles in check and was now wearing a look of utter amazement.

Pikachu didn't know what to think of his returned master. He seemed somehow to have become darker. Now he knew why the kid had only talked about his mother and not revealing much about his father. He felt a strange feeling of foreboding come over him as he stared at his trainer.

Ash laughed for a few minutes and then got himself back under control and peered into his father's mind. There were a few things that were of interest to him. One was a pokemon tournament that was held within a few months. The second thing was an event that all Gym Leaders went to. It was some gathering they all had to attend to apparently it was held every four years.

Giovanni looked as his son's now blue eyes focused on him and his son just nodded. Giovanni spoke up:

"There is a small party being held for the Gym Leaders and I would like you to join me Ash as you are going to succeed me as the Viridian Gym Leader."

Ash got a cruel smirk on his face and said:

"Of course father. Let me tell you what I did in that black containment field. I trained day and night focusing my power into myself and making myself stronger and stronger so I could become the ultimate Pokemon master. I have achieved a small part of that goal and I have in my possession the Pokemon of the Dark side."

Giovanni nodded and said:

"Let me get you one of my suits. I doubt the clothes you wore while in that black containment thing would fit you and there is still a large size difference."

Ash nodded and within twenty minutes he was all dressed in one of his father's infamous red suits. He just cut his hair off as it would be a bother if he got into a fight. The fact that someone could get him easier while his hair was obscuring his face was also on of the reasons. That's why Ash came down with his hair short and combed backwards and reinforced with gel. Delia looked twice at her son and then her mouth hit the floor as she saw a perfect copy of her husband in his teens.

Giovanni stared a this son as he looked like a mirror image of himself. Ash gave him an evil smile and then a voice was heard in his head:

"You like this dad? If we are in public please call me Lucifer. That is my second name isn't it?"

Giovanni chuckled and said:

"Yes Ash. Your second name is Lucifer. I had a fit of inspiration and we called you Ashton Lucifer Azrael Ketchum. Why the hell your mother agreed I still don't know. But I like the name. Fallen angel indeed. And you are a psychic. Did you learn how to do that in the black containment thing?"

Ash just gave a mysterious smile and said:

"I'll tell you later dad. Now let's go and introduce me to the Rockets. I would like to know the people I am once going to employ."

Giovanni nodded and led his wife to the Limousine and he let her step inside. She had changed to something more formal namely a black dress that was quite conservative.

Ash just got in and then his father stepped inside. They drove towards Viridian City and Ash thought about Mewtwo. Then a cold voice came into his mind and said:

"Hello Ash. Together we will stand strong. The Darkness within us is great and we shall conquer all. Death to the humans that trap Pokemon. Death to those that stand in our way. Only people tainted with Darkness shall live in the New World!"

Ash fell asleep not long after that. His father gently took Ash out of the car and then carried him to a room he usually kept for visitors and put Ash into bed. Then Giovanni and Delia Roketto went out to go and dine together only to come back late.

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