A lone figure gently dropped into the shrine underneath Cybertron. It was pitch black except for the serene cobalt glow of the so-called "Super Energon". The blue eyes of the figure slowly scanned the room, standing in the center of the altar. Four ramps protruded from the altar, and ended in a circular platform. All of the platforms remained empty except for one.

"There you are." Superion Maximus whispered, his optics dimming as he slowly traversed the walkway. He had made it this far without alerting the Decepticons, and the Autobots had no clue he had slipped out. The gestalt came to the platform, and bowed his head as he gazed down at the wreckage lying there. A shattered Autobot insignia sat on what could have been a chest plate. Superion Maximus knelt down and picked up a piece. It was a face, twisted in shock and awe, empty optics that never had a chance for a last glace before they had their light taken away. "Why did this happen?"

There was light. It filled his senses suddenly. Superion Maximus stumbled as his optics reactivated. His memory very cloudy, he finally was able to move his arms from the position they had been frozen in for such a very long time. Then it hit him; the balance had been broken. Looking around quickly, Constructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus were also coming around, surprised at being disturbed from their stasis. A sinister winged Cybertronian, Decepticon obviously from the symbol emblazoned on his chest, cackled in the center altar. He looks to where his comrade should be standing, only to see a pile of broken limbs and sparking wires.

"What is this?" Superion Maximus gasped as Megatron laughed.

"It wasn't fair, you didn't even have a chance to defend yourself. Megatron, Galvatron, that madman, he just blasted you without any thought or remorse. I couldn't help you." Superion Maximus bowed his head. "I can't even remember your name."

Superion Maximus began to silently grieve as he stared into the empty optics of his lost comrade, so familiar, but after so many eons his memory had eroded, he didn't know the first thing about this Autobot, except that he was a friend.

"At the least, I can give you a proper send off." The gestalt declared, gathering up the pieces and then activating his jets, hovering out over the pool of Super Energon. "Farewell friend."

Superion Maximus opened his arms and let the broken body of his unknown friend, brother perhaps, fall into the Energon they swore to protect. With a few quiet splashes, the parts sunk into the pool. Watching the head sink in, a faint blue glimmer lit in his optics as it became consumed by the Energon.

"Don't worry, I'll stop Galvatron for the both of us." Superion Maximus vowed, and with renewed determination, he bowed his head one last time before silently flying out of the altar, leaving his friend to rest in piece.