CH.5, The Unshielded Plan and an Egotistical Philander

Sokka sat on the sand, his back against a palm tree, near the shore of the beach. It was a bit chilly outside since it was nearing the evening. He rubbed his hand on his cheek smudging his makeup; he muttered something under his breath, "Stupid makeup."

Suki saw him and sat next to him, with a cloth and bottle in her hands. "Here, use this." Suki said, applying some ointment and handing him the cloth.

"What is it?" Sokka looked at the cloth, "My birthday isn't for four months."

Suki slapped him on his head, "Sokka, it's for your face."

"Ow Suki, did you have to that hard?" He said feeling the area where Suki hit him. He wiped off his makeup with the cloth and looked at her. "Is it all off?"

Suki smiled taking the cloth from his hand and removing some of the makeup from the side of his face. "You never do take it all off."

"Why did you tell me about this stuff now?" He said pointing to the bottle, "I've been struggling with my face everyday."

"I guess I wanted you to suffer." Suki said adding more ointment to the cloth and wiping off the remainder. "You're cute when you suffer."

Sokka blushed, and they became silent. There was a long pause before Suki broke the silence. "We have to leave this island soon, if we're going after Katara and Aang."

"I thought about that, the Fire Nation is far from here, and we should be able to catch up to the ship if we leave next week with Appa."

"I'm really worried, there's no telling what they'll do to them." Suki said.

"Zuko won't kill Aang; he wanted him for a reason. And since he was taking them to the Fire Nation, maybe as proof the Avatar exists."

"What about Katara?"

"Katara should be kept safe, Aang abided by Zuko in exchange for Katara's safety."

"And what exactly is your plan?" Suki said derisively, "How are we suppose to get through all those firebenders? Just in case you haven't noticed they have fire!"

"Honestly," He sighed, "I have no idea, and why must you be so sarcastic? I thought you agreed to help."

"Oh," Suki said resting her head against Sokka's shoulder. "It's the sunset, lets watch it together."

Sokka arched a brow wondering how she always managed to change the subject. He thought he'd give it a try. "Suki, do you like me? Or are you just being friendly? Because I've-," He trailed off rambling until Suki kissed him gently on his lips. Her warmth overcame him; he couldn't help but kiss back, she caressed his cheek, and he held her small hands in his. He kissed her cheek, and she looked at him bewildered.

"Sokka, you are too weird." Suki said dazed.

Sokka smiled, thinking about the time she went into the bathroom with him, and how she always changed the subject in their conversations. "It was from the first time we kissed, or you kissed me. Remember?"

Suki laughed, recalling Sokka's weird face when she kissed his cheek, whilst the firebenders where attacking Kiyoshi Island. His cheeks turned red, visible through the thick layer of makeup.

"What are you laughing about? I thought this was suppose to be a special moment."

She smiled, and kissed him on his cheek.

"No, Suki, you are the weird one."

Katara slowly opened her eyes, as her vision became clear. She felt an oversized-bandage that covered the area where she was bleeding, and she sat up almost abruptly. "Aang?" Sweat prickled down her forehead, "Could this be a dream?" She breathed heavily reminiscing her visit in Aang's cell.

"You're awake. Great." Zuko awoke from his rest from her upheaval. His arms lay on her legs, as he stayed sitting from his odd position. He yawned, standing up and walked over to his table where his dagger stood. He turned around and glared at her. "What exactly were you thinking!"

Katara shot up with anger, "You monster! How could you beat a child? Do you know what your men are doing?" Katara stood up to face him, without waiting for a response, "He's hurt, and he's dying."

Zuko smiled, "He isn't a child; he's one-hundred and twelve."

She growled and clenched her teeth, "You had your way with me, and you've taken the liberty to beating a poor defend less child. What do you want?"

Zuko grimaced, hearing the words 'you had your way with me'. "I didn't have my way with you!"

"So raping isn't having your way with me, so what exactly is?"

"It's call making love, it isn't sex either, I didn't hurt you, did I?" Zuko said whispering in her ear and touching her arm, "I know you liked it."

Katara blushed, remembering how he'd kiss her neck and how his hands touching her skin made her tremble. He was sweet to her and treated her as if he loved her, if anything he didn't have his way with her because she stayed enjoying every minute. She slapped herself mentally, how could I be thinking like this, he raped me… and Aang…

Katara backed away, pushing his hand from her arm. "Don't you dare touch me you…you Egotistical Philander!"

Zuko laughed at her choice of words, walking towards the bed and sitting down.

"What are you going to do with Aang?" She asked dreading the answer.

He sighed, "We're heading towards the Fire Nation to redeem my honor; I am nothing but a banished prince, and bringing home the Avatar will not only redeem my honor, but it would end this dreadful war."

"Dreadful war? The Fire Nation has done that! How is bringing the Avatar going to end this war?"

"Nations will be at the Fire Nation's command, and not one nation will fight back when there is no hope." Zuko said, his voiced cracked. "And soon I will be king."

"Have you thought of the Earth Nation and Water Nation fighting back, together? And what use would it be to your father if you bring an Avatar that is dead? How could he believe you, a banished prince?"

Zuko frowned, his face became pale, and then he said, giving much thought, "I will tend to this Avatar."

"He also needs a bath and some blankets when he sleeps, some food most importantly." Katara said, "Besides, it is a long trip to the Fire Nation, anything can happen." Zuko left after she said that, and she smiled to herself. She knew Aang was strong enough; he was the Avatar, after all.