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Sticks and Stones
"Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it"

Maybe it was because of her pride. Maybe it was her heart. Or it could have been for the sake of her sanity, but she had to leave that place. She couldn't stand to be there any longer, it wasn't like she had loved that home much to begin with, but it had somehow changed into Lucifer's palace ever since she had spilled out those life altering words, "I'm pregnant".

When she planned her grand escape at the tender age of three, she had always imagined herself older, not pregnant, and heading off to college in some exotic foreign country. She later added Christopher following her aimlessly into the equation.

Never for a second did she think she'd be sixteen, knocked up six months worth, a high school drop out, leaving Christopher in the dust, and utterly and completely broke. She knew she was in for a reality check sooner or later, but she just never expected hers to be quite so severe.

But, for all the missed elements, her grand escape was nothing sort of miraculous. Not only had she left in the middle of the day while her mother was out on a shopping trip (she at least assumed it was shopping, it was hard to nail down the exact facts when she hadn't been on speaking terms with her mother for four months) and her father was at work, and merely left a note on the counter proclaiming her new found independence.

She only wished she could be there to see her mother's face when she found the note. She got a kick just thinking about it. She might actually pay money to see the reaction.

But she would be miles away from Hartford by the time her parents even found the note. Her mother was never one for looking on the counter. A maid would probably find it, say good riddance, wait a couple of hours, then show it to Emily-dearest right before she left for the night.

This was going to be her greatest challenge to date. And she'd never met a challenge without victory before, and she had no intention of putting a black mark on her record quite yet.

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