Long Blonde Hair and Eyes of Blue

The residents of Mineral Town were devastated when the beloved and revered farmer passed away. Everyone knew and loved the old man dearly, but after his funeral, the daunting task of judging a replacement rose for the town. From that day onwards, Mayor Thomas of had been desperately trying to call a replacement.

"I know his dad called and all, but that deadbeat the old man left his farm to is never going to show up, is he?" the midget of a mayor muttered as he heaved himself into his revolving leather chair. His son, a Fred Astaire look-alike named Harris, stood tall in his police uniform. He waited patiently for Mayor Thomas to continue speaking, but the mayor looked too occupied with spinning in place in his chair at a vomit-inducing RPM.

"Dad?" Harris asked calmly, but Mayor Thomas kept spinning. "Dad? Dad. Dad..." His face scrunched up in vexation underneath his cap. "DAD!"

Mayor Thomas clutched the arm of his chair, and was a split second away from tumbling. Shaken up, he stared at his son with a disapproving face.

"What?" he shot back. His son muttered something briefly.

"Why'd you call me here, Dad?" he sighed, a tone of irritability in his voice. "I know that Ogawa deadbeat never showed up, and at this rate he never will. What the hell do you want?"

Mayor Thomas nodded, brushing around in a mess of coloring book pages documented in manila folders and pencil stubs. A smile flashed on his face when he finally fished out a photo, and held it up to Harris.

"My niece," he declared. "Your cousin will take over the farm."

"Mimi?" Harris asked incredulously. "She's lived in the city all of her life! How the hell is she supposed to know anything about farming?" He stared at the picture, groaning. "Jeez, dad."

"She should be here this evening," Mayor Thomas announced, sitting back in his chair and getting back to spinning. Harris threw another groan over his shoulder as he left.

(line break)

Mimi Suzuhatara beamed at the sight of the glittering ocean. The warm winds swept her long, golden locks, and the sunbeams glittered and danced in her sapphire eyes. Despite the fact it did not rain before her arrival, a welcoming rainbow hung in the sky over Mineral Town, the quaint village she was just able to discern with her perfect eyesight.

Mimi was clearly the most beautiful girl in the world. She had the perfect body, as determined by the Board of Mattel, along with the fairest, smoothest skin God could bestow upon a sixteen-year-old. Unbeknownst to her, the entire crew of the ferry was overwhelmed by her contagious beauty, and they ogled her as she leaned on the railing and stared with dreamy eyes into the sparkling ocean. The future looked good for Mimi, and once in Mineral Town, she could forget about her tragic past.

At the tender age of two, Mimi's parents were killed in a P.E.T.A protest by horrible, heartless lion tamers. The court's ruling forced Mimi to live with her despicable aunts the city Mimi hated most in all the world: Paterson, New Jersey. However, being a child genius, Mimi applied for an appeal at the age of three and hired the most belligerent lawyer money could buy, and the next year she found herself living in her deluxe apartment in the sky, surrounded by her very own team of subservient servants. But her life took another turn for the worst when Scott, the star quarter back of the high school football team, called her a dirty slut and dumped her for the head cheerleader at prom. Even if Mimi was slated to be Valedictorian of her class and was graduating at the age of fifteen with a full scholarship for Harvard University, she felt she had nothing to live for. Her servants had to stop her from diving off the porch of apartment.

But all that was behind her.

Before Mimi knew it, the ferry pulled smoothly into the dock. She didn't have to worry about the whereabouts of her matching luggage set containing all her material possessions, as the crew worked diligently to bring all her luggage to the shore. As she stepped off the ramp of the ferry, she noticed two very attractive lads were standing on the shore. They were waiting with rose-tinged cheeks, and they promptly introduced themselves when Mimi touched the white sand with her flip-flop clad ballerina feet.

"My name is Cliff!"

"My name is Gray!"

She giggled and blushed at the sight of the two boys. They were the cutest boys she had ever seen, even cuter than all the boys she brought to her yard in her whole life. Cliff and Gray were obviously overwhelmed by her sheer beauty, and they both instantly made up their minds that Mimi was more beautiful than any girl in the village. She even had superb taste in fashion, decked out in a red spaghetti strap tank top and white go-go shorts, both articles of clothing perfectly accentuating her figure.

"We'll take your luggage to your farm, Mimi," Cliff eagerly announced, running up to snatch one piece of the set from the captain of the ferry. Gray followed suit, grabbing the other piece, and said:

"And we can't wait to hear what you'll name it!"

Mimi contemplated a name for a moment, and came to a decision.

"Suzuhatara no Yume no Romansu no Ranchuu."

"Wow!" Cliff whispered, leaning in towards Gray. "She speaks perfect Japanese!" Gray nodded in reply, speculating the possibilities of the quickest way to learn Mimi's native tongue.

(line break)

That night, Mimi threw herself into her new fluffy bed, which she promptly redecorated with her purple and pink silk bed set she brought from her deluxe apartment in the sky. She sighed as she looked around at the tiny shack she had to move in to, and turned her attention to her pink iBook.

"No matter how much I feng shui the place, it still sucks," she sighed to herself, typing with her fingers on the right keys. "How could my uncle make me live in such an ugly house? This town is horrible! But I'm glad I met Cliff and Gray. They're both so hot. The hardest thing I have to do here is choose between Cliff and Gray. I think I'm starting to fall in love with them!"

She looked over her nearly incomprehensible typing on her Xanga one last time before she closed her iBook and placed it on the night table beside her bed. Sighing dreamily, she turned out the light and drifted into a lofty slumber.

(line break)

Okay, I wanna be doing this one in short little installments. Not much going on here, anyway. Actually, I wanted this and the rest as a one shot, but the fic was turning out too long. So, I decided on uploading it as a series of mini-chapters. So, with that said, see you in the next mini-chapter!