Take Care

I'm falling
I can't catch you.

I'm frightened.
I can offer you no comfort.

I'm alone.
I can't be there for you.

I'm homesick.
I can take you nowhere.

Don't you see?
I'm helpless without you.
Can't you see?
I can't give you any help.

I thought you'd protect me,
I guess I was wrong.
You have to understand,
I have her to protect now.

I hate you,
Why did you break my heart?
I'm sorry,
I didn't know it would shatter.

How could you not see?
It was as clear as day.
My eyes were blinded by her,
So it was as dark as night.

Will you abandon me now?
When I need you most?
I will stay for her,
You will not be alone.

If you remain only for her,
You have truly left me.
I'm sorry you feel that way,
But I must stay at her side.

Then I am sorry to,
For I have to say goodbye.
Why must you leave?
We still need you.

Because, you don't love me,
And you never will.
Very well then,
Goodbye, Kagome.

Take care of her Inuyasha,
But most of all,
Love her as you could never love me

The End