Dark Trainer

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Psychotic Thoughts

Ash was bored. Speeches were made by the Pokemon researchers and that bored him. He wanted some action dammit not having to listen to speeches. Instead he focused on whatever he could do to busy himself. He tried counting the stones in the wall and counting the hairs of his father's head. That bored him after ten minutes of trying. Professor Oak was making a speech about the peaceful cooperation between humans and Pokemon. Ash scowled at the man. Then he knew what he could think about. He could think about what he was going to do whenever he was going out with his teams to steal Pokemon. He already had a few targets in mind that could easily be captured. He knew that several of the Gym Leaders didn't really keep track of their Pokemon and the Olivine City Light tower was where a rare Ampharos was held. Ash figured that the Pokemon could easily be captured before it aroused suspicion. He knew that the Gym Leader couldn't easily come there while a battle for a badge was going on. It was proper to finish the battle before attending other matters how pressing they may be., it was part of the Gym Leader job that they adhere to the rules at all times.

Ash thought about how he would battle his way through anyone that would stand against him. Images of bloodshed flew through his mind and Ash grinned as he saw himself commanding Mewtwo to fry the brain of an officer Jenny. He grinned as his former friends would try to go and defeat him thinking that he was just a weak Rocket grunt. But he would show them that he was the son of the leader was of Team Rocket. Ash mentally laughed as he imagined their bloody corpses. He imagine4d drinking their blood and hearing their agonised screams as their mind was slowly eroded by his own power. Ash looked at the ex-friends and let his eyes turn blue again. He scanned Brock's thoughts and discovered that they were focused on Clair. Ash looked at the Gym Leader of Blackthorn city and mentally sent her a thought:

"Clair do not get near Brock. He is out to go and get a woman to dance with him. I can sense his thoughts and they are solely focused on you. Perverted they are but he is planning how to get you to agree. First he is going to get you drunk then he is going to ask you to dance and as you can't really say no then he will dance and then probably make out with you. I suggest you steer clear of anything alcoholic or even don't let Brock ever get near your drink."

Ash saw Clair nod then say something to her sister who sat near her in her male clothes and Ash watched Lance her face gain a look of wonder and then revulsion. With a harsh whisper that went unnoticed Ash saw Clair leaning in to kiss Lance. He immediately got what the thing was that the two ladies tried to do. By feigning that she was in a relationship with Lance she would divert Brock his attention away from her to another girl. It succeeded as Clair kissed her sister on the cheek. Brock gained a sad look on his face and then focused his attention on another woman.

The unlucky lady in question was Lorelei who looked uncomfortable under said perverted Gym Leaders gaze. Ash just smirked devilishly and then levitated a small glass of water above Brock his head. With a small nod towards Lorelei and a mouthed:

"This is for you."

Ash let the glass drop and was rewarded with a scream as the ice cold water hit the Gym Leader. Ash had chilled the water to such degree that it would have frozen but by using his Psychic power he had been able to have it remain water. Thus Brock received water over himself that was approximately minus twenty degrees Celsius. Ash smirked as the now wet and cold Gym Leader jumped towards one of the ladies for comfort. He was quickly stopped when he had hugged Professor Ivy. Ash his eyes glowed a dark blue and Brock was levitated back to his seat. Ash looked at the Pewter Gym Leader with his azure gaze and dried the clothing of Professor Ivy that had gotten wet. You could literally see the breasts through the thing fabric. Although Ash delighted in seeing breasts he decided that drying it was the better idea since it would portray him in a good light.

Ash his blue eyes attracted a little attention buy the only Psychic other then him at the table. Sabrina looked at the man as he used his power to levitate Brock back to his seat and dry the clothes of Professor Ivy. Sabrina was astounded that Ash could do that without much training. But he did say that a lot of things had happened to him. Ash looked to be one of those mysterious people who never told anyone other then themselves their secrets. Ash would find out that a prying Sabrina would get out all the secrets he possessed.

Sabrina tried to get the information out of him and stumbled upon numerous blockades. She started to dismantle them and gained more information about Ash., what he liked and disliked. What his favourite colour was and whatever he had done in the two years. The only things that were left out were his father and several other events.

Ash smiled as he let the other Psychic see his life but withholding several things like what his father did and whatever his plans for the future were. Ash sent mental images to amuse himself and he watched Sabrina blush as he sent an image that would feature him and her engaging in intercourse together with several Gym leaders. Ash smirked as he made her view a scene that he had made up during one of his brainstorm sessions. It involved several Gym Leaders and random trainers he had met. Ash laughed as she blushed drawing all attention to him. He just said that he had thought of something funny and that he was just thinking about strategies for Pokemon training.

Ash looked at the Gym Leaders and then resumed plotting. He would strike somewhere where nobody would expect. He would rob his own father to clear him of suspicion. Indeed that would divert all suspicion if the person who was suspected of being the leader of Team Rocket was robbed by his own team.
Clair was thinking about several things at once. She looked at her sister and thought that her sister had come so far in the world. Now she was the Pokemon League champ. She didn't really like the eway Ash had won of her but she just shrugged it off. He was a charming fellow which she had noticed while dancing with him. It seemed that he somehow had gained some good dancing lessons and had gotten rid of the wild hair. She found herself being attracted to the man., she motioned for her sister to follow her and she got up and walked out of the room with lance following her. As she waited for Lance to come through the door she thought about her sister. Why would she like Ash? She was after all dressed in boy's clothing.

Jennifer walked through the door to talk with her sister. She had been bothered by the attention Ash gave her sister. She had also been bothered by the fact that her sister had danced with Ash. But she knew that she couldn't dance with Ash without being thought of as gay. And that would tarnish her image. She knew that she couldn't reveal herself as a girl because then she would be forced to marry that obnoxious idiot Brock. She hated her parents for thinking up that stupid engagement and wished both of them to be dead before mentally slapping herself and forcing herself to be quiet as she couldn't hate her parents.

When the sisters were in the room and the door had closed Clair shouted:


Lance was nearly deafened by the shouting and she said to her sister:

"Shut up sis or do you want the entire world to know that I am female? I wont marry that obnoxious git!"

Clair didn't calm down and immediately launched a volley of insults that had her sister worrying for her sister's sanity or other thought processes that might be controlling her actions. Jennifer looked as her sister insulted typically every part of her body and just raised an eyebrow. When her sister came dashing forwards she tensed her body and received a blow to the head. Ythey landed in a tangled heap and her sister started clawing at her. Jennifer did nothing but started to retaliate by trying to get away. It soon devolved into a catfight.

Ash smiled as he blocked all the sounds coming from the room. He had followed the proceedings and was quite amused. When the two reappeared one was full of scratches while the others clothing was tripped in several places. That made some people raise their eyebrows.

Ash just smiled knowingly at the women and then as dinner was finished started handing out cards with his address on it. It was a small apartment he had been given by his father. He just said to them:

"Come over or just give me a call."

Sabrina blushed when she received her card. On it was written that she could call at any time no matter what was busying him at the moment. Professor Ivy just raised an eyebrow at the offer of calling him sometime. She didn't know why she accepted the card but she had a nagging feeling in the back of her head that the number would be very important in the future. Clair and Lance just kept the card in a very secure place. Lance kept it in a special part of the clothes she wears and Clair just stuffed it into her bra. Ash sent a mental attack at Brock who had started to think perverted thoughts at the sight of her stuffing it in her bra. Brock would wake up with a headache the size of New York. Lorelei blushed as she got the handsome guys number and place of residence. She also stuffed it inside her bra and this time Ash made all the males in the audience be knocked out including Misty. When asked why he had knocked Misty out too Ash just said that he felt like doing that. He picked up the boneless heap that was his father and started to drag the old man over the floor making sure that the old guy bumped into a few obstacles. Then he took out a cellphone and talked to someone who could make a Limousine appear on the doorstep of the hotel:


Ash screamed into the telephone and he could faintly he4ar the person who had answered faint and heard another person rushing away. Within six minutes a Limousine had appeared in front of the hotel where the Gym Leader convention was. Ash was saying his goodbyes to the females present and gave some kisses on the women their hands and then took his leave after throwing his father quite hard into the Limousine.

When they rode back to Viridian Ash woke up his father by sending a small burst of energy directly into his father's brain reenergising the body to resume its conscious actions. When asked by his father why he had to be knocked out Ash just answered that he was already married and that he shouldn't look at other women then his mother. And that Ash was ready for some heavy missions for Team Rocket. Ash had some targets in mind which Giovanni agreed with. Soon they would strike at several places.

Life was good.

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