Used But Not Broken

Guys, you gotta forgive me. Both of my other stories will have to be stopped. My computer caught one of those stupid god forsaken viruses and all of the chapters I had for both of them were deleted. Forgive me for not writing them again, but now I'm just having to many problems at school and emotional stuff is going on in my head. I'm no good at making up names, so I used the names of my friends from school. I hope they like it! I'll be writing the next chapter as soon as I get a new idea. Thanks for not getting angry at me, you guys! R&R pleases!

Day dreaming is one of my favorite past times. Ever since we got that new Math teacher, things have been about as interesting as watching paint dry. But just as soon as I thought it was all over,…well, see for yourself.

Monday morning had to be one of the worst beginnings there could be. I was late, I was tired, and worst of all, I was about to be alone. I walked into the hallway where we wait for band in the mornings. Oh, almost forgot. I'm Kagome. Just the most normal person in this whole town. Yep, this boring, old, normal town. Anyways, I was listening to my new CD when my friends Bre and Rainie came walking down the hall. I ride to school early in the morning with my brother, so I never get to see any of my other friends until near class time. I always like to have somebody to talk to, even if Lauren, one of my high school friends, is there when I get there. This morning she was asleep, as always. I stopped my CD and took my headphones off.

"Hey Bre! Guess what?" I stood up and ran to them. Bre was about as crazy you can get. She flung her arms in the air when I started jumping up and down.

"What, what is it? Stop jumping up and down. Kagome, calm down!" she screamed. Yeah, I was jumping up and down, but hey, if you were this excited wouldn't you do it, too? I thought so. I stopped the jumping and sat down reaching into my bag.

"Well, come here. I'm not getting up again. You know how I am in the morning!" I said as I patted the ground beside me. Bre came and sat down and Rainie just stood there.

"You too, Rainie. I wouldn't leave you out of anything this important. Hurry up and sit down, I wanna show you, too." She sat on my other side and I rummaged through my bag. After a few minutes they sort of lost interest and started talking about the clothes they saw at the mall yesterday. Finally, I found it. I took it out and held it before their awestruck eyes.

"See? Didn't I tell you is was great!" I said as they peered into the new necklace I brandished. Just this Saturday, I had gone to a restaurant and found this beautiful necklace on the table when I returned from the Coke machine. I asked around, but nobody seemed to know whose it was. I asked the owner what to do with it and he simply said "Finders keepers, I suppose. If anybody comes in a askin fer it, I'll send em in yer direction. It sure is a mighty fine necklace though, a pity to lose it. I'd be heart broken." And with that, I had just earned myself a precious gem.

"It's gorgeous, Kagome! How did you afford something that pretty? It would take me a year's allowance for something that expensive!" Rainie said as I handed it to them to get a good look. Bre was already crazy about shiny things, so she was practically in a trance. I told them the story, and they were both confused.

"How, why would somebody leave this in a restaurant like that?" Rainie said. She could tell I was mad by the look on my face.

"I was eating there you know?" I said kind of stiffly. Rainie has very astute taste, I'll give her that. Though she was kind of right, that restaurant was not a good choice. When fish tastes like rat, that should be a big enough hint.

"Sorry, I just meant to say, why was it even there? If I were the owner of something that expensive, I would keep it locked up in a safe. It just seems so strange."

Thinking outside the box, yep, that's Rainie. Bre was kind of quiet so I asked her, "What do you think? You're just staring at it. Hello? Anybody home?" I said as I started to knock on her head.

"Stop it! I was just thinking. It is weird how somebody would just leave it, though." she said with a look on her face equivalent to a confused monkey. She slapped my hand away and then we all just stared at it until another friend of ours came inside. It was my good friend, Amanda. Bre called her over to us when she noticed that Amanda was giving us a funny look.

"Dude, you have to see this. Kagome really hit the jackpot." Bre said to her excitedly. She sat her things on the floor and as she walked over she said "Like she did with Inu Yasha? Ha, just kidding you, Kagome." Inu Yasha was my bad choice of a boyfriend which ended in disaster. And with that, she sat down to join our small group of band nerds. She then, too, began to get caught up in the jewel's beauty.

"Wow, it's nice. Can I see it?" she said putting her hand out with a smile on her face. Ah, I couldn't turn down one of my bestest friends! I put it in her hand and said, "Sure, but be careful with it. I think I'll go get some breakfast while you three gawk at it. Be back in a minute."

I got up and watched them mumble something of a goodbye and then went down the hall towards the snack machine. As I approached it I spotted Inu Yasha and his new girl, Kikyo, who just so happened to be my cousin! And did I mention she copies everything I wear? She was all over him, I thought about buying some coffee and "accidentally" spill it on her.

"Oh look who it is," she was staring at me while she put her arms around Inu Yasha, "The poor, lonely, stupid geek. Perhaps we should lend her money for her breakfast, she may not have enough money to eat. I bet she's using all of her money up paying for her old, rundown house!"

By now she was almost at a yell. She was always one to try and get as much attention as possible. Just when I was about to slap her Bre, Rainie, ad Amanda came running to my side. Knowing I had friends to get my back I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine.

"You know, Kikyo, you live in that same house. And for your information, we could throw you out any time we feel like it." I pulled out a some tens, "And by the way, I believe I am the one who has the money. Too bad I'll have to buy lunch for all my friends, and not my self-centered, spoiled cousin!"

Now who was smiling! She huffed and stomped away, catching Inu Yasha's hand in her terrible death grip. All of my friends started to cheer for me.

"Way to show her, Kagome!" Amanda told me. I walked ever so victoriously to the snack machine and got my breakfast. We all walked back to the band hall and laughed about the look on her face. I love it when the good guy wins!

I hope that made up for those other chapters. This one is long, I'll try to ease it up a bit on the next chapter that rolls along. R&R IS IMPORTANT!