Heya everyone! This is my first Kid/Serge fanfic! So it's not my bestest work and it's a one-shot kinda thing. So there has been no edits or anything. R&R

When the Rain Comes

Chapter One

The ocean's breeze blew over the small village of Arni and cooled the tropical grasses and flowers. A few of the villagers were scattered across the grounds looking about at the beautiful day and what was ahead for them. The usual routines for these people were, wake up at the crack of dawn, fish and or cook, and care for their families. Except for two young teenagers who decided to live by their own rules for life…

Kid and Serge.

Both of the young adults slept until noon every day and swam till the sun went down, then they would eat dinner and often stay up late until the early morning hours having fun when everyone was waking up, then they would sleep again. This life to them was the best thing ever, because they had each other.

After the three long anticipated years Serge and Kid reunited and fell in love. They vowed to never leave one another, or hurt one another in anyway, physical and emotional. Of course they never would do that in the first place.

The mid day sun crept through the curtains of Serge's bedroom window and shone on the two young one's faces. Slowly, Kid was the first to wake as the sun glistened over her eyelids. She rolled over to avoid the unwanted light and snuggled safely into Serge's body for warmth and shade for her eyes. Of course he then woke immediately in reaction to her closeness against him.

"Kid?" He whispered quietly while opening his eyes slightly once he heard her whine in acknowledgment. Kid would probably refuse to wake up now, she looked comfortable to him.

"Hey…come on wake up…" Serge nudged her gently and she huffed angrily so he backed off. He knew he shouldn't even try, that huff was a warning to him. But after a few moments he pulled himself out of bed and she whimpered.

Gosh she's picky… He thought to himself and yanked the blankets off of her.

But as soon as he did, Kid went on a rage and glared up at him, usually she never got mad anymore.

And there was only one reason…Kid was pregnant.

Kid slide from her warmed spot on the bed and walked to the dresser and grabbed her bathing suit. She didn't care if she looked fat in it, and she couldn't really swim so she just usually floated around for awhile and watched Serge. That was the only bad point about being pregnant, she couldn't do what she wanted she had to always 'be careful' and 'watch herself' and she was tired of it. At least she was in her sixth month and she wasn't really showing like a normal girl would if she was pregnant. Kid had only gained a few pounds and had a small buldge of a stomach.

But Serge felt differently about her going to swim that he could already hear the rambunctious kids jumping into the oceans and splashing about.

"Kid…you shouldn't go swimming, those kids never watch themselves better yet a pregnant girl, you could get hurt." Serge told her quietly trying to avoid a lecture about taking care of herself. But to his surprise she gave in.

"Oh, alright mate…" She shoved the bathing suit back into the dresser drawer and sat herself back down on the bed and it gave a squeak.

Serge acquired the feeling that something was up with her and sat beside her. "Are you feeling alright?" But Kid only smiled and nodded, he let it go but kept an eye on her.

But what neither one of them knew…was that something was wrong. With their child…and they only had a matter of time to find out and save their young unborn daughter…

Okay, that's only the first chappie, just a start off what is going to happen and whats going on an everything, so its not so good yet. But I promise, this is gonna be a good story.