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A/N: This is going to be a collection of Love Song Fics about Elliot and Olivia! This is a fic for the song Love In The First Degree by Alabama.

There will be more stories but they don't necessarily relate to one another.

Love in The First Degree

Elliot's POV

"Elliot?" Olivia stared at me from behind her door. "What's up?"

My heart starts tripping over itself, pounding through my chest and I can't find the right words to say.

"Do you want to come inside?" she asks, holding the door open so I can slip inside.

I still can't talk and every breath I take eats at my chest, trying to devour me alive. All this because I love her.

"Liv," I choke on her name and she's at my side in an instant.

We sit on the couch and I take her hands in mine. I catch her eyes and try to fight the drowning sensation I get from simply staring into her big, brown eyes.

"How long has it been since Kathy left?" I ask her quietly, she tears her eyes away from mine.

"I dunno El," she whispers, "four, maybe five months. Why?"

I once thought of love as a prison

A place I didn't want to be

So long ago I made a decision

To be footloose and fancy free

"You know that she took the kids," She nods and I can visibly see the confusion in her gaze.

"Elliot," she pulls her hands away while I am busy staring at her full mouth. She sounds defeated, tired and worn and I wonder how my divorce affected her emotionally. She was who I leant on whenever I got depressed without my children.

"Wait Olivia," I want her to listen to what I have to say, this has everything to do with her. "When Kathy left, she took my pride away. I told myself that I couldn't trust myself to fall in love and screw it all up again, I told myself that I would be a divorced father of four for the rest of my life, and that love would just hurt me again."

Olivia reached out to touch my shoulder, "I'm sensing there's a 'but'." She murmured,

I nodded.

But you came and I was so tempted

To gamble on love just one time

I never thought that I would get caught

It seemed like a perfect crime

"I found the perfect woman," I don't know why I'm skirting the fact that I'm talking about Olivia.

I see sadness flicker through her eyes before she plasters a convincing, happy smile on her face. "I'm happy for you," her voice catches slightly; she won't look me in the eye.

"I'm not," I reply, Olivia reaches out to play with the collar of my shirt. "I can't afford to love her."

Now she looks at me, "Why not?" her voice is wavering softly.

"'Cuz she's my partner!"

Baby, you left me defenseless

I've only got one plea

Lock me away inside of your love

And throw away the key

I'm guilty of love in the first degree

"I'm guilty of not only loving you, but of being in love with you!" I forge ahead before she can interrupt my monologue. "Sometimes, I have to be angry at you, because if I'm not, I'd kiss you in front of all our colleagues."

I thought it would be so simple

Like a thousand times before

I take what I wanted and just walk away

But I never made it to the door

"I tried to tell myself, that if I could have you once, all this would go away. I could get over my infatuation with you. As soon as that thought left my head, I wanted to kick my own ass for thinking it. You aren't just someone's prize. You deserve to be loved."

I can see a single tear sliding down her cheek from beneath her closed eyelids. Damn me! It takes a lot to make Olivia cry. I want to kick my own ass again.

Now babe I'm not begging for mercy

Go ahead and throw the book at me

If loving you's a crime

I know that I'm as guilty as a man can be

"I don't need you to forgive me." I add quickly. "I'll talk to Cragen tomorrow and get a transfer to Homicide or something, I'll tell him I need to spend more time with my kids or something. Baby I'm sorry, you deserve better than what I can give you, and you deserve better than me."

She opens her eyes slowly and I'm waiting for them to fill with hate and anger, instead they look overloaded. Great, good going Stabler, I gave her too much information at once.

Baby, you left me defenseless

I've only got one plea

Lock me away inside of your love

And throw away the key

I'm guilty of love in the first degree

"Elliot," her voice is calm, all hesitation gone.

"I'm so sorry Liv," I stand to walk towards her door, but she still has a hold on my wrist.

"You're just gonna walk away Stabler?" she's challenging me.

"I'm sorry," I repeat, trying not to stare at her mouth, the mouth I long to kiss.

"Why?" she asks, stepping close to me and trailing her fingers down my cheek.

"Because you deserve better than me, because I love you, because I'll get us into trouble."

"I don't care," she whispers, pressing her body against mine. "If we're gonna get arrested, let's enjoy the crime first!"

"What's the charge?" I whisper back, my lips centimeters away from hers. This conversation is going to end in a steamy kiss, and I know it.

"Love in the first degree!" I grab her mouth in a hot kiss, and pull her towards me, wrapping my arms around her slim waist. She kisses me back with the same amount of passion and shortly, I have to pull for a breath.

"You think Cabot can try a hand at being a defense attorney for us?" I ask,

"Shut up El," she growls before pulling my lips down to crash into hers.

Oh yeah, we're guilty, but we don't care!

Love in the first degree oh yea

Love in the first degree

Love in the first degree oh yea

Love in the first degree

Love in the first degree

Love in the first degree

The End...