Garden of Woe

A/N: This is a very short chapter, kind of introducing the story. All the following chapters will be longer. I will post CH.2 tomorrow, so check it out. This is my first fanfic on this cartoon, so please be honest in the reviews.

CH. 1, Katara's Kidnapper

Prince Zuko slammed his fist on the railings of the small vessel, angrily walking back and forth in the front deck. "What am I suppose to do?" He yelled half irritated and half annoyed at his uncle, who sat before him drinking a cup of tea.

"Perhaps the element is right before you." His uncle murmured, then brought the teacup to his lips

Prince Zuko and his crew commandeered a small ship found near an island and left his other one behind. This gave him an advantage in finding the Avatar, since he was known by his other ship that was more superior than his second. In addition, Prince Zuko left his ship behind because of the damage the Avatar had inflicted on it.

The small vessel was anchored a few miles away from the island, which Aang, Katara, and Sokka were staying. Prince Zuko had tried many attempts at capturing the Avatar, but it was no use he needed a plan, until then he was banished from the Fire Nation.

"What do you mean, uncle? Do not speak in indistinct words, answer!" He said, starring at the small island.

"The girl, she is important to this Avatar." The old man said in a hoarse whisper, despite his nephew's rage.

"So, what about this girl?" He said eagerly.

"Take the girl, and the Avatar will follow. "

Prince Zuko thought over what his uncle said, it seemed too easy. He could take her, but in his mind replayed the events of the last time the Avatar escaped. He was powerful, almost indestructible, but he had a weak spot. He'll threaten to kill the girl if the Avatar disobeyed and get his way with her if he pleased.

"I will not underestimate him again. I am going to tie him down with the strongest chains I have." He said to himself, "I will catch you Avatar, and I will do whatever it takes."

Sitting by a busily flowingstream in the forest, Katara moved her right hand in an orderly fashion letting the water flow beneath her fingertips. She practiced water bending often and got better at it everyday, her skills practically made her an intermediate.

She still wished to find a water master, but until then she supposed teaching herself would just have to do. Acquiring the true abilities and clarity of water bending might take months or even years, and she knew Aang would not have a lot of time to learn water bending, he would only learn the basics so that he could master earth and fire. Katara had all the time in the world, and it was what she always wanted, to master water bending.

That will be our parting.

She dreaded thinking about a life without Aang now that he entered her life unexpectedly; it was fate that brought them together. But soon they would be separated, at least until they find the water nation. And even if she didn't want to admit it to herself, deep in her heart she loved Aang. Nothing mattered when she was with him because he would never let anything bad happen to her; he was her light and hope. She felt disgusted with herself when she would fantasize about him, when he'd hug her or smile. They were only innocent intentions, and she'd always get carried away.

He's twelve, and you're sixteen. Thoughts raced in her mind often, telling herself it was wrong. She didn't know if Aang even loved her…how could he love me? He's only a child.

Katara sighed, lowering her right hand and setting the globule of water free into the stream.

Katara swore he was acting weird the other day almost as if he wanted to tell her something. He seemed so shy and innocent. She couldn't help but laugh when he kept mispronouncing her name and stuttering. She made it worse, and he grew hot with embarrassment every time he glanced at her.

Aang, sweet Aang…

Katara, mesmerized by her thought awoke when she heard a noise from behind the bushes. Startled, she walked to the bushes cautiously. She felt someone's rough arms pull her from behind; she wanted to scream but nothing came out. Immediately, she became dizzy. Dancing teasingly in her mind, crimson dots, and then nothing.