Sister Princess

Rin Rin's Concoction!

"It can't be true…" he mumbled through gritted teeth.

"Brother Dearest!" Yotsuba called, knocking on Wataru's door, "it's time to get up!"


"Mergupil is not a word, now hurry or Shirayuki will make your extra special breakfast extra-extra special if you know what I meeeean" she called as she started down the hall.

Wataru opened an eye. She sure knew how to hit a guy where it hurt. One morning it's Shirayuki's blue ribbon viper in marinara sauce the next it's Chikage's moonlight, moonshine rattlesnake venom cure all. With sisters like that who needs enemies? And what was up with the snakes?

Mindless morning thoughts…

Something was different today. Usually he was the model example of studying late and waking up on time. However in some strange logic it figured that the one night he went to bed EARLY he'd sleep in. He pulled himself out of bed and started his day.

About five minutes later Wataru stumbled into the dining room, which wasn't so full of girls as one would typically see in the morning. He sat down at the table smiling to the closest girl he could see. Hinako beamed back. He suddenly felt a cold hand on his forehead. He nearly jumped onto the table in an attempt to distance himself from it, but he stopped not a second to soon, realizing it was just Chikage.

"Two for flinching, brother darling," she said, flicking him on the cheek.

"Hey…" he warned, as she sat down next to him, over arching as usual, and resting her chin on the back of her wrists, having set her elbows on the table, and looking him over with those dark eyes.

"You didn't look well, I thought you might have a fever," she sighed.

"I'm not feeling well today, but next time just ask first."

She smiled. "Of course… Whatever you say…"

"It can't be true," he muttered to himself. His heart was racing, this was better than a Red Bull… and at the same time much worse.

"What can't be true Bro Bro?" Hinako asked, turning her head on it's side.

"He's just scared of Chikage," Mami jested from the other side of the table, knowing full and well what was coming.

Like a train that's right on time Chikage and Wataru chanted, synonymously, "That's not true!" It was glorious. They gave each other a little glance and suddenly found that an opposite wall was much more interesting.

"Big Brother?" Shirayuki said, having walked through the door with a plate of pancakes, "Sorry I couldn't go for the gusto with your breakfast today but everything in the kitchen seems to have something wrong with it today."

Wataru smiled. For once Shirayuki wouldn't be handing him a plate piled high with things he would have preferred to go his whole life without eating, let alone politely forcing down so Shirayuki would feel better. Actually a lot of the things she made were actually pretty good, it was the red letter days that made him nervous. "Don't worry, I'm sure this will be fine for today."

"Thank you very much. By the way Rin Rin wanted to see you about something, I think she stole most of the kitchen last night making something, so you better get ready."

"Thanks for the warning," he grunted, stuffing his face with the first forkful of pancakes. They were pretty darn good.

"I don't know how you can treat everybody so nice when you say such mean things about them behind their back," Mami scoffed, stuffing her own face with some honey curry.

"Hey," he said between mouthfuls, knowing not to take Mami too seriously, especially this early in the morning. "When you have as many sisters as I do they each have to take what they can get."

"You say that Brother Dearest, but there's no way you could mean it," Yotsuba said appearing at the door and sitting down next to Hinako, pulling out her magnifying glass and polishing it. "I've been watching you very closely and I don't think you know how much most of us really mean to you. Like yesterday when Kaho fell down the stairs and you almost fell after her, trying to make sure she was okay."

"Hey, that was a special case, Kaho might have been hurt," he started.

"Yes, but I noticed you were closer to crying than she was," she tried to finish.

"You forget she was holding my computer at the time, I thought it was broken…" he launched in there, finishing in a shaky voice. Yotsuba smiled back and shrugged.

"So mean…" Mami said, finishing her honey curry, also smiling from one end of her face to the other. They could see right through him, he had lost this battle.

"Where's everybody else," he asked, forcing another load of pancakes, that really deserved three trips to the plate and back, down.

"I don't know about everybody Bro Bro, but Marie, Kaho and Aria finished breakfast early so Haruka could show them her Naginta."

He swallowed and store at Hinako for a second. That could either be a very nice thing for them to do, or a very ominous.

"Don't worry brother darling," Chikage said getting up and walking over to him. "Should anything happen to you I would always be there to figure something out." She gave his shoulder a squeeze and slowly walked away.

Wataru, unsure how to interpret that, looked after her an whimpered, "T-thanks Chikage…"

"Yo, Bro!" Rin Rin said sticking her head in from one of the interior windows. He looked up. "I have something for you to see, will you meet me in my lab in five minutes?"

Have very little breakfast left (to use as an excuse) and no spine, he resigned himself to cruel fate and nodded.

"Great. See you then, and don't be late!"

With a slam the window was shut, leaving Wataru, Mami, Haruka and Yotsuba, still polishing her optic device, with a moment of silence. Slowly a sound could be heard, first outside, then out in the hall, then coming through the door. He first thought it was Migiel but it turned out to be Mamoru dragging Yamada.

"Hey Big Bro, good to see ya."

"Good to see you Mamoru. What's with Yamada?"

"I was running my daily round when he showed up 'by coincidence' and thought it might be nice if we could run together. I've always wanted someone to run with but two miles later he had had enough." Yamada was moaning incoherently, with two swirls over his eyes, and tongue lagging out. "Poor thing."

Yotsuba got a funny, almost angry, look on her face. She poured herself a big glass of water and walked over to the 'poor thing.' "Yamada, would you rather have a glass of water or a big hug?"

Yamada reached for the water and then, a in a flash, he had jumped up and was giving Yotsuba a big hug. "Oh Yotsuba I didn't know you cared! I've waited so long for someone to ask that and today you have made my dreams come true!" Mami was impressed and laughing, Mamoru was disappointed and Yotsuba suddenly had cold chills running up and down her back. She wasn't the violent sort, but one nod of her head to an irritated Mamoru and she was dragging him outside for another little fun run. "Wait, wait, I wasn't finished."

"Neither was I," Mamoru growled before they were out of earshot.

Wataru grabbed the water, washed the syrup down made a little bow to Yosuba for it (she blushed, making her look sort of pretty in an odd way, since she was still so pale from 'the hug') and made for the lab.

Mecha Rin Rin met him in the hall, smashing on of its… er… her fists into an open palm. He sheepishly smiled as it stood aside to let him pass. So Rin Rin wanted to be alone with him… Standing in front of the door he gave an obligatory glup before knocking. Maybe he'd get lucky and she wouldn't be ready. It'd be time for school soon and-

Rin Rin opened the door. Something looked different about her, but he couldn't tell what it was. She led him in. It smelled nice in her lab. He took a deep breath. It wasn't the room, it was her. She was wearing perfume. He liked it, but as shy as he was he'd die before saying anything.

She led him to a bench, where he sat down and looked at all the high-tech machines. He would love to just go on a tour of this place someday, without Rin Rin or any of his sisters trying to get in good with him because of it. He wasn't one for science, not research anyway, but this all looked so interesting.

"Do you like what you see?"

He grunted his approval with a big nod. He glanced at her and suddenly noticed what he had missed before. She was wearing make up. And she had that look in her eye. As the pieces fell together he jumped up and bounded for the door. At least he would have if he hadn't been glued to the bench. It a very strong adhesive layered on it, he could now note. He had almost jumped out of his pants, but that would have only made the situation much, much worse.

"Awww, Bro, what's wrong? Don't you want to help me with a little science project?"

"No! Rin Rin, how am I going to get out of here without taking off my pants?"

"Oh, don't worry, I have some adhesive resolve right in my desk, and I'll give it to you if you'll do me one little favor first."

"Like the DEVIL! What do you want some genetic sample? Is a leg enough? How about a hand?"

"Relax Bro, I just want you to drink something and tell me what you think."

He shot up like a bolt. There had to be a catch. "What something?"

"Well I'm trying to make a new drink for a contest in Tokyo next week, but I need a somebody who hasn't been drinking one flavor after another for hours on end."

"So that's why you stole all the kitchen supplies…" he whispered to himself. Mind racing, he said the first things that made sense. "I'll drink some if you drink it first."

Rin Rin glared at him. "Are you saying you don't trust me Bro?"

Wataru clenched his teeth and his fist. He didn't want to say it but Rin Rin wasn't exactly somebody you took for face value… ever.

"If you don't love me, I… I'm sure I can get Shirayuki to taste some," she said looking to a vat of glowing green liquid on a table, and tearing up, "but then she'd get the other half of the reward, and I was so sure you wanted some of that grant money back."

Reward? Something inside him clicked. Rin Rin was nice to him, but she was expensive. Luckily he was at no dire shortage for funds, but she always wanted a little more than her fair share. However if he went in on this maybe he could have a month off the 'generous donators' list. But some doubts remained.

"I'm sticking to my game plan, if you drink some first then I'll drink the rest okay?" Rin Rin turned from him, shaking her shoulders, looking quite sad. Then he heard it. A chuckle. By the time she turned around he was holding a glass of the green stuff and laughing like she found something funny. "Uh-oh," he thought.

"If you're not part of the problem you're part of the solution Bro, so open wide!" she sung, grabbing his nose, forcing his mouth open and pouring at least a quart down. "Lets go Cupid's Arrow Bevrage!"

When she let go his vision was swimming. It took him a second but it returned and there was something about Rin Rin. She was so beautiful, and she smelled so nice. He just had to have her for himself. She smiled as she saw her concoction at work. Just then they could hear Sakuya outside, trying to get past the robot and failing miserably. That voice was so beautiful, he had to have it. He stood up, pants coming off, boxers intact (don't go making this into anything it isn't) and started walking to the door.

"Wait, Bro!" Rin Rin shouted.

He looked at her, he needed her, and he needed her now.

"Hey! Dear Brother! Help Me!" Sakuya shouted.

He jerked his head toward the door. A damsel in distress? He would go to her rescue! He forced the door open and in a daring feat of strength and, what was really just grabbing a shoddy made, if gargantuan, first generation robot from the behind, something the designer never planned on, he threw it aside and grabbed Sakuya, one hand sliding behind her back, one caressing the side of her face and neck. In another moment he was leaning her back, she, startled and enjoying the change, wondered what was happening. His face was getting closer to hers; their lips were almost touching. Sakuya closed her eyes tight and pursed her lips. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of Karen out of the side of his eye. He wanted her, he needed her, she was so beautiful, she had just been gardening, he could tell, he loved the smell of dirt in the morning, he swung the cute but insignificant girl in his arms back up and made for Karin. But Sakuya wasn't Rin Rin. She grabbed him from behind and… well Mecha Rin Rin had recollected itself and for a couple of seconds you could hardly see through the cloud of dust and debris, but when it was all over Mecha Rin Rin was lying on Wataru, dog pile style, his face had a couple of red marks on it and the two bystanders were retaining Sakuya.

"Rin Rin this wouldn't happen to have anything to do with half the kitchen disappearing last night, would it?" Karen asked.

"Ummm…" she retorted, trying to spin this the right way, any way in fact. Not being able too she snapped her fingers, resulting in robot throwing lover boy back into the lab, and letting go of Sakuya she was close behind. "Don't worry he'll be back to normal before second period!" she was kind enough to inform them before slamming the door in their faces.

"It can't be true," Sakuya lamented, reviewing a broken nail and a botched attempt for true love. Mami appeared out of nowhere and helped Karen walk her back down the hall. "It just can't be true."