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Lorelai almost felt like laughing when she realized that she completely retraced all of the steps she had originally taken, but it did feel nicer having company this time around. And it was a nice change to not have this company be yelling at you for every little thing you do. Including for something that happened six months ago.

"So, it's just you, huh?" Mia finally commented, "Oh, I know you're probably getting sick of this ol' gal asking you about your pregnancy and stuff, but I can't help it, I'm a curious by nature, dammit!"

"Didn't curiosity kill the cat?" Lorelai teased with a visible smirk on her face.

"Oh, shut up and spill."

"Such the charmer," Lorelai grinned, "And it's not just me," she set her free hand on her stomach, "I've got my girl with me."

"Oh? So it's a girl!" Mia smiled, "Here, you shouldn't be carrying that bag, let me have it," she reached down and grabbed Lorelai's small blue suitcase from her hand.

"Thank-you, for everything. You're my new hero. Trust me, if I had any artistic talent I'd make this huge statue of you and stick it in the very center of town with this big spotlight shining on it twenty-four-seven."

Mia laughed, "Your too much! I can't wait to have you around to brighten up the inn. We could use more people with a sense of humor. God, some days you'd think we're hosting a funeral the way that the people act there."

Lorelai smiled, "Always glad to lend my charming wit to any occasion."

Mia stopped in front of the small Momma and Papa hardware store just in front of the bench Lorelai had been sitting at earlier. "Alright, this is it," she set down Lorelai's bag on the sidewalk next to her, "You know what, how about you wait out here for a second while I go and make arrangements with Will, alright?"

"Works for me," she smiled as she bent down and opened her suitcase, pulling out the same jar of peanut butter and plastic spoon from earlier. "I'll just have another little snack while I wait."

Mia smiled, "Alright then, dear. I'll be just a minute."

Lorelai nodded once again, but her attention was now focused mainly on the peanut butter and less on the woman talking in front of her.

"Alright then, sweetie. Enjoy the peanut butter," Mia just continued to smile as she turned and walked into William's Hardware. But even a smile couldn't stop her hands from shaking. It was a lot to ask him to do, even though he did owe her one, this was a big one. And technically speaking not even for her. For a girl she met maybe fifteen, twenty minutes ago.

"Mia!" Will greeted from behind his counter, "What's up?" You okay?" He set down his usual newspaper, and looked up at her with concern.

"Hello, Will, I just came here to ask you something."

"Something at the Inn broke again? Mia, I told you just to call, you don't have to come down here. I'll just send Luke over, he's just in back, probably killing himself with those potato chips, again," he stepped out from behind the counter before Mia could get a word in edgewise, "Here, I'll go get him,"

"Wait!" Mia shouted, "It's not about the Inn."

"Oh," he walked over to her, "Then what's up?"

"I have a favor to ask you, and I know it's gonna seem like a lot, but it would really mean a lot to me if you could do this for me."

"Sure, anything, what is, Mia?"

"Well, you see, this all started when this girl walked into my Inn demanding a job. And while I would have loved to give her a job as a maid, cause you know I could always use more maids, there was a slight problem."

"What sorta problem? She an illegal alien or something?" He joked, "Want me to make her up some false papers, cause you know that's a specialty of mine."

Mia forced a faint smile, "Not exactly."

"Then what is it?"

"She's kinda, well, pregnant."

"Oh," he paused, "I see," he mumbled out for lack of better words.

"And, well you see, I was wondering that if until she gives birth, and well gets settled and all, no need to roll her off the table and into a maid's uniform, if she could possibly work here for room and board until that time?"

"Well, wow, that's, wow."

"I know it's a lot to ask, and I wouldn't feel bad if you said no, because that would be completely understandable, but you were the only person I could think of that would take a girl like this and not make her feel like she's taking advantage of you. She's not looking for any hand-outs. And she's stubborn to-boot."

"How old is she?"



"No kidding."

"Listen, Mia, my son is a senior, my daughter is a freshman and I don't want her getting any crazy ideas, and having a girl like that around, I'm not sure,"

"Will, she's not the devil, you know. She's not going to sit there and spout things like 'go, Liz, go get pregnant. This is the best thing ever' any time in the near future. She's a girl that made a mistake but isn't gonna sit there and apologize for it."

"Well, I guess you're right," he mumbled.

"You're damn right, I right. Come on, Will. All this girl needs is a second chance."

He sighed, "Fine. But let the record state that I am in no way happy about this." He could never say no to that woman. He owed her practically the world at his point.

"Works for me, I'll go and get her," Mia smiled genuinely as she walked back through the store, "She's a pretty little thing, with a great sense of humor!" She pushed open the door, "Lorelai!"

Lorelai looked up from her peanut butter, "Yep?"

"Come on in," Mia waved her hand.

Lorelai smiled as she bent down and picked up her small suitcase, and hoofed it inside the hardware store. "You're my hero," she sang out in a southern accent, "Well, after plaid man. He did get me my chunky peanut butter and then bought me a spoon to eat it with. More like a tie. Ah, I'll probably never see him again, Mia, you're number one!" Lorelai ranted on as the girls walked back through the hardware store.

"Lorelai, I'd like you too meet,"

"Spoon girl?" Will burst out before Mia could finish introductions.

"What now?"

Will shook his head, "You're the girl that Luke bought the spoon for."

Lorelai nodded slowly, "This spoon," she held up the now peanut butter covered spoon. "You want it back or something?"

Will waved his hand, "No, no, that's quite all right, it's just, well, isn't funny how things tend to come back to you," he forced a laugh.

"Will, are you alright?" Mia asked, "You seem," she paused looking for a proper adjective, "A bit off at the moment."

"I'm fine, just fine," he practically sang out, "So, I'm pretty sure I heard Mia call you Lorelai when she yelled out to you, was my hearing right."

Lorelai nodded, "Dead on. And what would you like me to call you? Mia called you Will, but seeing as how I'm gonna be living under your roof and all I probably should give you some sort of respect when I talk to you, so Mister something-or-another?"

"It's Danes, but you can just call me Will."

"Danes," Lorelai thought back trying to think of where she heard the name from before, "Oh my god, you're plaid-I mean Luke's dad! That explains it."

"You know Luke?" Mia asked, "Oh my, this is a small world."

"Yeah, he's the plaid man. My knight in shinning armor. Took on that Taylor-guy down at the grocery store and got me my chunky peanut butter cause all they had was regular peanut butter and the baby didn't care for that too much, which lead me to the chunky variety. And then I get here and that Taylor-guy, gosh, the nerve, was stashing it all up in the back and wouldn't give it to me! A pregnant girl! Can you believe that!"

Mia held out her hand, "Lorelai, breathing is sort of important."

"Sorry, I just haven't gotten over that moment yet, you know?" She felt herself tearing up a bit, "I mean I was there in the store and he just wouldn't give me the peanut butter until this guy, I hadn't even met before in my life, yelled at him and made him give me the peanut butter."

The door to the storage room opened, "Hey dad, I was just," he paused as he looked up as saw Lorelai standing near-tears in the back of his father's store, "Crazy-lady?"

She nodded, "Told ya I'd see you around."

"Just never thought it'd be so soon," Luke mumbled out, still in shock.

"You guys have nicknames for each other," Will blurted out, "I thought you said that you had just talked to her for a second, and then came over here!"

Luke nodded, "Yeah, we really didn't talk long," he looked over at Lorelai, "Right?"

"Yeah, you gave me the spoon, we talked for a bit, I walked off to get a job. And now I'm here talking to you again."

"But you guys have nicknames," he looked between the two in confusion, "How'd ya do that?"

"Well, I didn't know his name, so I called him plaid man because of the plaid while I was thanking him for the peanut butter, and I liked it, so it kinda stuck in the next conversation," Lorelai reasoned.

"And she kept saying plaid man, so I had to counter with something, and well, crazy lady seemed to fit," Luke joined in.

"Oh, god, what have I agreed to?"

"Isn't a joy of having teenagers around?" Mia smirked, "I just love them."

"Bye Mia. I think I can handle things from here," Will mumbled out half-heartedly, "But I will, however, keep your number on speed dial. Just in case."

Mia smiled, "Well then, Lorelai, remember you are always welcome to come and visit me at the inn when you can, alright dear?"

Lorelai smiled, "Thank-you again. You've been absolutely wonderful, for at least the past twenty minutes, but I doubt I could ever find any sort of grounds to be mad at you after this, so you'll forever be wonderful in my book."

Mia's smiled brightened, as she leaned in a hugged Lorelai loosely, on account of she really couldn't give her the tight squeeze of a hug because of Lorelai's rather large middle section. She held the younger girl for a moment, then finally let her go. "Now, you must promise to contact your parents at some point or another, they deserve to know that you are okay."

"Probably haven't even noticed I'm gone," Lorelai mumbled under her breath.

"Oh, come now. I'm sure they have. And you'll have to visit me often, seeing as how I am your new hero and all, and well, I'll see you around then? All of you?"

"Sure thing, Mia," Lorelai smiled.

"Yep, you'll be seeing me," Will grumbled through a highly fake, plastered on smile.

"See ya," Luke smiled, "Just call me if you need anything fixed at the inn, I'll be around."

Mia smiled and nodded again at Lorelai, "All right then, I guess I've drawn this goodbye thing out long enough," she mused before turning and walking back through the store.

"So, Lorelai," Will tried to sound as casual as possible, "Since you will be working here, do you know anything about tools?"

Lorelai paused in thought for a moment, "Not this kind of tools, no."

"Any work experience?"

Lorelai shook her head, "I was a rich girl. Emphasis on the was part of that."

"This is gonna be a bumpy ride," Will mumbled out.

"Ohh! Ohh! I know that one! That's from All About Eve! Except it was 'night' not 'ride', but that's not that big of a deal, eh?"

Both Danes men found themselves at a lack of words. Not to say that the Danes men were known for being talkers, but they were known to mumble out a word to two in response. Not this dumbfounded lack of words that this girl seemed to put them into.

"What?" Lorelai asked, "It's a famous movie."

Will was the first one to come up with something to say, "I need to lie down," he managed to mumble out as he turned and headed up the stairs to his office, "Luke, watch the store, would you? And try to teach Lorelai something about hardware, could you?"

Luke nodded, "Ah-uh," he mumbled out, "Teach. Lorelai. Tools. Got it."

"What?" Lorelai asked again. "It's not like I flashed you or something."

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