Chapter 1 (takes place during PRDT)

Tommy looked up to check on his class. They were currently writing a test on chapter 4. He quietly laughed to himself, who would've thought that Tommy Oliver would have a PhD in paleontology, would become a high school teacher, and be one of those teachers would assigned chapterly tests?

Looking back on his life, he wouldn't have thought so. In high school he was your typical jock. He was into his martial arts and was even on the high school football team. Academics was never his strong suit. He always had help from his team mates, especially Billy. He hadn't heard from Billy in years, ever since he left for Aquitar. Truthfully, the only team mate he had any contact with was Jason.

After their adventure on the moon, they had promised to keep in touch, and they had. Mostly through emails, and a few phone calls here and there. Tommy never asked Jason if he stayed in contact with the rest of the team. He was afraid he would tell him that Kimberly was happily married with three kids, to the man she had left him for.

Tommy didn't know why he could never fully move on from Kim. He knew he had loved her from the first moment he laid his eyes on her. He thought that she felt the same way, but apparently not.

From his first words to her Tommy had turned into a babbling fool whenever he was around her, it took him forever to work the courage up to ask her out. He had never had that feeling after her.

He had no problem asking a girl out, cause it wasn't the same as what he had with Kimberly. He always tried to compare them to her, and sure enough, they could never add up.

About a year ago he came to the conclusion that he was doomed in the love department, so he gave up, and he was now focusing on his career as a teacher as well as the newest black ranger. It was funny here he was almost ten years later, and he was back being a power ranger, mind you a different color, but one never the less.

The sound of the bell brought him out of his deep thoughts. "Alright everyone, make sure your names are on the test, and put them on my desk." He sat their as his students slowly put the tests on his desk, and catching a few students saying how hard the test was, and that he need to loosen up. He merely nodded.

He saw his fellow teammates come up to his desk. He laughed knowing how awkward it must be sometimes, him being a good 9 years older then them.

The three handed in their tests, "Do we have training tonight after school Dr. O?" Kira asked.

Tommy nodded, "Ya we should put in a good hour of it, Mesogog has been too quiet lately, I want us to be prepared for anything."

The team nodded, understanding their mentors logic. "Can we meet at 4? I have to go to the library before it closes." Ethan said.

Tommy nodded, "Sure, be at the command center for 4."

The team nodded and quickly left so they wouldn't be late for their last period class. Tommy packed up the tests and placed them in his briefcase., silently thanking god for giving him last period free. He decided he was going to do a little exercise on his own before he had to meet the team. A nice run on the beach is just what the doctor ordered.

He walked out to his car, placed his briefcase in the back seat, and pulled out his gym bag. He walked back into the school and went to the nearest washroom. He changed into a pair of black track pants and a black wife beater. He quickly made his way back to his car, before a student or Principal Randall saw him.

As he pulled away from the school, something caught his eye. It was a black Acura RSX with an outline of a pink crane along the side of it. Tommy sighed, I bet Kim would love a car like that. Shaking the thought of Kim from his head, he pulled away from the school heading towards the beach, hoping the run would help clear his head.