Issue #3- "Unarmed and Dangerous?"

Alright, the series is going well and I'm already on my third issue. I'm happy to see that many of you enjoyed the second issue, but here's a brand new one that I'm sure you guys will enjoy. If you just imagine my stories coming to life, being acted out in real episodes, then you'll really enjoy them. Anyway, let's get down to business then and allow me to present to you "Unarmed and Dangerous?", the third follow-up in "The Misadventures of Phil and Keely". Enjoy...

Unarmed and Dangerous?

Chapter 1

On a quiet, unexciting afternoon, Phil and Keely are found slouched down on a couch in the Diffy household, watching television.

"There's absolutely nothing to watch on TV," Keely said, as she sat and stared at the television. "We've been forced to endure four, grueling hours of the home decorating channel. This is boredom at its worst...pure torture! What do you think?"

Phil, unaware of what exactly Keely asked, responded, "Well, I think the lavender complements perfectly with the satin drapes. The lightly colored tulips add an elegant touch to the overall feel of the room. Yet, that indigo lamp, it soooo has to go. It takes away from the room's charm."

"What did you say?" Keely asked, shocked from hearing what he just said.

"I said, uh...this stuff is pure torture! I mean, who wants to see a couple of people decorating some dumb, old house. Only...only losers that have no life watch this and lemme tell you, I'm...I'm definitely not one of those people," Phil replied, nervously.

"Sure...whatever you say, Philly-Willy," Keely said, rolling her eyes with a playful grin on her face.

"Keely, we made a deal with the New-Ager that you would never, ever call me that again. How many times do I have to remind you of this?"

"Sorry, buddy," Keely replied. "I couldn't resist the opportunity. Anyway, that still doesn't solve our boredom problem. Got any suggestions?"

"We can always go to the movies. I heard there's this new, kung-fu movie playing, where this guy takes on fifty ninjas, armed with only a chopstick..."

"As exciting as that sounds," Keely commented, looking in her pockets, "I really don't have that much money."

"Come to think of it, I think I'm also a little on the broke side," Phil said, losing enthusiasm from his idea.

Suddenly, Pim stomped into the living room, in an angry manner.

"Uh, what's up with you, lil' sis?" Phil asked, wondering what all the ruckus was about.

"What's up...what's up...I'll tell you what's up! When I went into your room earlier to steal, errr...I mean, borrow, some money, I opened up your wallet and jumped back to see an entire civilization of spiders crawl out of it. You have no cash at all! Now, I'm gonna have to practice my, good, little girl act and try to get some money outta Mom and Dad. I hope you're happy!"

She stomped back out of the room, practicing what lines she's going to use on her parents.

"Keely, cross out what I just said earlier. I'm more than just a little on the broke side...I tip the whole scale! I'm so broke that I don't even think I can say the word because it costs too much!"

"Calm down, Phil. We just need to get a job and then we'll be making money in no time."

"Maybe you're right, Keel. I mean, the Doggie Daycare business was alright while it lasted, but we need something more long-term.

"Wait a second," Keely said, realizing a solution to their dilemma. "I saw an ad at the mall saying that they were hiring for a job. They still have a couple of positions open. If we hurry, maybe we'll be able to apply for the job."

"Ah, that's great and all, but exactly what kind of job are we looking at here, Keely?

"Who cares?" Keely replied. "It's a job and they're paying people to do it so, let's go."

"I guess...if you insist," Phil agreed.

Phil and Keely immediately proceeded to head to the mall, in which they hoped to apply for this, unknown job, not knowing what they were about to get themselves into...