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Down in the depths of Hell, Freddy Krueger paced endlessly back and forth. He was, of course, still sore about the way things had turned out with Jason. It was supposed to have been a new era for Freddy, one where he could have all the souls he wanted and kill anyone he saw fit…but Jason's unexpected inability to stop killing had fouled things up nicely. Once Jason had outlived his usefulness, Freddy had tried to dispatch him, but it had turned out to be much harder than he'd thought.

In the end, thanks to the help of a stupid meddling bitch and her boyfriend, Freddy had been the one to fall. He had been so close to putting an end to Jason, he could feel it…but now here he was. Stuck in the pits of Hell, never to return to the nightmares of teenagers again. How was it fair?

Freddy would not accept defeat. He pondered a way to escape, supposedly there were ways…he had heard of some, but he didn't know exactly how they worked. The first thing he would need before escaping would be more power. Without it, he would probably just end up being sent right back to Hell.

So he sat and thought, sat and thought, and still nothing came to him. He looked around. Hell was not as bad as he had heard. Of course, there was fire, tortured souls, and the endless screaming. These things didn't bother Freddy, though. What bothered him the most was that he was stuck in Hell and Jason was somewhere up there on Earth. Freddy seethed at this thought, wanting more than ever to get out of this place, to find Jason and dish out the ultimate payback.

Making a fist with his gloved hand, Freddy struck the rock wall next to him several times. A shadow approached from behind, and only then did Freddy stop and turn around.

"Who the fuck are you?" he hissed, claws raised.

"Someone who can help you, I think," the figure said. Whoever it was, Freddy noticed, this guy was at least six foot one. "You and I have a similar problem."

"And what might that be?"

"We're both stuck here because no one believes in us anymore. For us to exist, we need to instill the fear in the hearts of men."

Freddy relaxed a little, lowering his claws. "What are you suggesting?"

"An alliance. You, me…and a few others."

He considered this for a moment, then a smirk drew across his lips. "Yes, I think we can do that. But listen to me: once we're out of here, we go after Jason Voorhees."

"Of course. Vengeance will be yours, but the world will be ours."

Freddy hesitated for a moment. Once he was powerful enough, did he really want to share the world with anyone? Thoughts ran through his mind at lightning-quick speed.

"You've been planning this for a long time, haven't you?"

"A very long time."

He smiled and stuck out his gloved hand. "Freddy Krueger."

The other man stepped into the glowing light of the fires and stuck out his hand, and only then did Freddy notice a large, rusty hook jutting out from the man's wrist where his right hand should be.

"They call me Candyman."

Well, that's the prologue. Clearly it was a little short, but that's why it was the prologue. I'm continuing this story regardless of whether I get bad or good reviews, nothing can stop me! I've been collaborating this story with myself for a long time (a few weeks) and we've decided that it is finally time. Expect the unexpected in this story, or expect the expected. Hell, I'm not going to give it away in the prologue. Future chapters posted soon (when I write them)!