Kagome walked out of her room and stepped out onto the field. It was like an army camp here. She moved forward but stopped as a figure clad in white stopped in front of her. Kagome bowed . "Thank you so much lady. You have spared my life."

The figure dropped her hood." You don't have to be so formal. You would have done the same. Anyway let me introduce myself. I am Princess Keanna Hittomi. And it's a pleasure to meet you."

Kea was ready to bow when she felt a hand touch her shoudler. "Please no more bowing its like the 20th century."

Kagome laughed. This princess seemed to be no more royal than Kagome and she liked it."well then Kea i promise not to bow if you promise to show me around the grounds."

Kea gave kagome a quzzical look then smiled."Of course Kagome. Since im supposed to be the general thingy here i'll give you a tour." She grabbed her arm and dragged her this way and that way.

Kagome gave a nervous smile. 'If she was the general thingy then how bad was this camp going to be?'

Kagome sighed as her opponent stayed on the floor. SHe reached out her hand and helped him up her nails barely passing over his skin. She was in her vampire form and today she was having a hrd time controlling it. For the whole time she had been here she had learned to control her changes but today was different. Everything just kept sending her over the edge of changing. But still her sense of fun and excitment took over so she didnt hurt anyone.

Kea laughed as yet another guy was put to the floor by Kagome. She was ready to speak when a messenger came in. he whispered stuff in her ear and her smile quickly disappeared." Well everyone i think thats enough for today. We'll continue tomorrow but for today i request... no i demand that you stay in your room. All night so please do your buisness now. Excuse me." She grabbed her jacket and walked out the door.

Kagome grabbed her stuff and walked out behind her. "Kea what wrong? Is something going to happen? Are we in danger?"

"Its none of your concern."

Kagome was taken aback by the comment. "Oh forgive me if i look out for my compainions." She turned to walk away.

"No Kagome im sorry i didnt mean it that i way i just ment that you shouldnt get involved in this. Its my pro- my future and im sorry if i brought you into it."

Kagome gave her a concerned look.

"Dont worry tis nothing bad," she gave her carefree smile.

"It was a pleasure to meet you and i hope someday you can find someone just like you." She winked. "For now i got to go." She paused for a moment. "Kagome promise me something?"

"It depends."

"Tonight you wont leave your room no matter what?"

"I promise unless your in touble."

Kea was about to protest. "OK but only if you know for certain im in trouble not if your just guessing." Kagome nodded and kea smiled. "Good then i'll see you- goodbye Kagome."

Kagome didnt like the way she had changed words but her mind was on other things. Like eating for one.

Kagome sat up in bed her head spinning. She shook her head and looked ahead. for a momnt it seemed as though she had heard a scream. She listened for a few more moments before fluffing her pillow. She was about to lie down when she heard a scream. A very familiar scream. She hopped out of bed and to her relief she wasnt the only one.

"Did you hear that," one of the girls asked.

Kea nodded then laughed no one could see her, "Yeah i did."

The scream came again and Kagome realized for certain whos scream it was. She ran to the door.

Kagome you cant go out there Kea said not too!"

"Well our lovely princess is in trouble and needs my help."

Kagome slammed open the door and ran as fast as she could.Her ears led her to the room nad when she arrived there her mouth dropped in suprise. On the floor surrounded by blood was Kea a sword straight through her stomach. A man was kneeling nearby his head in his hands. He looked up when Kagome aprroached.

"You, you vile creature get out." Kagomes hair stood on end when she looked at him. "Vile am i? Im not the one with blood on my hands."

"What does it matter shes dead?"

"And believe me your going to regret killing her."

She moved so fast she couldnt even believe herself. It seemed she had changed without even realizing it. She had her hand around his neck before he realized. She was way beyond her normal points of thinking now and her vampire side took over completely. Every sane thought she had flew out the window and the helpless man in her hands could do nothign about it. She tightened her grip on him and he screamed. The world went blank after that. Moments later it seemed like the lights flashed on and Kagome saw herself form far away. She watched herself lose control and finish the kill. She was ready to close her eyes when she watched herself bend down over Kea. Her fangs slowly grew as she sunk her teeth into flesh. From the looks of it Kea was still a little alive cause Kagome saw her shudder. She screamed and slammed herself back into her body. She pulled away before Kea was completely gone and watched as the transformation took place. The one that woudl change Keas entire life. She watched as Kea turned into a vampire.

End flashback

Kagome screamed and shook her head. "NO more no more! im sick of remembering no more!"

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