AN: This idea nibbled at my brain, so I'm slapping it away by sharing it with you.

Summary: Three 100 word drabbles, all interconnected. Three times in the movie, John Constantine almost kissed Angela. The third time, he would've. Their thoughts and his reasoning. Hints of Chastine slash.

John pulled the amulet from his pocket, leaning forward toward Angela. He could see what she thought, what she expected, and for a moment he considered it.

Go ahead, John, kiss her.

You don't love her. You only wish you did. It would be easier than loving someone who you can't have…

He's seventeen, you asshole. You can't have him.

I can't betray him, either.

His lips evaded hers at the last second, and he ignored her disappointment and locked the necklace around her neck. He just couldn't do it, and he'd have to keep her from finding out why…

John kneeled next to Angela on the floor, just looking into her eyes for a few moments, avoiding looking to where Chas's broken body lay. He could see such devotion, such admiration in her eyes. But it still didn't come close to the look in Chas's hazel eyes…

Go ahead, John. Get rid of the loneliness, kiss her.

It would be a lie and you know it.

He's gone. He's not coming back. You know that.

It's still betrayal. I can't do it…

Once again his lips missed hers by mere millimeters, and she bit her lip. Somehow, she understood…

John and Angela were mere inches apart, standing on the roof, the wind blowing her hair gently. Her eyes were filled with a mix between gratefulness and amusement, but John's mind was in anguished turmoil.

It couldn't hurt to just ease the loneliness, just a little.

You know she'll never be what he was to you.

Nobody will ever be what he was to me. Nobody will ever measure up. But you can't be alone forever.

He made his decision, leaned forward, and…Angela turned away.

I can't replace him, John. I won't even try, she thought as she walked away…