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You Are My Only One


Meg opened the paper on May 3, 1889, to find a wedding announcement. The Emperor Henri today weds Mariette Jammes. Will this fiancé also flee at the Alter for a masked man?

Meg laughed so hard, Erik and the servants burst in the room, thinking that she had a stroke. She handed the paper to Erik, and he sat down on the couch, and grinned.

Elissa grew to be an absolute beauty. At the time she was four, a boy offered her her first proposal of marriage. Erik turned white when he first heard of this little girl being proposed to, and it took Meg a little while to calm him down, and to talk him out of teaching that little boy a lesson.

When Elissa was five, they found that they had used almost all of Erik's savings. After some heated discussion, Erik started working as an architect, building beautiful churches, steeples, bridges, and monuments. Meg worried about him constantly. Would anyone bully him?

After Erik came home from work every day, little Elissa rushed into his arms, yelling "Daddy! Daddy!" and he would pick her up and twirl her around and kiss his little daughter.

Meg would hide behind the kitchen doorframe, watching her daughter and husband greet one another before she presented herself. It warmed her heart. "Welcome home, Erik," she would always say, and give him three kisses- one on each cheek and then on the lips.

The house fell into a very pleasing regime. However, that regime was punctuated at Elissa's sixth year- when Meg again announced to Erik and the servants (and Elissa, but at a different time and in a different way) that she was again expecting.

The news was taken with delight, and soon all anyone was talking about was the baby. The house was cleaned and a new room was painted and papered.

It was painted yellow- an unsure color. Meg couldn't tell what she was carrying. Unlike with Elissa, she didn't get a feeling one way or another.

The pregnancy wore out Meg completely and she napped during the day, glad for the first time that Elissa was away at school. Caressa began to plan the meals alone, and Meg felt guilty. But all together it went smoothly.

It was right in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve when her water broke.

Erik had his arm around her, and they were snuggling on the couch, watching the fire after having successfully laid out all of Elissa's gifts under the tree.

Their hands intertwined and Meg rested her head on Erik's shoulder, and kissed his throat. She felt so at peace.

This was paradise, it had to be.

"Merry Christmas," she whispered, snuggling close to him, her feet tucked neatly under her skirts, on the couch. Not a bit of her touching the floor. Erik kissed the top of her head.

That was when she felt it. She was sure! She sat up suddenly and looked at Erik, rubbing her abdomen and looking worried.

Erik didn't even think- he grabbed her, scooped her up, and carried her wedding-style up to their bedroom. The contractions started halfway up the stairs, and Meg tried not to cry out from the pain and wake Elissa. Meg held onto Erik's lapels for dear life.

Erik laid Meg down on the bed, and then sprinted down the street to Caressa and Jean-Paul's cottage.

They arrived back at the house to find Elissa asking Meg, what's wrong, Mommy?

Meg smoothed her precious daughter's curly black hair, trying not to show any pain. "Nothing, Precious. Won't Santa be upset you're still awake?"

Elissa looked torn. She wanted to help her mother, but could she risk angering the all powerful Santa Claus?

Erik grabbed Elissa's shoulders. "Erik," Meg said, relieved, laying her head back on the pillow.

The father escorted the daughter out, and tucked her right back into bed. Erik kissed her forehead and asked her to go back to sleep. It was a testament to how much she loved and trusted her father- for no one else would she go to bed while her mother, for all she knew, was dying down the hall.

Elissa closed her eyes obediently. Erik made sure she was actually asleep, and then hurried into the master bedroom. He just burst in.

Meg was red faced and in pure agony. She was trying desperately to be quiet, but it wasn't exactly working at all.

She turned her face and looked in the door frame. She gave a small cry when she saw Erik, and desperately held out her hand, begging him to come to her.

How could he stay away? He ran to her and kneeled next o her on the floor. He grabbed Meg's hand and pressed it to his lips, feverishly.

Meg's contraction died and her body relaxed. Erik could see sweat forming on her forehead.

"What's this?" Caressa said, sharply. "No, no, none of this. You're a man; you wait outside. Shoo!"

Caressa somehow plucked Erik from Meg's side and shooed him out into the hall. The door was shut, and he could hear Meg's calls for him, before he realized he had just been thrown out of his own bedroom.

Oh, he wanted to pull his hair out. That was how angry he was. Society demanded that he wait outside. But he didn't want to! Fuck society! Meg was delivering his child, and if he wanted to help, he should be able to help!

Erik looked down the hall, nervously. Elissa's door was ajar. Was Jean-Paul with her? He must have been.

Erik ran his fingers through his hair. Was no other man on the face of the earth tormented by being shut out like this?

He made a decision after Meg called out his name again, begging him to come to her. He threw open the door, and for the second time that night, ran into the room.

"Master Erik," Caressa growled. Erik glared at Caressa.

"My wife is calling me, and I am going to answer."

He gently pushed Caressa aside with one hand and walked calmly to Meg. She smiled, but Erik knew she was in absolute agony.

He knelt beside her, and took her hand.

Erik was there! He was actually there holding her hand, looking worried. Love overcame her. She wanted to make him proud. She needed to make him proud. And Elissa proud. And Mama proud. And the servants proud.

She wasn't scared anymore. Erik had given her courage. And when it came time to push, she pushed with all of her strength to make her loved ones proud. She closed her eyes in relief when she heard the baby's cries.

"It's a boy!" Caressa announced, happily, and Erik's face exploded in delight. He was almost jumping up and down.

He kissed all around Meg's face, repeating Caressa's words. Her eyes opened and she smiled at him. She stroked his face. She was at peace.

Caressa cleaned him up, and then laid his son in Erik's arms.

The baby stopped wailing when he was placed in his father's arms. He grabbed one of Erik's fingers in his little hand, and Erik completely melted. His hard shell coming down again.

Meg watched it all from the bed, smiling. She didn't think she had ever seen him so happy. She felt off in the corner. Just a pair of eyes, watching his jubilation. He must have wanted a son badly.

Erik carried the baby to Meg, who took him. He earned her love too, by letting out a huge yawn in her arms. The mother kissed her son's forehead, then kissed her husband's forehead.

Erik took the little boy (at Meg's urging) and went to go show Elissa and Jean-Paul. He had been gone for a good ten minutes, and Meg felt another contraction with dread. It wasn't over. But in joy, her mind screamed "twins"!

She cried out for Caressa and Erik. Caressa muttered wildly about young couples and their practices, but Erik must not have heard her, because he did not barge back into the room.

She called his name louder and louder and he ran in with Elissa and Jean-Paul right behind him. "It's a girl!" Caressa yelled, and the house broke into hysterics.

Elissa climbed like a monkey onto the bed and hugged Meg. "I said I didn't care if Santa Claus was mad at me, I just wanted you to be safe!"

Meg was honestly touched. She smoothed her daughter's beautiful black hair. "Thank you, Precious," was all she could say.

Elissa leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, relieved.

The little girl was laid in Meg's arms. She knew what she wanted to call her. "Aminta." She said, feeling sure. Erik's eyes widened.

Elissa loved it. "Can we name him Royce? Please? Please?" Elissa loved the name Royce. She had been calling just about everything Royce recently.

They reluctantly agreed to Royce.

Royce and Aminta grew up just as fast as Elissa did. The twins were both blonde, with very green eyes. While Elissa might have looked like Erik, Royce and Aminta looked like Meg.

When the twins were five, all of the children came down with a terrible case of flu. It fell to Caressa and Meg to take care of them.

The doctor was called in, and Erik was making infusions right and left, but poor Royce was just not getting better, long after Aminta and Elissa recovered.

Meg was frantic with worry. She stayed by Royce's bedside all day and even sometimes all night, trying to take care of her son. Sometimes she would not eat at all.

The doctor called Meg and Erik in from Royce's room. He shook his head and gave a deadline. Meg collapsed into Erik's arms and started to weep for her child, and Erik held onto her and asked the doctor if he was quite sure.

The doctor nodded and Meg cried harder, holding onto Erik for dear life. The servants showed the doctor out, and Erik cried as well.

"Oh my God," was all Meg could say. She spoke into Erik's shoulder, barely understandable because of her sobs. "Oh my God," she repeated it all over. Would God listen to a mother's desperate prayer? She prayed harder than ever before. "Our dear boy!"

Erik held her close, feeling helpless. And Erik absolutely hated feeling helpless.

"You are honestly suggesting that we kill our son." Meg said, facing the window in their bedroom. What was Erik suggesting? He said he could make Royce die a painless death.

Wasn't that murder? That was murder. Was Erik out of his head? She wanted to shake Erik, badly.

"It would be kinder." He said.

"No, it wouldn't," Meg growled. She looked at him over her shoulder, and Erik saw the tears in her eyes. "Erik, that's murder."

"No it isn't,"

"Erik, it is!" Meg cried, feeling lost. "You can't, I won't…"

Don't cry, Meg, don't cry. She hadn't cried so much since Erik was under arrest.

He moved towards her, and put his arms around her waist. "Meg, think of Royce. Do you want him to suffer? Does he want to suffer?"

"I can't believe you're saying this." She looked into his eyes. "Erik, as a mother and your wife, I beg of you. Don't do this."

He looked at her. Withdrew his arms, and nodded. He moved to the window and shoved his hands in his pockets, again feeling useless, and probably angry at the world.

She followed him and stood on her tiptoes to kiss the back of his neck. And then she slid her arms around him and kissed his shoulder blade. "Erik, I love you," She sang quietly, and Erik relaxed, just like before.

"God knows I don't deserve you, Meg," He murmured, and Meg smiled into his shoulder blade. That was an 'I love you too,'

"Mommy," Royce's little voice was strained, tired. "Mommy, I'm thirsty," he said, pathetically. Meg smiled half heartedly and kissed his little forehead.

"I'll get you some water, dear." Meg took the empty glasses around the room and went to the door.

"I love you, Mommy."

Her hand froze on the doorknob.

"I love you too, Royce," She said, smiling back at her little boy.

Erik gave her a tired smile as she passed him. "Erik, will you sit with Royce for a bit?" She stroked his cheek with the hand that didn't have all the glasses. Erik closed his eyes and rolled his head into her hand. He sighed, and then nodded.

"Thank you," she whispered, and she watched him enter Royce's room. Meg walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen, getting a fresh glass out of the cabinet and pumping water into the glass.

She climbed the stairs again, and felt something pass by her, something feather light against her cheek. Like a kiss…? But there was nothing there!

She opened the door to Royce's room and there was Erik, holding Royce desperately, the little boy's eyes open, staring at the ceiling, but they did not see.

Meg understood. She dropped the glass and it shattered, water and glass flying everywhere. She covered her eyes with her hands and screamed as she had never screamed before

They buried him that Sunday.

Meg's only solace was her family. She spent most of her time staring out the window; goodness knows just what she was looking at.

It was then when Erik started to call Aminta his Sunshine. It definitely fit her- she was the happiest girl in the world. And eventually Meg started calling her that, too.

She won the heart of the family.

The girls eventually grew up and married- Elissa married the lead tenor from the Opera Populaire, from all places (Erik actually approved of his voice), and Aminta married a young, upcoming man from Erik's work. They both had three children. Meg and Erik loved all of their grandchildren.

When they finally separated, through death, they clung to each other in heaven- in a place where Erik was beautiful, there was no death, Royce was alive, and there was constant music.


Aminta laid down her pen, fresh from completing the novel that consumed her and her sister for the past three months.

But now that epic was over. And the only thing the blonde could do now was to stare at the completed manuscript in somewhat surprised horror. This monster of truth had consumed all of her for quite a long time was now finished!

For a while, she thought; "I must have missed something- I should go back and add more." But when she flipped to the first page and dipped her pen into the ink, she came upon the saddening realization that she couldn't possibly add anything more to the story.

Slowly, she replaced the pen into it's holder.

So it was finished, then. Aminta rummaged through the drawers of her desk and pulled out two extra sheets of creamy white paper.

With one sheet, she wrote the title of the story, and threaded the pages together in purple ribbon that she had set aside a while ago for that very purpose.

She tied the sheets together. She took the second sheet and wrote;

Dear Elissa,

It's over. Is tomorrow agreeable?

Love from,


Aminta folded the letter and used her sealing wax to finish the letter. She left it for the servants to find… and then the idea struck her.

Slowly, very slowly, she picked up her pen again and scribbled something down- right below the title…

"Do you have the manuscript?" Elissa asked when she first saw Aminta.

The younger sister nodded and presented the gift-wrapped manuscript, which just a few seconds ago, was tucked safely in her jacket.

Elissa took it gingerly and handed her manuscript over to Aminta. The older sister looked around and then gingerly wiped off the snow off of a branch of a tree and sank down on top of it. Aminta followed her example.

And they read the two stories together.

When they finished, snow was falling again, and they began to trudge carefully to the site.

Aminta looked over Elissa's shoulder as they finally reached their destination. A huge grave stone covered the head of two bulges in the ground. One was clearly freshly dug, while the other had a nice, thick layer of snow on top of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Erik and Marguerite Giry

Man and Wife Rest Here- In Hope Of One Resurrection.

The name "Marguerite" marked the grave blanketed in snow, while the name "Erik" marked the fresh grave.

Aminta hooked her arm with her sister and looked at their parents. A single tear slid down her cheek, and Elissa said, "Oh, Aminta," and wiped her little sister's eyes with her favorite handkerchief.

The younger sister sniffed and gave a little smile, and then, she bent down and deposited the second manuscript that she had helped finish just yesterday.

On the paper was:

You Are My Only One:

A story of love and devotion.

Dedicated to our loving Mama and Papa-

Who shared one love, one lifetime.